A Giveaway Of Huge Proportion You Do Not Want To Miss!


It’s here! The Grand Finale of My Favorite Things!!

The inaugural year went relatively smooth but I did learn a few things for next year.

The big one: What was I thinking when I said I would ship the prizes out??!
I may set up a donation jar just for that!

I have been so pleased with all the prizes and participation from sponsors and YOU!
Thank you for your love.

Enough of all that chatter, let’s get to the prizes!


Why in the world do I have Mabu Baby on my favorite list, you may be asking?  Or you may be wondering what/who the heck is Mabu Baby?

Good questions.  The who/what is Mabu Baby is the new reusable diapering system available in many Walmart stores across the country.

They why is simple- I like the simplicity, accessibility and re-useability.  Plus, they are absorbent.

I’ve included them because I’d love to spread the word and help them grow their outreach.

Mabu Baby has donated a starter kit that includes

  • 2 diaper outers
  • 2 snap-in pad holders,
  • 2 washable diaper pads
  • 2 disposable diaper pads and
  • 5 liners

 I love easy and I love soft.  Give me a minky all-in-one and I’m set!

Diaper Daisy is donating an itti bitti d’lish snap-in-one in fun lime minky!

itti bitti is an excellent brand.  They are very absorbent and no stuffing required!

I’ve been a fan of itti bitti for a while now and I look forward to you being a fan soon.

Remember on Monday when I gave you a chance  to win a 6-pack of ALL SNAPS Omni system with a SUPER pod and you didn’t win??

Here’s your 2nd chance to try and win!

You guys LOVE Softbums, I can tell by all the gushing-with-adoration comments you send me about Softbums.

I’ve teased you with Ragababe cloth wipes twice throughout this giveaway. No more teasing.

RagaBabe has donated a super-hard-to-get newspaper print easy AIO diaper.


Oh so painstakingly slow I am building up my stash of these.  The hype is completely legit.

Everything about RagaBabe AIOs is perfect.  Now if production could catch up to demand we’d all be in a happy place.

My Favorite Things event has had many sponsors but a very special thank you goes out to Beth of Sweetbottoms Baby for her donation of my final item.

Every mom loves their babies, especially all of you who commit to months and years of dunking, rinsing and washing dirty cloth diapers.

But, sometimes you just need a break from the crying, fussiness or clingyness. That’s when a baby carrier is a MUST.

Don’t reach for that Baby B’jorn, please don’t.  As the wife of a chiropractor I will tell you that the Baby B’jorn is damaging to your back and baby’s spine.

What you can reach for, however, is an Ergo Organic Petunia Pickle Bottom Peaceful Portofino!  Gorgeous and ergonomically correct.

You’ll have a happy baby, happy spine and stylish look.

I’ve chosen to include the Ergo in the giveaway instead of my favorite (Beco Butterfly II) for a couple of reasons.  1) Sweetbottoms offered so of course I said yes! 2) The Ergo tends to be a favorite with dads.  3) I’ve been told it has a smaller learning curve.


Don’t stop with the beauty of the print.  Go ahead and pimp that carrier with Jillian of PAXBaby!  PAXBaby is offering her Pimp My Carrier services for your Ergo!

Now that you’ve cloth diapered your baby and carried him around all day, go take a nice relaxing bath.

Don’t forget the Victorian Rose Tea Bath that Bee All Natural is providing for you!

Soak your worries, aches and frustrations away.

Are you ready to enter?? Ready. Set. Go!

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  1. Kathy Williams Says:

    Thank you for the post. I am new to the cd’ing world so it’s always great to hear about new products!


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    Thanks for the great giveaway .


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    What great prizes! And great sponsors. I visited all their websites and am impressed. Now only if : )>>>>


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    I would really really love to win!!


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    I would love to win! Your blog has helped me SO much!!!


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    I let paxbaby know how cool they are for participating!


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    Blogged the sponsers pages


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    Thanks so much!


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    This is such an awesome giveaway! I visited all the website, and I also had a hard time finding something that Sweetbottoms doesn’t have! They carry a great selection! And I’m dying to try both Ragababes and Softbums! Hope I win! Thanks for all your hard work Autumn, and thanks to all of the sponsors for giving such great gifts.


  10. Eliza Warmack Says:

    Thank you for inspiring me to start my own blog! You do a great job here. I made my first post about how your giveaway lead me to the blogosphere. Well, good luck everyone. Good night.


  11. Rachel Says:

    crossing my fingers. I have perused each sponsor’s websites and even created a twitter account for these giveaways. Here’s to hoping :)


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    Thank you so much for such a great give away!


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    Thanks for the giveaways! And I visited your sponsors. :)


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    Yay! Hope I win! I visited all sponsors!


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    i have been loving several of these sponsors for a while! thank you for compiling such a wonderful 12 days for your fans to participate in! thank you for giving me another reason to surf these fab sponsor websites!!


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    Loving the give-away and getting to know all your sponsors websites better!


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    I visited the sponsors’ websites….thank you so much for the chance to win!!


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    checked out Sweetbottoms and they have an amazing selection of cloth dipaers. It was really hard for me to find something that they did NOT have! Checked out the Softbums, Ragababes, and Mabu diapers too. Thanks to all the sponsors for the great giveaway!


  20. Summer C Says:

    That was tough to do on the tablet, lol. I’m so excited for this giveaway. I wish I could see the Mabu-baby’s in person, but they’re quite a ways from where I live. I already visit Paxbaby often and Sweetbottoms is in the next town from me :)


  21. Regan S Says:

    I thanked the sponsors on their FB pages

    Also I signed up for Diaper Daisy’s newsletter with magickmoon73 at yahoo dot com, not the email that I am entering with


  22. Christina Dyke Says:

    Visited your sponsors!!


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    I let Paxbaby know how awesome they are for participating! They are one of my favorite stores!!


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    I’m super excited about this giveaway!


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    THANKS for educating us about all these great sponsors! I enjoyed checking them out!


  26. sherri Says:

    Love ragababe website also never heard of mabubaby before good to know about


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    There is so much great stuff in this giveaway! A Ragababe and an Ergo?!
    I loved learning about your sponsors as well. I discovered a lot of new (to me) stuff today!


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