A Giveaway Of Huge Proportion You Do Not Want To Miss!


It’s here! The Grand Finale of My Favorite Things!!

The inaugural year went relatively smooth but I did learn a few things for next year.

The big one: What was I thinking when I said I would ship the prizes out??!
I may set up a donation jar just for that!

I have been so pleased with all the prizes and participation from sponsors and YOU!
Thank you for your love.

Enough of all that chatter, let’s get to the prizes!


Why in the world do I have Mabu Baby on my favorite list, you may be asking?  Or you may be wondering what/who the heck is Mabu Baby?

Good questions.  The who/what is Mabu Baby is the new reusable diapering system available in many Walmart stores across the country.

They why is simple- I like the simplicity, accessibility and re-useability.  Plus, they are absorbent.

I’ve included them because I’d love to spread the word and help them grow their outreach.

Mabu Baby has donated a starter kit that includes

  • 2 diaper outers
  • 2 snap-in pad holders,
  • 2 washable diaper pads
  • 2 disposable diaper pads and
  • 5 liners

 I love easy and I love soft.  Give me a minky all-in-one and I’m set!

Diaper Daisy is donating an itti bitti d’lish snap-in-one in fun lime minky!

itti bitti is an excellent brand.  They are very absorbent and no stuffing required!

I’ve been a fan of itti bitti for a while now and I look forward to you being a fan soon.

Remember on Monday when I gave you a chance  to win a 6-pack of ALL SNAPS Omni system with a SUPER pod and you didn’t win??

Here’s your 2nd chance to try and win!

You guys LOVE Softbums, I can tell by all the gushing-with-adoration comments you send me about Softbums.

I’ve teased you with Ragababe cloth wipes twice throughout this giveaway. No more teasing.

RagaBabe has donated a super-hard-to-get newspaper print easy AIO diaper.


Oh so painstakingly slow I am building up my stash of these.  The hype is completely legit.

Everything about RagaBabe AIOs is perfect.  Now if production could catch up to demand we’d all be in a happy place.

My Favorite Things event has had many sponsors but a very special thank you goes out to Beth of Sweetbottoms Baby for her donation of my final item.

Every mom loves their babies, especially all of you who commit to months and years of dunking, rinsing and washing dirty cloth diapers.

But, sometimes you just need a break from the crying, fussiness or clingyness. That’s when a baby carrier is a MUST.

Don’t reach for that Baby B’jorn, please don’t.  As the wife of a chiropractor I will tell you that the Baby B’jorn is damaging to your back and baby’s spine.

What you can reach for, however, is an Ergo Organic Petunia Pickle Bottom Peaceful Portofino!  Gorgeous and ergonomically correct.

You’ll have a happy baby, happy spine and stylish look.

I’ve chosen to include the Ergo in the giveaway instead of my favorite (Beco Butterfly II) for a couple of reasons.  1) Sweetbottoms offered so of course I said yes! 2) The Ergo tends to be a favorite with dads.  3) I’ve been told it has a smaller learning curve.


Don’t stop with the beauty of the print.  Go ahead and pimp that carrier with Jillian of PAXBaby!  PAXBaby is offering her Pimp My Carrier services for your Ergo!

Now that you’ve cloth diapered your baby and carried him around all day, go take a nice relaxing bath.

Don’t forget the Victorian Rose Tea Bath that Bee All Natural is providing for you!

Soak your worries, aches and frustrations away.

Are you ready to enter?? Ready. Set. Go!

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235 Responses to “A Giveaway Of Huge Proportion You Do Not Want To Miss!”

  1. Paula Says:

    I have been wanting to try the softbums! it would be so awesome to win!


  2. Hayley Says:

    I showed some love the sweetbottoms baby. Truely my favorite store


  3. REBECCA Says:

    Visited all the sites and have added lots to my wish list for this new baby.


  4. Rebekah Says:

    Oh wow!! This is the mother of all giveaways!! I’ve loved this 12 days! Every morning when I get up to feed my baby I come back to bed and check to see if Autumn has written her blog post yet. Thank you sponsors!! And thank you Autumn! Pick me and I’ll pay for my own shipping!!! ;)


  5. Lisa Garcia Says:

    Visited the sponsors, great stuff!!


  6. Julissa Says:

    Wow! what a great giveaway. I hadn’t looked at sites like I did today. Makes me want to buy a bunch of new stuff. =)


  7. Kendra V. Says:

    I visited the websites of the stores I don’t normally frequent! :)


  8. Kerrie Says:

    visiting the sponsors. thanks for the giveaways!!!!!!


  9. Lyndsey M Says:

    What an amazing giveaway! It’s great to have so many wonderful sponsors with such wonderful products! Thank you for sharing & thank you for the opportunity to try some of these products :)


  10. Leeann Says:



  11. Leann Says:

    Love sweet bottoms! They are my go to store and every package is like getting a present. Much love to those ladies!


  12. Jamie Lynn Kohut Says:

    I visited today’s sponsors… I’m so excited that you are doing all these giveaways!! Glad these small businesses are getting great exposure as well!!


  13. Lisa Joy Says:

    The maker of RagaBabe was my college roommate — I never would have guessed she’d be making diapers 13 years later!


  14. Andrea F Says:

    Wow! I have been eyeing the ergo for months now.


  15. Sherill Says:

    What an impressive group of products for baby!!!! Thanks for sharing…Sherill


  16. Faith Halverson Says:

    Visited the websites! Loved looking at all the baby carriers PAXbaby carried. If only price wasn’t a factor…


  17. Shannon Says:

    Thank you for doing this! I visited the Sweetbottoms page and am placing an order today! I also visited the Pax and Ragababe pages. Pick me! :)


  18. Megan sipe Says:

    Thank you for all of the helpful reviews and advice. My baby will be born in Febusry and I am new to cloth diapers. There are so many different kinds and brands and it is hard to figure out where to start. So your advice is greatly appreciated.


  19. Mechele Johnson Says:

    I visited the Sponsor’s and OMG, I made myself a huge wishlist!


  20. Elizabeth Craig Says:

    Thanks for the giveaways! I went to softbums facebook and webpage.


  21. Mrs. Smitty Says:

    I don’t know if my original comment posted, usually they show up right away.

    I’ve been following the entire event, having a great time with the reviews and checking out the sponsors. What a great way to end the event with a bang, thanks for the opportunity!


  22. Tina Surette Says:

    I visited your sponsors pages and I’d never been to PAX baby but I love their site! Thank you for the giveaways.


  23. Pamela H Says:

    Already love Ragababe and Paxbaby and visit their sites often. I checked out Sweetbottoms Baby and that is a great store that I plan to visit more! What a great givaway! Thanks for the chance:)


  24. Lisa Burrows Says:

    I visited the sponsor’s websites. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!


  25. Trisha W. Says:

    Thank you to you and your sponsors. When I stopped by RagaBabe’s wall I saw they’d posted about this already.


  26. Mrs. Smitty Says:

    I’ve been following the entire event and really enjoyed the reviews and visiting the sponsors, what a way to end the event with a bang!


  27. Polly Says:

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway !!
    Had fun visiting sites awesome products

    God Bless You

    Praying I win !!


  28. Laura B. Says:

    I got completely lost wandering around the Paxbaby website. I have bookmarked them to spend at least another hour or so reading there. I also learned a lot more about softbums. I am now intrigued by the echo.


  29. Belinda Connolly Says:

    Thanks so much for hosting this great event! Your blog has been a wonderful resource for me over the past year & a half that I have been cloth diapering my children – thank you for all of the help!


  30. Cassie Says:

    How do you enter??


  31. DanLoo Says:



  32. Jennifer Dakin Says:

    Thank you for the give away, I saw some of my favorite products on some of the sites and learned about some new products!! I hope I entered the bold correctly, I had a tough time with that entry!! LOL!!! Thanks again!


  33. M Holly Says:

    I thanked RagaBabe on FB! I love the giveaways today!


  34. Nicole w Says:

    I visited the sites. Thanks for the experience.


  35. Dina Says:

    Love so many if these products! I love finding ways to expand my cd collection and my baby carriers. Sobmany different options depending on the day, the outing and the mood!


  36. Samantha Floyd Says:

    Thanks Autumn for such an awesome giveaway!! Congrats to whomever takes the prize! :)


  37. Vanessa Coker Says:

    - Blogged about the event here: http://psmamae.blogspot.com/2011/12/all-about-cloth-diapers-my-favorite.html

    – and left comment love for one of the sponsors: Ragababe on FB (as Ps Mamae)


  38. Liz E Says:

    Thanks for all the giveaways! This one really is of huge proportion!


  39. Laurie Says:

    Awesome giveaway!


  40. tara Says:

    Hey I visited everyone’s websites and Paxbaby is Awesome!


  41. Maralee Sjerven Says:

    Thanks for having so many links to great cloth diapering sites. I’m new to this whole thing and I thought I had a pretty good list of sites in my favorites but I’ve added at least a half dozen more through this promotion. So many good ideas and products!!!!


  42. Melissa S Says:

    Love this giveaway! Visited sponsors!


  43. Suzanne D Says:

    Sweetbottoms carries so much and with free shipping, love it!! And PAXbaby just made me drool!! Thank you, thank you!


  44. lanae trevino Says:

    I visited the sponsors.


  45. Aymará Says:

    Hi!!! thanks for all the giveaways!!!

    I’m on my way translating your book. Coming soon!!

    thanks again :D


  46. Courtney P Says:

    Visited the sponsors websites. Already love Sweetbottoms…just got my first order from them yesterday! Taking everything in as I get ready for my first due in April!


  47. Heather Heslep Morrissey Says:

    Oh, and I have visited all of their websites!


  48. Mary Ann Says:

    Visited your sponsors’ sites. Thanks for the amazing giveaways!


  49. Heather Heslep Morrissey Says:

    Thank you for doing this giveaway! It’s been awesome to follow it, even if I haven’t won…yet!


  50. Lorrie Maier Says:

    Thanks for the giveaways! I was already a fan of a few of these sites and now I’m a fan of a few more!


  51. Sherry Wakelin Says:

    If I cover the cost of shipping (CANADA) in the event that I won would it be acceptable for me to join in on the last day ?


  52. Jennifer Lyden Says:

    I love all the carriers PAX Baby carries! I wish I could have one of every type, that way I could choose depending on the outing and my mood! :)


  53. Lisa Kuhl Says:

    I also checked out their website:-)


  54. Lisa Kuhl Says:

    I would love to win this one! Everything I ever wanted to try is included.


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    I have visited all your sponsers… and ordered from sweetbottoms baby and rockin green before. Too bad I don’t have fb or twitter or a blog to catch those extra entries!


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    Thannks, Autumn! Bee All Natural and Bamboobies are now on my wishlist!


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    Visited all the Sponsors.. Including YOU! <3 Thanks for this awesome giveaway! So many awesome things


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    Ahh if there were ever a giveaway I wanted to win – this is it! Love the softbums, ragababes AND the ergo are my favorites! Definitely want to try all of these amazing products!
    You have convinced me on the ragababes, I put their wipes on my baby registry! This giveaway has been awesome and has helped me learn so much about baby products!
    I’ll be visiting ragababes on facebook :)


  59. Kristin Jensen Says:

    Visited the sponsors. Very glad that Walmart is getting in on reusable diapers with the Mabu-Baby!


  60. Mindy Says:

    Visited some websites and left some fb love!


  61. Vanessa Says:

    Started with a diaper service to give CD’ing a tral run and i’m now on my 2nd week of (hand) washing my own. As of now we only have a dozen flats, 2 prefolds and 5 covers so visiting all these site has opened a whole world to me!!Will def be shopping from swetbottoms – they have everything!!


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    Visited sponsors! Spent way too much time on PaxBaby looking at baby carriers I probably don’t need to add to my collection…


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    Visited sponsors. I have a lot of cloth diapers and keep wanting to buy more. We are in disposable now because my newborn is tiny and won’t fit into the one sizes I bought :( Would love to win this one, Would love more softbums and a carrier!


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    I love this website the diapers are awesome I too am trying desperately to build a stash :)


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