A Few Fun Cloth Diaper Events!

March 3, 2011


March Photo Contest!! My Little Peanut

Itti bitti fundraiser to help the people of the Christchurch earthquake

Guiness World Records Diaper Changing Challenge!

Will you be a part of this fun event?

Commit to using 3 cloth diapers a day instead of disposables for 1 year.

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7 Responses to “A Few Fun Cloth Diaper Events!”

  1. tiffaney Says:

    If it were me I too would strip n change detergent. My dd had a similar rash n it was Charlies soap. I striped with sensi clean and rash disappeared never to return :) HTH!


  2. Nicole Says:

    Hi Autumn & others,

    I saw the earlier post about Green Gamboni & sparked my interest. Does anyone else have troubles dressing their little ones while cloth diapering? What is the secret? If I go up in size the legs are too long & the rise is usually not high enough anyway. Does anyone have reccomendations for other cloth friendly clothes that aren’t as pricey?


  3. Rachel Says:

    Hi Autumn,

    I had a question about cloth diapering and was hoping you could help. I’ve been cloth diapering my 5 month old for several weeks now. I love it! The question I have is she has been having issues with a diaper rash and I’m not sure what the source is. I was wondering how you can tell if a child is allergic to the detergent that’s being used to wash the diapers.

    I’ve been using Flip covers and their organic cotton inserts, as well as prefolds with Thirstie covers. After our first 2 days of CDing she had a line of a rash on each side of her bottom. (We have had our fair share of diaper rashes even while using disposables so this isn’t too new to us, except that it was further out on her bottom, rather than being right next to the source of bowel movements). I stopped for several days to use Desitin and it seemed to clear up. Then I started in again with the cloth diapers and also started putting cut up fleece liners in so she wouldn’t be sitting directly on anything wet. She’s always had a little red that fluctuates throughout the day, but now there is a small spot, the size of a quarter, that looks very, very sore.

    Also, I change her cloth diapers very frequently…at least every hour so she isn’t sitting in a soiled diaper.

    Yesterday I started using Kissaluv’s Diaper Lotion Potion but I still wonder if it could be the detergent? I’ve been using the unscented Rockin’ Green for soft water. If she was having a reaction to the detergent, wouldn’t her rash be everywhere??

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I understand most rash creams/ointments aren’t approved for CDing but I don’t want this rash to get any worse!

    Thank you!!!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      No improvement using fleece liners? Did the sore begin before or after using liners? I would stop using RnG, wash them with something else and see what happens. There are several cloth diaper safe creams and barrier ointments. Search the blog for a list.


      • Rachel Says:

        Thanks Autumn! The soreness did start before the fleece liners. I was hoping the fleece liners would help with keeping her dry, but I think my daughter has really sensitive skin and maybe it is the detergent… I’ll try some other detergents and will search your blog for some creams/ointments. I appreciate your response!


        • Engineering Mom Says:

          I know you probably know this, but since I did it the first week of being new to CDing and using Flips, I have to ask: Do you have the suede cloth side or the microfiber side up against your baby’s bottom in the Flip cover. I know, I know everyone knows what side goes up… But I didn’t. I had the insert backwards and my daughter got horrible rash on the OUTSIDE of her bottom, not between her cheeks, and so I thought I’d mention it. The suede cloth is the smooth side of the Flip stay dry insert. I felt so upset for that whole time because I wanted to CD SO BAD but every time I put her in a Flip it got worse… until it dawned on me. :) This probably isn’t your situation, but just in case, I just wanted to mention it.

          Take Care.


          • Rachel Says:

            I appreciate any comments!! Thanks! I actually have the Flip Organic set which comes with a cotton insert that you fold into thirds before placing in the diaper. The material is the same all around so it’s not that. If only that were the solution!

            Thank you!


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