15,000 Facebook fans!! Woo Hoo! Time to celebrate! Anyone interested in a GIVEAWAY!?


All About Cloth Diapers has reached 15,000 Facebook fans!!! We are so excited and thankful for all of your amazing support. What a blessing it is to have so many wonderful fans!

Autumn took a leap of faith by allowing me to join the All About Cloth Diapers family. I am so happy that she did. This past month has been amazing. There are so many exciting things in store! Both Autumn and I are so glad to have you all here to share them with us.

In celebration and in thanks of this HUGE milestone Autumn is graciously offering TWO amazing cloth diapers for you to win.


-bumGenius Freetime All-In-One OS Snapped Hummingbird

-TotBots Easyfit OS Snapped Fox n Spots



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About Jennifer Reinhardt

Jennifer is a 33 year old SAHM to one beautiful little girl named Sophia. She closed her business, Curves, when she found out she was pregnant so she could stay home with her. Jennifer fell in love with cloth diapers even before Sophia was born and searches for ways every day to share the love!

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419 Responses to “15,000 Facebook fans!! Woo Hoo! Time to celebrate! Anyone interested in a GIVEAWAY!?”

  1. Nadia Says:

    We love your blog, living in South Africa,
    we only have a few resources available for
    cloth diapering tips, so your blog is always
    our go-to blog for tips, tricks an reviews.
    We would like to see more tips on night
    time diapering and potty training pants.
    Great competition, holding thumbs!!


  2. Joy Says:

    Happy 15k+ fans! Love the cloth diapering for my 1.5 mon old!


  3. Lindsay Hamilton Says:

    Starting to think about potty training. :-)


  4. Jennifer Tippett Says:

    I love just how much content is already on here and is my go-to blog when I have a cloth related question. If I had to say what I would want to read more of, it would probably bea review on Blueberry and Swaddlebees brand just because they are one of my favorites. Or maybe even to brand out and try/review certain brands of mama cloth.


  5. Fabienne Keller Says:

    I would like to hear more info on best nighttime diapers for slim babies. Thank you


  6. Nicholene McGhee Says:

    I woud like to see some information on fitted diapers. Like, how many you should have in your stash, what they are best used for, etc.


  7. Sarah Lozano Says:

    More natural ways of parenting and help with the different baby carriers.


  8. Melissa Says:

    I’d like to see a post about potty training diapers


  9. Nettie Larson Says:

    I would love to see reviews of lesser known brands!


  10. Katie Feighery Says:

    I would like to see more blog posts on cloth diapers rash care, like utilizing coconut oil. Thanks!


  11. Emily D Says:

    Tips on laundering with a HE front loader, plus suggestions for an occasionally diaper-wearing toddler (only for nights and naps- so do I have to wash 4 diapers at a time? If I leave them longer, they smell up the whole basement!)


  12. Silvana Says:

    I’m crazy about this tights for boys. It seems great for cloth diapers. Want to know more about it.


  13. Sarah Hayes Says:

    Id love more info on cloth diapering with using EOs


  14. Maria R Says:

    I’d like to see more blogs on stripping cloth diapers using front loaders. So difficult for me. :(


  15. Jen Says:

    Aio diaper reviews


  16. Lily Ivey Says:

    More detergent reviews.


  17. Jennifer G Says:

    I am brand new to cloth diapering. I used disposable diapers in the past for my two children and will be using cloth diapers for my next baby. I would like to read any tips about cloth diapering. I have no cloth diaper supplies so this giveaway would greatly help..thank you!



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