A Little Known Hack for Saving BIG on Cloth Diapers

June 10, 2016

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Seriously, is there anyone that doesn’t enjoy saving money?! You don’t have to wait until Black Friday, Earth Day or a shop’s anniversary to score big savings on cloth diapers and baby carriers. Want to know what the the secret is?

Shop Canadian! The catch is you have to be shopping from the United States or another country that has a stronger dollar.

Here’s how it works: Right now (6/10/16) the the Canadian Dollar is only worth the equivalent of 78 cents in US Dollars.  That means you are getting (about) 22% off anything priced in Canadian Dollars. This number fluctuates daily, so it could give you even more of a savings (or less) depending on how well the market is doing that day.

You may have heard that shipping between Canada and the US is higher. It is. But nothing crazy. And many of the Canadian shops have a set shipping amount that is fairly low. So if you are stocking up, you can get a really great deal even with paying shipping. Shipping can take a bit longer than from a US shop. But honestly, most of my Canadian purchases have arrived in about a week. I can wait a little longer for such great prices. One other thing to note is not all brand can be shipped across the border. GroVia is one for instance. Check with the shop first if you are unsure.

PLUS, if you shop Canadian and buy when they have sales… your savings REALLY add up!

For Example:

Borrowed Planet has pocket diapers that are $14.25 CA. They are also ON SALE right now. So the sale of 15% off brings you to $12.70 CA. Now factor in the US/CA exchange rate and you get a grand total of about $9.90 for one awesome pocket diaper! I’ll include other sales that I know about below under each shop. :)

Here’s a few of my favorite Canadian shops! Happy Shopping!

Borrowed Planet

Borrowed Planet Cloth Diapers are designed in Canada by a Canadian mom. Pockets, covers, All in Two’s and other accessories available. AI2 diapers have two full layers of PUL and inserts are made of high quality fabrics such as hemp/cotton and bamboo.   All diapers have double leg gussets so they stand up to major messes and the pocket diapers are lined with athletic wicking jersey!

Use code ‘pockets’ at check out to get 15%. Free shipping $120 CAD or more. 


Interior of a pocket diaper

AMP Diapers

Owned by a Mom to 7 beautiful children. AMP Diapers are proudly made in Canada. They offer One Size Duo pocket diapers, sized duo pocket diapers, all in ones, all in twos, fitteds, swim diapers, inserts and boosters as well as other accessories. You can find a Canadian AMP retailer here. It also happens to be AMP’s 13th birthday celebration this weekend. Many retailers have an extra 10% off. And AMP is running a HUGE giveaway! Check it out! 

Lollypop Kids

Big selection of cloth diapers, baby wearing items and assorted accessories! I have personally saved big on baby carriers shopping here in the past using the exchange rate savings method. They were on sale, then with the exchange rate…I got amazing prices! Just keep your eyes open for the sales if you really want to cash in! She is also a participating retailer of AMP that has them at 10% off right now!

Lagoon Baby

Just a few of the cloth diaper brands Lagoon Baby offers: AppleCheeks cloth diapersAMP cloth diapers, GroVia cloth diapers, bumGenius cloth diapers, Blueberry cloth diapers, Best Bottom cloth diapers, andBummis cloth diapers.  They also have lots of baby carriers and other items for mom and baby.

Bumby Wool

Some of my favorite interlock wool around. AMAZING customer service and unique wool pieces such as booties, blankies and outerwear. Plus all the usual stuff (covers, longies and shorties)!

Cozy Bums

HUGE selection of cloth diapers and so much more! Funky Fluff 15% off until midnight on the 10th. AMP diapers, Peachy Baby and Snappi 10% until the 6/13.

How many of you in the US knew about the savings due to the exchange rate? Have you done any Canadian shopping because of it?

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  1. Sandra Caballero Says:

    Very awesome tips! Thanks for sharing !!


  2. Stefanie Ryan Says:

    Great tips, thanks!


  3. Lara Says:

    Thank you for the all-Canadian list!!


  4. Molly Says:

    I had no idea about this – thanks for the tip!


  5. Charlotte Benfield Says:

    Thanks for the tips


  6. Lisa W Says:

    I say pay the bit more and shop local if you can. Help flourish your economy!


  7. Sarah Osborne Says:

    Good tips, thanks!


  8. Amber Ludwig Says:

    Oooh such great ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Great way to build a stash :)


  9. JoB Says:

    I love buying applecheeks from small businesses in Canada! Our local store doesn’t carry the brand either, so it is definitely my best option!


  10. Dandi D Says:

    Thanks so much for the tips! I hadn’t thought about these before!


  11. Jessy Says:

    Dolcito cloth diapers are my new faves, better quality than other AIO we’ve used. Replacing our stash slowly! They’re made in Canada too.


  12. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t forget about the possibility of customs fees! If you’d like a local store and are lucky enough to have one, shop there instead – or soon you may not have that option!


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