7 Things I Wish I Knew About Cloth Diapers

When you begin to learn about the world of cloth diapers it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. While options are a good thing they leave you asking which is best.

Unfortunately, that isn’t an easy question to answer. But, I can give you some tips I have learned over the last 6 1/2 years that will equip you as you begin.


  1. Wet Bags. A good wet bag will hold in smell, moisture and lots of dirty diapers. I started out with a cheap camping bag and although it was okay it didn’t hold in smells…or moisture that great. After several washes it broke down and had to be thrown away. Sure it was only $5 but that money didn’t last long. Now, I have 2 XL Monkey Foot Designs wet bags and 2 or 3 small ones for out of the house. By having 2 XL wet bags I can always have one on deck.But which brand do you buy?? I obsessively promote Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bags. They are simply that good. The quality is UNmatched on every level.
  2. Diaper Sprayer. A diaper sprayer has many uses. Depending on where you are able to set it up you could use it for cleaning up kids, postpartum cleansing, prerinsing laundry and of course rinsing off diapers. I loved the versatility in my old house.I have experience with the bum Genius Diaper Sprayer and found it to be a quick install and easy to control. There are several on the market today like the Mini-Shower and Blueberry Flo. There’s also the DIY version that to me looks horrifying but to others is a cake walk.
  3. Consider flat cloth diapers. Easy to clean. Affordable. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Fast drying. Surprisingly absorbent. Simple. Don’t be scared of a big old-fashioned square of cotton.Easy to use?Yes!I like using the origami fold but isn’t easy to accomplish with a crazy, floppy baby.
  4. Bac-Out. Not all cloth diaper manufacturers allow the use of enzyme cleaners. I have found though that Bac-Out is a must for properly cleaning cloth diapers. I use it in the pre-wash to get all the poop out before washing with detergent.I’ve always said 3 large squirts is what you need but not everyone has the squirt bottle. I have measured the amount and it comes to 1/3 cup. If you aren’t washing a large load you can cut back on the amount.You should never smell Bac-out’s distinctive lime odor on your diapers. If you do you need to rinse, rinse, rinse! While enzyme cleaners are great at degrading biological material they will attack baby’s skin causing a rash if it isn’t properly rinsed off. I purchased my Bac-out in bulk off Amazon and simply refill my 32 oz squirt bottle when it runs out. I haven’t had to buy more in over a year because I stocked up. I like having extra also because when we have dinner guests over I’m always giving them cloth diaper items to make their cloth diaper journey a bit easier. Just call me the “cloth diaper evangelist”!
  5. Aplix/Velcro. Aplix can be annoying but man is it so much easier than snapping diapers. Not all aplix/velcro/touch tape is equal. You’ll find some brands are super sticky, Rumparooz (Buy 4 Get 1 FREE sale right now), while others barely stay fastened. Some aplix tabs will curl up on you, they’ll collect fuzz and hair and at some point your baby will disrobe in his bed hopefully with no poop messes. BUT, (I’m not making a very good sale yet) aplix isn’t intimidating to spouses and babysitters and it makes diaper changes fast! There is also an easy way to keep the fuzz out.
  6. Buy used. When you are starting out the key is to try out as many diaper styles as your budget will allow. If you buy used you can try out more. Cloth Diaper Trader, Diaperswappers, Ebay and Craigslist are markets for buying second hand cloth diapers.Many cloth diaper retailers are offering a Gently Used section which is also fabulous! Diaper Junction, Nicki’s Diapers, Jillian’s Drawers, Kelly’s Closet all have a used section.
  7. CJ’s BUTTer Spritz. No more messy hands trying to goop your baby’s bum up. Every diaper change I spray liberally on and feel good knowing his bottom is protected. Plus CJ’s BUTTer comes in the best scents!! Pink Sugar and Warm Vanilla Cake are yummy. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, I also love Hiney Honey Creme and Grandma El’s. The key with this tip is by adding a protective barrier on baby’s skin it helps to prevent rashes from things you don’t always anticipate like an acidic poopy or ammonia burns or a longer time between changes.

There are many things I have learned throughout this journey. Many things I’m still learning every day! For more in depth tips on how to navigate the world of cloth diapers check out my ebook Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapers.

It is packed full of information, links and recommendations. The purpose for writing it was to prevent others from making the same mistakes I did and make it easy for anyone to start cloth diapering today! The 3rd edition has just been released with all updated information.

Check out the updated version of this post! 7…Make That 5 Things I Wish I Knew About Cloth Diapers

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  1. Andrea Says:

    This is eye-opening. I’m considering using cloth diapers for our next child. By the way, the Baby Bum Brush makes applying diaper rash cream a breeze!


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