A Different Way to Fold Flat Cloth Diapers


I’ve recently added flats to my cloth diaper stash and I’m quite enjoying using them.

The origami fold has been my fold of choice.  But, I don’t love this fold.  I always end up with this weird extra fabric in the back that isn’t necessary.

FYI, I don’t do my origami fold with precision so this “weird extra fabric” is a little my fault.

Anywho, I’m branching out to a new fold.  The Diaperbag Style fold. Never heard of it but Kim of Dirty Diaper Laundry had it on her blog and she discovered it on Diaperswappers so it must be good ;)

….. (intermission while I actually go look at the fold I say I’m going to try)….

Turns out I just didn’t know it was called the Diaperbag Style fold.  This is the way I fold sbish flats and Megaroos Extended tab prefolds.

Here’s a pictorial for your viewing pleasure:

I used Sterling for my model because he was the only one up at 10pm and I still put a diaper on him at night.

Is it just me or does anyone else have a potty-trained child that pees in the bed ONLY IF you don’t put a diaper on him??

I really like this fold! The fit is tons better on Sterling (hopefully it will be for Camden as well).  The only downside to flats is the time it takes to prepare the flat to put it on the (wiggly) baby.  But, at least it’s fun :)

The flats I use are Orange Diaper Co.  Check out the interview I posted with Jen!

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38 Responses to “A Different Way to Fold Flat Cloth Diapers”

  1. Lauren Says:



  2. Tracy Says:

    I love this fold!! I have used the kite fold for a long time, and liked it, but it just doesn’t keep everything in around the legs. Tried the origami fold, and I had the same problems keeping messes in around the legs. With the arrival of child #2, I knew I needed something a little more “protective” than the kite fold so I wasn’t washing out covers all the time (and worrying about getting it on my lap). I too learned of this diaper bag fold from Kim/Dirty Diaper Laundry. The fold is WONDERFUL at containing newborn messes – it’s easier to get it tight around the legs and the back. It’s not contoured, so it’s a bit more difficult to get on, but that setback is totally worth it.


  3. Adult Diapers Says:

    I am really happy to read this article . This will be very helpful for parents to choose different type of diapers for their babies .


  4. anon Says:

    ?I don’t understand the visuals
    Sorry, new to cloth diapering with flats…


  5. Tara Says:

    Hey Autumn,
    My comment has nothing to do with diapers, I just wanted to share something. I just recently found and started reading your blog and I’m really enjoying it. Anyway I’m a CD momma of very soon to be 5 and my eldest son’s name is Sterling and my youngest daughter’s name is Paisley, crazy hunh? I guess great minds do think alike.


  6. Lisa Says:

    Well, first try but my DD and her thunderthighs really like it! Thanks!


  7. Katie Says:

    This has been my new favorite fold with my Swaddlebees flats for the past month or so, but I’ve a hard time getting the wings long enough to wrap around my 17 lb nine-month DS’ waist. Could it be that they’re too small? Are the Orange Co. flats larger?
    You can’t beat flats with WCW covers for absolute trimness and cuteness, though! Thanks for the timely post!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      what’s the width of the SB?


    • Maddy Says:

      Katie – or others with similar problem, since by now your child is probably well out of diapers – you can get a wider diaper by not folding the sides quite in to the middle initially and/or folding at an angle, with the back wider than the front. Since the back can be folded down to make a poo pocket & the front gets folded up to make the wet zone absorbency, you’ll still have nice straight edges front and back. :]


  8. Desi Says:

    I am starting to potty train my 2.5 year old twins and so I only want to use prefolds and covers so they will feel wet. My problem is that all my covers (Flips, Thirsties, Econobum) have started leaking right through the PUL.Some are almost new and all are less than a year old. None of them have been in the dryer more than a few times and I use Rockin green or Nellies detergent. I would really appreciate any suggestions . We are in the very early stage of potty training so I need these covers to last.


    • Rachel Says:

      that type of leaking actually sounds like a repelling issue especially if it’s happening to covers of different stages of use. Try rinsing them in LOTS of hot water a few times. A little dryer once in a while won’t hurt them!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Are you letting the prefolds get saturated? This will cause leaking in the way you described.


  9. Kim @ Dirty Diaper Laundry Says:

    Someone also has an airplane fold that I have been enjoying recently.

    I’m glad to know my 2.5 year old isn’t alone. If he wears a diaper he is usually dry but if I forget for a nap or nights it never fails that he pees.


  10. Cyndel J Says:

    I might try this one…I have been using the kite fold and I love it. I’m hoping to get more flats soon…I have two that I bought because I was determined to try them but I wasn’t planning on loving them, and a receiving blanket that is a bit too big for this but I needed another night time diaper, I use flats and an infant prefold w/wool. I’m hoping to get more soon.


  11. Nicole Says:

    Yeah…my 3 YO pretty much only pees if she’s in undies. Must be some kind of psychological thing.


  12. Rachael Says:

    I love my flats, and the orgami fold just wasn’t working. That the diapers aren’t square doesn’t help any! (I’m a pretty decent folder in general). I’ve been using the “kite fold” of late, but I”m always interested in new methods.

    My flats shrunk quite small and I’m not sure how much longer they will fit my nearly 2 month old babe. I did get several XL and XXL t-shirts from the thrift store and plan to cut some flats from them, and make inserts from the sides and sleeves. My DS will SOAK a flat in no time (and he’s not quite 2 months!) so I always lay in an extra insert. Keeps it not-so-bulky and not-so-leaky.


  13. Jessica Says:

    I used flats from a diaper service with my twins (now 6yrs-old). I too loved this fold. I switched to disposables later because the boy’s skin was peeling just below their belly button. My pediatrician basically shamed me for using cloth and “causing” the skin issue, so I switched out of guilt. I am expecting again and want to give cloth another try. Could it have been the diaper services’ laundering method that caused the peeling that I could avoid cleaning them at home?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      First, if cloth was the ultimate cause (like the actually cloth) then there would be more issues than one isolated area. I would lean more to an irritation from rubbing that caused it. Also, yeast can manifest itself as peeling. However, yes, a diapering service can be using any detergent so there could definitely be issues there. Washing cloth diapers isn’t difficult at all especially if you use flats again!


  14. Jamie O'Hare Says:

    Love the flats idea, but that’s when one of my other kids would be making mischief.


  15. Lindsay Says:

    I am so happy that you’ve posted this, because I am in the process of looking into getting some flats for us for an upcoming vacation. I will have to go check out the Orange D Co flats after hearing such good things here!


  16. Cindi Says:

    Many years ago when all we had were flats, pins and plastic bum covers; my diaper service would drop the cloth diapers at my front door unfolded. I had service for two in diapers, while the wee ones played or napped I folded all of the stash in the fold needed to diaper the baby. Stacked them in the diaper caddies hanging on the end of each crib. Done! Easy access for anyone who was willing to change a diaper :)


  17. Meg Says:

    Hi ladies! I’m a HUGE fan of flats. My pockets seem to give my little one diaper rash after just a few uses without stripping (then again I got the pockets on ebay from someone selling Kawaii. I think that the quality may be sub-par). That being said, I’m sticking with just flats, but am really struggling with finding the best wool cover to help with heat rash. I’ve looked at the adorable wool covers on Etsy. I know they are super-expensive. Any input before I invest?? Also, how many do I need for my stash if I am using all wool covers? Do they dry in-between uses? Sorry for all the questions. I’m still new at this. Autumn – LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!


    • Rachael Says:

      I love my flats… no issues with repelling or such.

      I have 2 wool covers that I made from a garage sale wool sweater (washed hot, dried hot… so I know it will hold up. For $0.25, I can afford the test!). My babe is just short 2 months, and those 2 have worked, use one while the other dries, unless one gets poop on it or I need to re-lanonize them. I’m putting together some fleece ones to give me more options and I have enough sweater to make one more wool cover, which I will do soon (fleece ones are faster for me to make). So, 2 covers will work in a pinch, but 3 or 4 is nicer.


    • Trish Says:

      On my blog I have a tutorial on how to sew wool covers using Katrina’s free pattern. If you dont sew, our dont want to, I sell then on ebay for $10. (My ebay name is madisonwesley.) I really love this pattern. I use 3 at a time so that while one is washing/drying, I still have two to switch back and forth to allow drying. you can get away with 2 but I would keep some other kind of cover for a backup. Yes, when they are wet you just let them dry between uses. When they are soiled you wash by hand and hang to dry. I also have a link on my blog to a good tutorial on washing, and I think I have a link to a video on how to do the orgami fold. (i’ll have to check on that). :)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Meg, I highly recommend Wild Child Woolies. I have 3 soakers and 2 shorties! I’ve tried MANY brands and WCW is one of the best. Go “like” her on Facebook. She stocks at a couple of stores on HC and on Etsy.


  18. Katy Says:

    I love flats and love that you’re posting more about them on your blog. Thanks for a new way to fold them! (my husband often shakes his head at how frequently my ‘fold style’ changes). I started out with just Target/Walmart Gerber flats, but feel like they may be contributing to a diaper rash because they’re just not as soft. I now have some ‘real’ flats but wondered if anyone else had this issue?


  19. Kerrie Says:

    Sterling looks so cozy in this diaper. I have Orange D Co flats on order, so seeing this adds to my eagerness to try them on my 12 mo. I know you have mentioned a certain shyness with pins, but do you think this diaperbag style fold would easily allow it? Would you just rather ‘stick’ with the snappi? And–I have several infant sized snappis, but notice they have been letting go from cotton prefolds AND bamboo fitteds very easily. I remembered prepping the snappis initially. Perhaps time to go up to toddler size with 23 + (?) pound 12 month old? Thanks for your thoughts!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I have started using pins and don’t mind them so much now. The snappi was handy so I grabbed it. I am not that great yet at pinning so I have sagging issues :( I’m not sure on the sizing of the toddler snappis. I think snappis can wear out though as I have found my old ones don’t stick as well as new ones. That may just be my case though.


  20. Stacy Says:

    Yay that you’re using the Orange Diaper Company flats- they hold in the poo better than any other flats! But that fold is also called the “poo catcher”, and me gusta mucho. Here’s this link from YouTube posted over 2 years ago (and I wish I had seen it 2 years ago) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcAUyO5adl8 Just sayin’… would have been cool if I had invested in flats from the start ’cause they rock and stuff. ;)


  21. lyssa Says:

    this is the fold i use too–i learned it during the flats and handwashing challenge that dirty diaper laundry had–i’ve loved flats ever since then, and i still handwash–and although i’d love some fancy lovely orange diaper co flats, i’m just using cheap receiving blankets from target. LOL


  22. Trish Says:

    Wow! Thanks! I’ve been looking for a new fold. The flats I have are rather small and barely made it through the first three months on my small baby. I was using the orgami fold too, which I think is great (i just fold that extra flap down :o) Oh, and its not sloppy folding, its that the diapers aren’t perfectly square.) I’m going to try this. It looks like it will work perfect for my boy with that extra fabric in the front. I love using my flats with the wool covers I make. Flats clean up easier and dry fast. Thanks for all the wonderful info on your site.



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