2011 Diaper Awards Voting Is Open!

November 3, 2011


I love awards! Actually, I really love the glamor that goes along with award shows.  I’m thinking there won’t be $20,000 dresses gracing a red carpet when the winners are announced for this ceremony.

Recently, I shared with you that Padded Tush Stats is one of the blogs I frequent.  Tara is hosting the 2011 Diaper Awards and voting is now open!

There are 4 categories:

  • Accessory of the Year
  • Resource of the Year
  • Retailer of the Year
  • Cloth Diaper of the Year

It would be awesome if EVERY one of you would go vote!! But, please, don’t vote for me. I know you love me.

Let’s help someone else to feel the love I feel.

I am going to share my votes with you but don’t let them sway your vote.

My favorite accessory is no secret: Monkey Foot Designs wetbags. Seriously, is there a better accessory out there??

Favorite resource was tough.  I really wanted to choose wisely and vote for someone who is under-appreciated.  I considered who I go to for my own questions.

Once I answered that the choice was clear- Pinstripes and Polka Dots.  Sarah is my #1 go to website for reference on cloth diaper safe rash creams and detergents.

Retailer, again was tough. I took into consideration selection and price but most important to me is the customer service.

Who has gone above and beyond the expected to serve me and develop a relationship with me?  I’m proud to say there was more than one retailer that met those stipulations.

To further narrow it down, I looked for diversity of products (do they carry the same thing as everyone else?), ease of browsing on their site, an assortment of products for me and baby…

At that point Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique was the winner.

The hardest of all is the Cloth Diaper of the Year category. How in the world does one choose??

Honestly, if I looked too long I changed my choice. (even now I’m considering if I should change)

Which of the diapers is most versatile, cost effective, absorbent, trim, cute, night and day worth, good for chunky or skinny legs?

My choice: Best Bottom Diapers.

That doesn’t mean I don’t love others on the list! It’s almost like choosing a favorite child.

Who will you vote for? Please share with us! I love knowing what you love!

Speaking of favorites, I have a little secret to share with y’all.

Next month, I will be hosting the very first My Favorite Things Event (think Oprah ;) )! All of my favorites are arriving at my home this month and over the course of about 2 weeks in December you will have the chance to win them!!

I love giving and I love you so I’m combining them to make your pre-Christmas celebration a little brighter!

But, first let’s enjoy the Thanksgiving month. I have much to be thankful for, not the least of which is a great group of readers.


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9 Responses to “2011 Diaper Awards Voting Is Open!”

  1. Kristen Says:

    I voted for you too!! Keep up the great work!! :) Kris


  2. StephT Says:

    I voted DiaperJunction for retailer, love them.
    Adapt-a-snap for accessory because it’s just too darn cool.
    and my absolute FAVORITE DIAPER is a GoGreen Champ 2.0. they flippin rock.
    and of course, I voted your website :D


  3. Anne Loarie Says:

    Can’t help but self-promote for best accessory: Green Gamboni organic jeans designed for cloth diapered babes! Just a thought! :) http://www.greengamboni.com


  4. Stephanie P Says:

    You’re my favorite resource. You’ve been my go-to person for everything with cloth diapering. You’re blog is awesome!!!


  5. M. Sun Says:

    This looks interesting. I’ll have to give my vote some thought, but I’ll definately make a point of voting.

    I did want to make sure you are aware, however, that Sarah is no longer the owner of Pinstripes and Polkadots. They are semi-local (about an hour’s drive, but the nearest cloth diaper store) for me so I tried to buy the bulk of my stuff there. I met Sarah when I bought the first round of stuff in July in the store. But at the end of August when I ordered a second round of stuff, I found that the emails and my stuff came from a Krista Cardona. Some more poking around on the site, and some emailing and phone calls with Krista (over some incorrect items) proved she had bought it from Sarah.

    For now I am reserving judgement on whether Krista will be as helpful as Sarah. I clearly ordered right as she was taking over, and I suspect the errors were due to being a bit overwhelmed at that point, and who wouldn’t be.


    • Marsha Says:


      PinStripes and PolkaDots LLC did sell this past fall. Krista is doing an excellent job with the business and it has been fun to pass on all the knowledge and nuances of the business to such a fantastic mother. She has exceeded my expectations and continues to grow the business beyond my scope of expertise. Unfortunately, you caught the business with an order, not when Krista was taking over, but rather when I went on holiday and she graciously offered to hobble through shipping for me for the 10 days I was away in Vermont. I will continue to work with PinStripes and PolkaDots LLC even in the coming year and I am sure you will find we are both eager to help you and others successfully cloth diaper.


  6. Kelly Says:

    My favorite retailer would be Abby’s Lane, but Sweetbottoms is close behind! Abby’s Lane is also where I turn for a great diapering resource. I could never pick a favorite diaper, but wool is definitely a favorite material. Not sure if homemade fleece liners are considered an accessory, but they sure make life easier!


  7. tarin Says:

    Wow. I love that we finally get to reward the people who have made cloth diapering easy. I will be placing my vote for favourite retailer for nickisdiapers and the reason is simple: they are one of the few sites who ship internationally (south africa) and charge actual shipping. Dealing with them for the past 2 years has been amazing and their customer service is awesome.


  8. Katherine Valenzuela Says:

    Ooo I’m excited! Love your posts too :-)


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