A Description of Bum Genius (Cottonbabies) Products

This post has been written by Julie Holland of Little For Now.

There are several cloth diapers sold under the BumGenius brand – and the differences are often confusing, especially to those who are new to cloth diapering. Here are some of the common questions I get about BumGenius diapers.

What is the difference between a BumGenius all in one (AIO) and a one size BumGenius?

This one is really confusing since the term “all in one” is sometimes used for pocket diapers. However, an all in one refers to a diaper that has a sewn in soaker and a waterproof outer layer. An all in two or AI2 is a diaper with a removable soaker, usually one that snaps into the cover. Since everything is together, it is truly an “all in one” diaper that has no extra pieces to find. The BumGenius all in one is a sized diaper, it comes in sizes to fit from very tiny babies to about 35 pounds (though they do run small). The soaker is sewn in and there is a pocket opening so you can add extra inserts if needed. They are very absorbent, though they do take a long time to dry.

The one size diaper (formerly the 3.0, now the new 4.0) has two inserts that can be stuffed into the pocket opening. The diaper itself has no absorbency until something is added to the pocket. It has snaps on the front so you can adjust the rise from newborn to about 35 pounds. The outer is still waterproof, so no cover is needed.

What is the difference between the 3.0 and the 4.0?

The new 4.0 diapers will be arriving to retailers (including my store) in a week or so. The 3.0 diapers often did not fit larger or taller babies. My daughter was not able to fit in hers from about 15 months to 20 months, then slimmed down enough to use it again. The 3.0 was definitely one of the bestselling one size diapers, but it also had it’s detractors due to sizing and the hook and loop sometimes wearing out. I am excited about the new 4.0 since BumGenius says they have made some significant improvements, including:

* Better hook and loop tabs, so they will last longer

* Now available in snaps, which is good since snaps are now more popular than hook and loop diapers

* Larger sizing, so it should now fit most babies until potty-training

* Replaceable elastic. This is really good news since elastic and hook and loop are often the first two things to wear out on a cloth diaper over time.

What is the difference between the organic AIO (now called Elemental) and the regular AIO?

The organic all in one, or Elemental, is a one size diaper. The sewn in soaker is made from organic cotton and the design is actually quite innovative. It is a little more expensive than some other all in ones, but is a good value if you consider that only one size is needed. If you need more absorbency you can tuck a soaker under the sewn in soaker. The standard all in one has a microfiber soaker sewn in, as well as a pocket for extra inserts and is sized, so you will need to buy more as your child grows.

What about the Flip and Econobum?

Flip and Econobum are also made by Cottonbabies, the makers of Bumgenius. These are both one size diaper systems that are a basic two piece system. The Flip also has disposable inserts available. The Flip cover will hold the organic prefold, the stay dry microfiber inserts, and the disposable inserts. I really like the stay dry insert, but not the cover.

The Econobum is designed for those who are looking for a cheap way to start cloth diapering. It includes a one size cover and a one size prefold. I am not personally a fan of the Econobum, as I think standard diaper service quality prefolds and high-quality covers will serve most families better in the long run. However, for those who are really looking for an inexpensive system to get started, the Econobum is an option.

Julie Holland started Little for Now cloth diaper store in early 2006. Since then she has tested over 100 different diaper brands and styles in her continuing pursuit to learn everything about cloth diapers. You can find BumGenius diapers at http://www.littlefornow.com.


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11 Responses to “A Description of Bum Genius (Cottonbabies) Products”

  1. Sarah Davis Says:

    OK……sorry this is such a late comment, but I have a collection of Bum Genius Organic and for some reason I know when my little one has them on and not a prefold. I strip all my diapers occasionally. I soak them overnight with Rock N Green. I have tried Tide per your posts. I think that they still smell. What am I doing wrong. I also give my prefolds a bleaching every month or so. I feel like they AIOs are soooo smelly!!!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Sarah, I’ve noticed a dirty smell lately too. I was thinking, in my situation, that it was due to washing at my mom’s and accidentally leaving them in the washer too long. I am going to sun mine all day and see if that helps.


    • Emily Says:

      I was having an odor problem with my BG Organics as well but found that the problem went away when I started doing two hot water washes (one heavy and then one light wash) rather than just one. Since I use a diaper sprayer to pre-rinse, I actually just cut out the light cold water wash I had been doing and replaced it with the extra hot water wash so I’m not using any extra water.

      I also recently ran a bleach only cycle on my washing machine to make sure it was as clean as it could be.

      I’ve actually been wondering whether you can bleach the BG Organic AIOs? Their website doesn’t really specify bleaching for specific products, just a general instruction about bleaching monthly. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience?


  2. Sherri Says:

    bumGenius is not discontinuing the disposable flip inserts. They will be available in the Fall. I personally love the stay dry inserts, I use them right inside my Thirsties cover!


  3. Lillia Says:

    Hi I was curious why you do not like the flip covers. I assumed from other posts that Flip was one of your favorite systems.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      This post was written by a guest author. Her information is at the bottom of the post. I do like Flip covers ;)


  4. Boleyn Says:

    HIya. I always appreciate the short-to-the-point articles you send out.


    BTW, I just got my Nana’s AIO. I have a new favourite!!


  5. Crystal Says:

    Do you know if Cottonbabies is discontinuing the Flip disposable inserts? I went looking for them the other day, and they no longer even have them on their site.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      They are revamping them. I hear they should release this month or next.


      • Crystal Says:

        Thanks for the info! I couldn’t get an answer from Cottonbabies (in all fairness, I did just make a post on their FB wall).

        BTW, thanks for having a very user-friendly blog. I’ve been checking out some other blogs lately (natural living, giveaways, etc), and they are not near as easy to make posts on – I feel like I’m jumping through hoops!


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