A Fuzzi Bunz One Size Review

Today’s post is written by my IRL friend Sarah.  She blogs at Life With The Seefeldts.

I’m a first time mom and my girl is almost one year old. I’m relatively new to cloth diapering but have gotten to try out a few different kinds.

Here is a little about my experience with Fuzzibunz One-Size diapers.

I’ve had Fuzzibunz One-Size in my diaper rotation for a couple of months now. Fuzzibunz One-Size are pocket diapers, so they are waterproof on the outside and you don’t need a diaper cover over them (that was important for me). One-Size means you can use them from birth until potty-training.

What I like:
• Super-soft fleece against my baby’s bottom
• Snaps so she doesn’t pull off her diaper!
• Thick, absorbent inserts
• Adjustable leg-holes so you can get a unique fit
• Really cute colors!

• With two inserts the diaper gets bulky (but not really more than other pocket diapers I’ve tried)
• I have had leaking before when I didn’t get a good tight fit
• Seem to be a bit narrower than other diapers

Here’s a great thing, though: I can totally trust it as a night-time diaper! I stuff both inserts in and add another insert (Thirsties or bumgenius) or a prefold and my baby is good to go for 12-13 hours. She gets milk right before bed (around 7:15) and then nurses again about 5am and goes back to sleep and I don’t change her until 7-8am. No leaking!

My girl has a fluffy tummy and thick, chunky thighs. That’s why this diaper seems a bit narrower on her than others that seem more generous in the bum. I think the leaks I got were from not getting it snapped tight (she moves around during diaper changes) and then the narrow fit allowing leaks when she moves. (Maybe that wouldn’t be a problem with skinny babies) It’s not my go-to diaper during the day but I use it when I know I can change her in a couple of hours. I definitely use it at night.

Sarah, I will add that I am so glad I’m not the only one who has to wrestle my child or have an older child sit on Sterling during diaper changes.  Very annoying.  Where Kate has the chunky thighs Sterling has nothin’.  Both have problems.  I get leaks often because diapers don’t go tight enough.

Thank you for reviewing the Fuzzi Bunz One Size!

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15 Responses to “A Fuzzi Bunz One Size Review”

  1. BAV Says:

    Our diapers began delaminating after about 2 years (the plastic pulls away from the fabric and they’re no longer waterproof). I contacted the company about the problem (based on the website they encounter this problem often) and they replied that they couldn’t do anything about it because it was purchased before their lifetime warranty went into effect in 2011. She stated the diapers are only intended to last 2-4 years! Whose child is totally potty trained by 2 years…and doesn’t even need a nighttime diaper? Ridiculous!!


  2. Barbara Says:

    Just wanted to add something to this review if that’s okay…

    Yes, the FuzziBunz One-Size are narrower than the original FuzziBunz (Perfect Size) medium. This is so that they can fit from birth onwards. Because they’re narrower, they are a teensie bit less absorbent than the original FuzziBunz (Perfect Size) medium. If you find this makes the One-Size not absorbent enough for you, just consider adding a hemp insert instead of (or with) your microfibre insert. Hemp is noticably more absorbent. Having said that, you still can’t beat FuzziBunz for fit and wearability. I have tried a ton of diapers and LOVE the FuzziBunz– both the one-size and the perfect size.
    If anyone is interested, you can read more about the two types of FuzziBunz here:
    and here
    AND, you can get great hemp inserts for good prices here: http://www.justbummingarounddiapers.com

    Great review of a great product!


  3. ioana Says:

    a whole site about cloth diapers is a fabulous idea! When I was growing up, these were the only types of diapers my mom used, and they’re pretty good, from what I know, they reduce the risk of rashes and they let the skin breathe. Oh, and the detailes are impressive, I didn’t know there are so many types of diapers.


  4. Kiersten Says:

    I used to LOVE my FB OS. But as my little one got older we started having TONS of leaks. I have found that for the most part it was the insert, it’s just not absorbent enough. I now use the FB OS with a loopy doo insert, rather than the FB inserts. I also noticed that the inserts I had were ALL different sizes and didn’t seem very large. My stash is mostly FB OS, with 2 knicker nappies and 2 BG organics. For night time I use a clothmopolitan fitted, two hemp inserts and a thirsties duo cover! Tha is by far the BEST night time combo…we have gone 15 hours with not a drop outside the diaper! I still like my FB OS, but not the insert…lol


  5. Chris Says:

    I’ve been using FB One Size for a couple of months now. It leaks all the time for us. My dd is skiny and we can’t seem to get a good fit around the legs. I like the fit on her otherwise. I only use it when I can change her in an hour or so. Maybe I should try hemp inserts.


  6. Dana Says:

    I have a couple Fuzzibunz One-size but they’re not really in rotation. I have a fairly skinny 11 month old, and I just don’t trust them not to leak. I have to use two inserts and they’re super bulky on him. I thought I’d love the adjustability, but it’s too complicated to figure out the right size, and my active little boy won’t sit still to try them on. So, I use them when my others are all dirty. I do like how soft they are though!


  7. cleo Says:

    I also loved the hip snap and the adjustable elastic, but that narrow crotch just leads to leaks for us. I have a skinny baby, no super skinny but still skinny…I have to change him within 45 min to 1hr when he’s wearing the FB OS. It just wicks out by his legs…maybe it’s because he’s so active I’m not sure since we didn’t try it before he was walking furniture. The insert is definitely wet so I know it’s not an absorbency issue.


  8. kristine Says:

    I personally love fuzzi bunz one size. My DD has a skinny little bum so the narrow fit is awesome for us! We also use it at night … those things are bullet proof!


  9. Stephanie Says:

    I love Fuzzie buns to the point I only have one other brand of diaper My DD is also chunky and Fuzzie fit her the best!


  10. Sarah Says:

    Fuzzi Buns are also my go-to nighttime diaper…I use a hemp doubler, though, with one insert, and it keeps it nice and trim. I have the sized version, though. I bought one OS before they added the hip snaps, and it is impossible for my skinny, skinny, skinny little one! He is almost 14 mos, and still in the small FBs snapped almost all the way in on the waist. I plan to buy a couple more OS’s now that they have revised the design to be more like the sized version. The adjustable elastic in the OS definitely makes it easier to get the proper fit on a skinny mini. :) And I agree, snaps are a little tough on squirmy babies…I tend to grab hook and loop pocket diapers first these days – except for overnight! :)


  11. Julia Says:

    I also have a skinny baby & have leaks because I can’t get these tight enough. It is super soft, and I like that – but I couldn’t trust it as a nighttime diaper! I only use it when I know I can change in a couple of hours. Oh, and my boy just started settling down for his diaper changes again at 15 months! What a blessing to not have to wrestle him anymore.


  12. Rasa Says:

    A Fuzzi is power! for us is one of the best diaper. Thanks Fuzzi! Best regards from Lithuania!


  13. Jane Smith Says:

    I’ve had good success using my FuzziBunz for extended periods with no leaks. I tend to use the long insert with my 7mth 15lber, and fold down the end for extra protection (a la Bum Genius). I find this gives a fairly trim, but absorbent, diaper for my little guy. I’ve also recently started using OBB Diaper bamboo inserts instead of microfibre. This makes the diaper super trim and still leaves my little guy dry with no leaks.


  14. nicole Says:

    Great thanks so much for the fuzzi bunz review I love them


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