8 Reasons Why Fuzzi Bunz Are So Popular

What is it about Fuzzi Bunz that makes them so popular?

When I talk to owners of bricks and mortar stores and online boutiques, they all unanimously claim that Fuzzi Bunz

are the top seller.

The main reason for Fuzzi Bunz wide-spread success is mainstream availability. You are not likely to find a store that doesn’t offer Fuzzi Bunz.

There’s no doubt that creator, Tereson Thomas (Dupuy), hit a home-run with marketing, but the design of Fuzzi Bunz is a grand slam!

People across the WORLD sing the praises of Fuzzi Bunz because of the performance and fit. So why choose Fuzzi Bunz:

*Superior Fastening System. Fuzzi Bunz uses durable snaps–no worries about fuzzy velcro or the monster diaper train that results from drying velcro diapers.

*Original Pocket Design. How cool is that to be able to say you were the first to design something?? I’ve always heard that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and imitators there are!

*Adjustable Waist and Leg settings. This is perfect for babies that have skinny legs/chubby waist or chubby thighs/skinny waist. Fuzzi Bunz fit where they’re supposed to.

*Reinforced Leg Casings. An extra sewn line helps prevent any leaks at the legs.

*Bouncier and Stretchier Elastic. This ensures maximum comfort without leaving red marks.

*Easy to Stuff and Unstuff. The pocket is wide enough for mom or dad to stuff the pocket and to easily shake out the insert when doing laundry. No touching yuckiness!

*Trimmest Fitting Diaper. I have to agree that it is a trim pocket. Of course this is completely dependant on what you stuff it with. A Fuzzi Bunz diaper prepared for nighttime is more comparable to the Michelin man but hey it gets the job done!

*More Than 20 Colors and 4 Adorable Prints. Everyone offers periwinkle, butter, sage…boring! Fuzzi Bunz gives you bold, bright, playful color choices. When I first began cloth diapering finding the rare black Fuzzi Bunz was the challenge everyone wanted to win.

I didn’t use Fuzzi Bunz when Paisley was born because I didn’t like the look of the pointy tabs. This year, however, Fuzzi Bunz released their brand new design with squared off tabs. I love the new look!

Another great thing about Fuzzi Bunz is their resale value. You can usually get $12-15 for a Fuzzi Bunz in great condition.

Leslie’s Boutique and Nurtured Family

are just 2 of the hundreds of Fuzzi Bunz retailers on the net. Both of these stores offer volume discounts or packages for all your diapering needs.


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4 Responses to “8 Reasons Why Fuzzi Bunz Are So Popular”

  1. Laura Says:

    We’re new to parenting and to cloth diapers. The only two we’ve bought so far are BumGenius 3.0 and Fuzzi Bunz. Both are VERY easy to use, have had NO leaks yet, and wash extremely well.

    For Alysha:

    The fit of the BumGenius 3.0 was a little bulky at first on our 8lb newborn, but just a few pounds later, they look great on him! He’s adorable in his new diapers. Not only that, but the leg casings seem very reliable, with strong elastic that adjusts appropriately with the waist size. We also tested the BumGenius 3.0 on multiple friends’ babies before our son was born. One baby, who is 20 months old and 32 lbs, could not compete with the elastic in the waist- he certainly tried to pull it off! He loved the comfort of the diapers, though. His curiosity and smiles over the clearly different cloth was entertaining. His mother uses disposables and has problems with leakage almost every night. The few times she tried the BumGenius were the only times he didn’t leak at night! We were sold once we got this report from her. If she weren’t about to start potty training, she would have converted to cloth as well.

    I’m so glad we decided to use cloth- I can’t even imagine putting a disposable diaper on our baby now. So far, we are extremely satisfied with the two types of cloth diapers we own. I expect the BumGenius 3.0 to last through our diapering experience. I hope this information is helpful.


  2. debmom2boyz Says:

    FB are the main staple in our home. My dh is home during the day and prefers FB over other diapers. They have been bullet proof! I do agree about the elastic, must be careful when buying used.


  3. Autumn Beck Says:

    Yes that is something I see people advertising (fixing FB elastic). I’ve heard stories of elastic drying out while in storage yet also heard of FB lasting through multiple children.


  4. Awesome Mom Says:

    A not so great thing about them is that the leg and back elastics go bad. You have to be very careful when buying them used and make sure that the elastic is good in them. I had never tried them before and about some with shot elastics. Luckily I figured out a way to fix that so I was not out a lot of money and stuck with leaky diapers.


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