5 Things on My Newborn Wishlist (and a deal for you!)

I’ve been following Lilly Pilly Baby on Facebook and I constantly see the prettiest photos of all the things a mommy could love!  Organic designer clothing, baby carriers, cloth diapers, pregnancy & lactation goodies, diaper bags, amber & teething products to name just a few! I did a little window shopping and found a few things that I’m adding to my newborn wishlist! I better hurry, Norah isn’t going to be a newborn for much longer…she’s a month old already!

Lilly Pilly Baby joined the All About Cloth Diapers family as a sponsor a few months ago and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with Andrea. I hope you will check out Lilly Pilly Baby and also follow them on Facebook. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

I asked Andrea if there was one thing that she felt set her shop apart from the crowd.

Lilly Pilly Baby is the go-to website for all of your organic & natural baby needs. No need to go to 5 different websites any longer, we have it all!

Like I said before, I did a little window shopping at Lilly Pilly Baby and I found a few things I’d LOVE to have and I think you might too!

Lenny Lamb Baby Size in Little Herringbone Tamonea print

I think babywearing is a must. Want to get stuff done? Have babies? Get a baby carrier and you will still be able to use your hands ;).

Burt’s Bees Twinkle Bee Sleepers

Because this is adorable. And stars.

Burt's Bee Sleeper

Photo Courtesy lillypillybaby.com

Ecoposh OBV Newborn Fitted 

Super absorbent and squishy. Perfect combo for a new baby.

Ecoposh OBV Newborn Fitted

Photo Courtesy lillypillybaby.com

We had a teething necklace for Sophia. She wore it every single day for about 3.5 years. I dug it out the other day to put it on her sister…and she wouldn’t let me because she wants to wear it again. lol Now I need another one.
honeybaroque amber teething necklace

Photo Courtesy lillypillybaby.com

I nurse a little, I pump a lot. More breastmilk sounds good to me. I wonder if this stuff works?
Let There Be Milk

Photo Courtesy lillypillybaby.com

For a limited time, any purchase of $50 or more will receive a $20 gift card to use at Lilly Pilly Baby in December. Use code HOLIDAY at checkout. And since all orders over $50 get you free shipping, you will have free shipping on the order as well. Ends November 13th. Shop at lillypillybaby.com

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