A Directory of Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental Programs

Congratulations on the upcoming birth or new arrival of your baby!  There is no greater blessing than a precious newborn.

No doubt you are overwhelmed with all the choices you are faced with.  How you diaper your baby DOES matter.

If you have shopped newborn cloth diapers and have sticker-shock, I have good news!  You don’t have to buy the diapers you will only use for 2-4 months.  Every month more and more stores are offering newborn cloth diapers for rent.

Each program has its own stipulations and perks.  I have done a thorough search of online boutiques to help you begin your journey.

Take a minute to browse the different sites and find the program that works best for you.

This list will be added to over time.

All Things Diapers

Bums N’ Beyond

Comfy Cozy Diapers

Country Drawers

Diaper Daisy

Dream Diapers

Earthy Crunchy Mama

Go Green Baby Company

Green Diaper Demos

Green Diaper Store

Itsy Bitsy Bums, LLC

Joyful Giraffe

Kissed By The Moon

Little Monkey Store

Modern Cloth Diapers

Nell’s Natural Baby

One Lucky Mama

Pooters Diapers

Sweetbottoms Baby

Teeny Green

Twin Diaper City Co.

Wee Little Changes

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34 Responses to “A Directory of Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental Programs”

  1. Teresa Says:

    I have recommended this site to many mommas and Im dissapointed that many of the links dont work or are unactive and this info has drastically changed! I think it needs updated


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      You are correct. This post does need updating. Which I am slowly doing. Due to the fact that there are almost 800 posts and just me, it will take a while. I have updated the most read ones and am working backwards from there. Thanks for referring people to the site. There are many, many posts that are up to date.


  2. Victoria Says:

    Don’t forget about Granola Babies – one of my favorite mom/baby natural shops with many great cloth diaper options along with aromatherapy, baby carriers, and other natural products. Show them some love, the owner – Giselle, is awesome.



  3. Colleen Says:

    Thanks for this list. Another really great newborn rental program is Max and Jack’s Room. http://www.maxandjacksroom.com/Custom-Newborn-Rental_p_96.html
    I think it is such a good deal.


  4. Danialle B. @ Mama Chirps Says:

    I’m expecting a new baby in December. I had no idea it was so easy, and inexpensive, to rent newborn diapers. I’m going to look into this because I don’t yet have a full newborn stash.


  5. Lee-Ann Pinkard Says:

    Lilly’s Diaper Pad also offers a newborn rental program. $35/month for a minimum 2 month rental period gets you 18 prefolds, 2 fitteds, 2 pockets, 2 AIOs and 6 covers so mommy gets to try the different types of diapers available.


  6. Sammie Says:

    Thank you so much for this post! We’ve recently decided to cloth diaper our second daughter (due in November), and were agonizing over what to do for the newborn stage. We aren’t planning on having anymore children after this, so getting a newborn stash doesn’t seem like the most economical idea–especially when we are new to CD’ing! I think we’re going to with Kissed by the Moon’s newborn bundle–and now I can’t wait to try out these cute brands on our new little one!


  7. amy corinne Says:

    I just returned my newborn diaper rental to Sweetbottoms Baby on Saturday. It was a 3 month rental and I loved those diapers! My rental was actually the Swaddlebees newborn fitteds (http://www.swaddlebees.com/Products/Fitted-Diapers/s1200_2) instead of Clovers.

    My baby was 11 pounds when he was born and at 12 weeks, we were still using those diapers(he’s around 14 pounds now). The price is $215 and then when you return the diapers, you get an $100 store credit (or $90 refund). I think it’s a great deal!


  8. Lara Says:

    Thanks so much for this post!! I have been agonizing over which diapers would be best for us and our baby. I am due in June and I have decided to CD mainly because we are poor students in law school. The idea that I would have to buy a variety of diapers to try and then perhaps hate/love only a few has been driving me to distraction. This is the perfect solution! Any suggestions on what I should rent starting out? I would really like for my husband to not feel overwhelmed and he will be if he has to learn how to fold them. I’m also trying to find something that I won’t ruin as a first time CD-mom :) Thanks again.


    • Trisha W. Says:

      Lara, folding diapers isn’t too difficult. For prefolds he could do a basic trifold — think folding a paper in thirds — and lay it in a cover. Flat diapers have a similar option called the pad fold. You could fold your diapers when they are done drying and store them in your changing area all ready for a grab and go. You could even put the folded diapers in some covers ahead of time. Easy Peasy.

      I have read great things about Softbums Echo for newborns and up to potty learning. It is an AI2 (all in two) system. You will probably want to try some pocket diapers for simplicity and to test out another possible system.

      Tots Bots Easy Fits and Grovia’s AIO are the only two AIO diapers I would personally suggest trying as they wash up well and work well. The Easy Fit has the advantage of giving you the option to stuff something like a hemp insert into the pocket area if your baby needs more absorbency at a later time.


  9. Andrea K. Says:

    Thank you so much for this article. While this baby will be my 3rd child, it will be my first one to cloth diaper. I was so nervous to try and guess what types of diapers would work for my little one. Now I know that I can rent and not guess! I am so excited to try out cloth diapering in this flexible/cost effective way.


  10. Julie Says:

    Little Monkey Store (Langley, BC Canada) also has a 8-week newborn diaper rental program! http://www.littlemonkeystore.com/product.asp?itemid=172


  11. Carly Says:

    I just completed my two month rental with earthy crunchy mama. I chose to rent BG and grovias all in ones because I wanted a really easy option for the early days. As our son got a few weeks older I started mixing in our prefolds but it was nice to have the aios to start with. I shopped around a lot before I chose earthy crunchy mama and I think her deal is amazing. We got to use the 24 diapers for two months costing us $55, and now we have $60 to spend in her store. We chose to keep the pail liner, you can use part of your credit to keep anything in your rental. Her rental also includes many extras others don’t, which seems to me to make cloth diapering really easy for a first timer. I can’t say enough good things. Amazing customer service as well!


  12. lisa Says:

    I did my rental from One Lucky Mama and loved it. Her service was exceptional. The price to me seemed the best (I looked into 4 different programs). As a FTM, I loved the rental because I was introduced to a wide range of different types of diapers. Without investing more than $70 (the final cost of the rental), I was able to learn what I liked and what worked for us, and I wasn’t stuck with a bunch of diapers I wasn’t thrilled with. Now that I know what I know, I would begin purchasing for future newborn babies we have since I know what I like.

    I tell almost everyone I know who are first time parents and considering cloth that rental is the way to go. I love this post and wish I had had this as a resource 6 months ago!


  13. Angelina Albright Says:

    In hidnsight, I wish I had taken advantage of one of those deals. My DD fit KL0s and BG newborns until she was 4 or 4 1/2 months, and by I had stopped breastfeeding (don’t pelt me!) and her poop got solid. I would love to have had cute itty bitty dipes, not worried if they got stained, then shipped them back in exchange for some bigger OS dipes that would have fit her very well by then!


    • Trisha W. Says:

      No pelting from me. =) I am aware not all women/babies find success with breastfeeding for a variety of reasons.


  14. Mandy Says:

    Belly Buttons and Bubbles Baby Boutique has a 21 day trial program. They have 2 packages, one of which includes “easy” diapers like all-in-ones and pockets. I think she also may consider doing custom packages if there are ones you really want to try out. I’m pretty sure she also has a rental program, as we have discussed the benefits of buying newborn diapers verses renting them. She is local to me, but I know she has customers from all over. Her website is http://www.bellybuttonsandbubbles.com/ and I highly recommend it!


  15. Lara Says:

    Top to Bottom Baby Boutique has a fitted, pocket,!and AIO rental also.


  16. Anastasia Says:

    We (I should say I because it’s really just myself) buy used whenever possible. I prewash and sterilize EVERYTHING regardless of whether or not the previous owner says they used them. Including sterilizing for spores. I would assume most people would at least wash them. Usually the diaper store in question has a policy of what they do and don’t want. You would have to check with each store for their policies and ask questions. If I were doing this large scale, like a hospital or daycare, then I would question practices, but for just newborns, usually they go through a couple families and someone buys them used.


  17. Andria B Says:

    Is this really a viable option parents take advantage of?
    As a diaper service who uses prefolds and covers, the cost of these deposits seems to be the same as what I would charge a family who started with cloth for those 3 months. Who guarantees the cleanliness of each diaper for the next user? Just curious if anyone used such a service before and why.


    • Trisha W. Says:

      Andria B., I haven’t used Earth Crunchy Mama’s program before, but I have looked into it. Using their Premium Program as an example, here are the numbers:

      Store Credit Program:
      $125 Upfront Costs ($25 Program Fee + $100 Deposit)
      -$25 (Program Fee is not refunded)
      -$30 (2 months of rental at $15/month)
      $70 Back in Store Credit

      So that is $55 for 2 months use of 24 diapers — any combination of GroVia All-in-Ones, BumGenius All-in-Ones, Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diapers, MiniMaestro Pocket Diapers, BabyKicks Hemp Prefolds, Cotton Prefolds, Punkin’ Butt StayDry Hemp Inserts, and Bummis Covers.

      That $55 also includes:
      24 Reusable Liners or 1 pack disposable liners
      3 Night / Nap Time Doublers
      Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Cream
      Gently used Pail Liner
      Gently used Wet Bag
      Cloth Wipes
      Water test strip (to test for hard or soft water)
      Complete care instructions.
      Free shipping to and from us, within the United States ($35 for Canadian Addresses).
      At home pick up for your diapers when shipping back to them.
      Email and phone support for the length of your rental and afterwords if you continue to cloth diaper.

      At the end of this two month rental example you would still have $70 of store credit to buy items of your own choosing from their store. I’m a very frugal mom of seven, and I think that is an amazing deal.

      As far as the laundering is concerned, if a family doesn’t trust how the business owner takes care of the diapers, they could always strip the rental diapers prior to using them on their newborn. =)


  18. Sierra Says:

    Hi there! Thanks for the directory of Newborn CD rentals. My husband and I have begun to look into CD’s for newborns since our new little one is due in May. I am wondering what the advantage is to rent them instead of invest in them. Do you think that it would be better to just buy a newborn stash if you’re planning to have more little ones?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I prefer buying my own and using for the next children. But, many moms have told me that renting is a better option for them financially.


    • Trisha W. Says:

      Sierra, Generally speaking it is more economical to buy your own diapers, but one advantage of a rental program is that it allows you to test out some different diapers to see which ones you like best without having to sell the diapers you don’t like via Craigslist or some other venue. After trying out some different options, you can then make a more informed choice about which brand/style/etc. of diapers you would like to buy for your baby and future children.


      • Sierra Says:

        Thanks, Trisha. That makes sense. ;)


        • Trisha W. Says:

          You’re welcome, Sierra. All that said, I should share that I used prefolds and covers. Having since discovered old fashioned flats, I would now suggest people also look into trying simple flats and covers as another option to save money during the newborn period as well. =)


  19. Anastasia Says:

    I have 9 & 10 lb babes so stuff like this is awesome!


  20. Beth Daze Says:

    I am doing a newborn rental from http://www.teenygreenykc.com. Her info is listed under diaper rentals on her website! FYI!


  21. Trisha W. Says:

    Thanks Autumn. I’m not in need of this information personally, but I was just gathering this type of information late last night and pinning it on my CD Pinterest board. Your post is now pinned as well. =) Here’s a link to my board http://pinterest.com/boisewiebers/cloth-diapers/.


  22. Carissa roddin Says:

    All Things Diapers has a rental program as well! They have great customer service, they are my favorite retailer.


  23. Tara Says:

    Country Drawers also offers a Newborn Rental Program. http://www.countrydrawers.com/newborn-rental-package/


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