A Collection of Easy Ways to Fold Cloth Diaper Flats and Prefolds


I am no expert on using flats and prefolds. I prefer the convenience of my AIO’s or AI2’s. However, I have found an affection for the ease of washing that comes with using them.  What my newness brings to you instead are a few ways to fold flats and prefolds that are so easy even a beginner like me can do it with ease. That means if you are new, you should have no trouble at all mastering them either!


I only have my daughter Sophia as my test subject. :) She is 23 months old now. These folds are what worked for us. What that means is that I dealt with mostly solid poo and a heavy wetter. What worked here may not work for you and may not be the right folds for a newborn or a baby that is EBF (exclusively breastfed).

First up, my favorite way to create a powerful anti-leak solution for heavy wetters. I first brought this up in my Cloth Diapering at Night: Budget Edition.

Lay out your larger prefold (1) and place the smaller prefold (trifolded) in it (2) or your insert (3), then trifold the bigger one over the smaller one (4). Use this as an insert in your favorite PUL/TPU cover, wool or fleece soaker.

prefold collage

Next up: The Diaper Bag Fold using a Flat

I tried this one because I found it here and Autumn said it was a good one. I have to agree.


Last: The Angel Wing Fold (or Newspaper Fold) using a Prefold

Lay the prefold out flat. Next fold it in thirds. Then fold the bottom up. Pull the tops out to form the wings (looks like an upside down triangle). Place baby on (or Minnie in this case), pull bottom up over baby and pull wings around and secure with either Snappies, Boingos or pins.




I’m so glad that I had a chance to work with Sweetbottoms Baby on this. I may not have ever ventured into flats and prefolds again. Click here to read my flats and prefolds review. If you haven’t already, please enter the giveaway that is being sponsored by Sweetbottoms Baby! You have 2 more chances to enter by commenting on this post as well.

Congrats! Heather K. was the winner!

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146 Responses to “A Collection of Easy Ways to Fold Cloth Diaper Flats and Prefolds”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I like the jelly roll fold for EFB poop, best containment to keep covers clean. For flats I like Airplane fold as it’s great for a boy with lots of layers in the front. It also leaves long wings so you can kind of rollaround the legs to keep stuff in too!


  2. Hannah Says:

    I have been looking for an idea on using inserts with prefolds for my heavy wetter at night!


  3. Colleen Maurina Says:

    I have always liked the trifold. It’s easy and works well!


  4. Amanda Young Says:

    Trifold-we keep it simple.


  5. Alexandra M Says:

    i trifold my flats and than double them again so they will fit in (otherwise they would be too long )


  6. Carie Says:



  7. Catherine W Says:

    I just trifold my prefolds and stick them in the cover.


  8. Joanna moe Says:



  9. Heather Ann Says:

    So far I’ve only used the pad fold for flats. But I like the envelope fold, jelly roll fold & bikini twist for prefolds.


  10. Miriam Matheny Says:

    I haven’t started cloth yet because baby boy is still cooking away, but I figured with having a boy the bikini twist would be good to try


  11. Valerie Says:

    I love the Grovia prefolds!


  12. Alex P Says:

    The bikini fold has worked well for my skinny little newborn.


  13. Alex P Says:

    I have not tried too many, but I like the quality of Bummis prefolds. Orgainc cotton on the babies bum is so sweet.


  14. Lydia Says:

    My favorite is a slightly modified version of the angel wing fold.


  15. Tonja Honsey Says:

    I use the pad fold for my little


  16. Jennae Brehmer Says:

    I haven’t had a chance to try any folds yet, my baby is due in October. But angel wing fold seems most likely for me to use!


  17. Nicole U Says:

    I like the Angel Wing Fold.


  18. Jillian Says:

    I use prefolds from our local diaper service.


  19. Jennifer Says:

    I have never used a flat or prefold so I don’t have a favorite fold. I’ve watched a lot of how to’s and think the first one I’d learn is the jelly roll.


  20. Amy Jarman Says:

    Thanks for sharing and modeling different ways to fold them!


  21. Carissa Joslyn Says:

    I liked the jelly roll for when my son was younger, now I just use a tri fold since he’s a lot older.


  22. Cassandra Rae Says:

    tri fold since day one!


  23. Shannon X. Says:

    I’m trying to learn new folds, as I am new to the CD world. So far, the only one I have down is the mini kite fold.


  24. Michaele H Says:

    We love the ol trifold!


  25. Katy Baird Says:

    The angel wing fold is my stand-by! I’ve tried the jellyroll and the bikini twist, but had very little success with either!


  26. Jessica O Says:

    I usually just trifold it into a cover! I am not very good with the other folds and using snappis!


  27. Vanessa M. Says:

    My first try will be the diaper bag fold w/ a flat, I’m liking flats a lot online.


  28. Vanessa M. Says:

    I have not yet tried flats or prefolds. I have been wanting too. I’ve been searching online for a good one to try but can’t make up my mind. Hopefully soon I will be joining the prefold/flat club!


  29. Andrea Merrill Says:

    I have no idea what any of this is yet. We are still learning. But we use inserts. or prefolds


  30. Hannah Says:

    I love Imagine brand bamboo – super absorbent and they dry quickly


  31. April E Says:

    I love the Airplane Fold with Flats, puts all the layers up front for little boys


  32. Dawne Says:

    i love the diaper bag fold with a flat. Love flats for their easy washing and drying :)


  33. Jessica O Says:

    I love the Thirsties Duo Hemp prefold because it is so, so trim and absorbent!


  34. Diana Says:

    I simply trifold my prefolds!


  35. Yolanda S. Says:

    I love our osocozy better fit prefolds and we jelly roll because that keeps the newborn poop in.


  36. stephanie Says:

    I love the grovia because they are soft and tag less


  37. stephanie Says:

    i like the angel wing fold


  38. Mesha Clay Says:

    I like the Angel Wing Fold the best.


  39. Liz F Says:

    I use Angel wing fold or just trifold prefolds. I haven’t tried flats.


  40. Jutta P. Says:

    I use a kite fold with my flats!



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