A Natural Deodorant That Doesn’t Stink!

If you are anything like me, you’ve probably tried at least a half dozen different natural deodorants to only find that they left you…smelly. NO ONE wants smelly armpits! No one.

Ok, so I’ve tried deodorant crystals but I think I would have had better results if I’d rubbed a rock from my driveway under my arms. Also tried a ton of different brands that turned out to just be the roll on version of the infamous deodorant crystal. I gave Tom’s and Arm & Hammer brands a try. They all left me smelly and sweaty. I’m already a hot mess most of the time. No need to add stinky, wet pits to all that.

I was truly excited to discover how well Taylor’s PITS! Natural Deodorant worked. Plus I liked the smell. They do have an unscented version, but I’m a scent junky so that isn’t my thing lol.

Why use natural deodorants in the first place? 

You may have read about deodorants containing aluminum being linked to breast cancer and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. I want you to know that I have not been able to find any reputable studies that back this up. What I CAN tell you is that so much of our world is over processed and genetically modified… from the foods we eat to the cosmetics we put on our bodies. I feel like if there is a place that we can do a little better for ourselves, our families and our planet…why not try it?

I received Taylor’s PITS!, Hippie PITS! and PITS! Deodorant Spray to review. All opinions expressed are 100% honest and true.

Taylor’s website states that their natural deodorants provide up to 18 hours of protection. I agree with that. If I applied in the morning, I was always safe till the following morning.

If we are being totally honest, I’m going to confess that I’ve given up showering on a daily basis since I became a SAHM. It’s just not something that I want to get up early or miss a small nap to squeeze in. Because of that, I want to share one thing. You can’t just apply more PITS! the next morning without any washing. It won’t work. If you aren’t going to shower you at least need to do a good cleaning with a wet wash cloth and soap. Then apply your PITS! Natural Deodorant. Not a big deal at all. But I thought worth a mention in case anyone else is also on the “I don’t shower every single day” train.

Even though the jar seems small, it actually lasts a really long time. A little goes a long way. And I’m not even that light at applying it and my jars still lasted about two months. That makes the price per jar ($8.50) about what I normally spend on deodorant anyway. Another thing about the containers…

Taylor’s uses packaging for their products that they call “infinitely recyclable”. I love that! All of their products arrive either in glass jars or recycled aluminum containers.  So awesome to see an Earth conscious company.

Their products are made in the USA.  If you follow me, you know I really LOVE that! The deodorant’s main ingredients are made from a local organic farm right in Hawaii!

Consistency is smooth and creamy. But disappears when you apply.

Consistency is smooth and creamy. But disappears when you apply.

I mentioned above that I LOVE the Hippie PITS scent. Like LOVE it! I think it’s the Patchoulli EO it contains. Makes me feel like I’ve really connected  with my inner earth goddess. I know I’ve said love a lot. But this stuff deserves it!

Other available scents are:

“SHE” Scents:
SUPER Fresh! EO blend: Lavender, orange, tea tree, clary sage
Vanilla Grapefruit EO blend: Pure vanilla bean extract, grapefruit
Pumpkin EO blend: Cinnamon, clove
Keepin’ it Fresh MINT EO blend: Peppermint
Hippie PITS EO blend: Patchoulli, rosemary, lavender, tea tree
Rose Vanilla EO blend: Pure vanilla bean extract, rose geranium
“HE” Scents:
Feelin’ Woodsy EO blend: Balsam fir, rosemary, tea tree, clary sage
Lemon Cedarwood EO blend: Lemon, cedarwood

Everything is organic, vegan and cruelty free. The ingredients used are:

Shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, calendula, chamomille, lemon balm, comfrey root, Hawaiian (BIG Island) macadamia nut oil, virgin coconut oil, baking soda (aluminum FREE), arrow root, essential oil blends.

I’m not even sure if this stuff is meant to stop sweating. I don’t think it is. But I can tell you that my pits were NEVER sweaty when I used it. I know some of you may be wondering, so I just wanted to share my experience.

I want to quickly mention that I did try the spray but found it was more like an air freshener for my pits. And I didn’t really need it because the PITS! deodorant worked so well. What I did really like using the PITS! Deodorant Spray for was as a foot mister after a long hot day. It felt super refreshing!

If you are looking to grab some, you can find Taylor’s PITS! Natural Deodorant at My Sweet Pickles for only $7.50 a jar!

Have you ever used any of Taylor’s products? Maybe their BALM! Baby Rash Cream or the deodorants? What did you think? Was it love?


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16 Responses to “A Natural Deodorant That Doesn’t Stink!”

  1. Dandi D Says:

    I’ve never tried natural deodorant before, but it sounds like something I should look into!


  2. JoB Says:

    Some of the ingredients in conventional deodorants and antiperspirants are so harmful! Natural is so much better for us – add in effective and I’m sold – I like the brand I’m using, but my siblings are allergic to the hops – curious to try this out and see if they can use it too!


  3. Sandra Caballero Says:

    I want to try this.


  4. heather walborn Says:

    I have been so nervous to try a natural deodorant but I have heard great things about this one! I might have to break the bubble & try it


  5. Natasha Says:

    Wow this sounds great. Ive wanted to try a more homemade deodorant. Thanks for this


  6. Deborah D Says:

    I have been looking for a natural deodorant to use. I will have to try this brand.


  7. Amanda Jordan Says:

    This is the next natural deodorant that I’ll be trying. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.


  8. Amber Ludwig Says:

    Need to try this!! I have put every natural deodorant to the test and every one has failed…. ugh. Only ever since having my son!! Why is motherhood so stinky lol?!?!


  9. katie Says:

    I’ve been using the pit stick and I love the vanilla grapefruit scent, I’ve also used their mad rash on my daughter’s skin and it works wonders.


  10. Jill Paxton Says:

    I will try this one! I have tried SO many, and I actually really like the spray Crystal Essence one. For some reason the actual Crystal hasn’t worked on me in the past, but the spray works great. But I do like to mix it up, so I will try this one, too. My husband can’t use any ones with baking soda in it, as it irritates his pits after a few weeks. I’ve heard the same complaint from others.


  11. Jessica Cooper Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve been curious to try natural deodorant, but I’m also really sweaty and figured I needed an antiperspirant. I’m also on the “doesn’t take a daily shower” train so I’m glad you shared that info.
    I do want to know something though. How long was your trial for this deodorant? A week? A few days? And when did you stop using the big brand unnatural deodorants?


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      I’ve used it for three months. Once in a while I put on regular secret. But 95% of the time it’s PITS! I’m very confident to recommend this product. :)


  12. Jennifer Reinhardt Says:



    • Trisha W. Says:

      Jennifer, it looks like your little one may have typed your reply to Jessica. =) I too was curious how long you used Taylor’s deodorant for and what the weather was like in your area during your evaluation. I’m looking to try a new, non-aluminum, deodorant and want it to be a good fit for our hot summer weather. Thanks!

      P.S. Does the shop in your link ever offer discount codes?


      • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

        lol! I’ve used it for three months about 95% of the time. Once in a while I still use secret. I’m not a heavy, heavy sweater. But I didn’t find that I sweat all that much when I switched from my 48 hour secret to this. I say for the 7 or so dollars it’s worth a try. As far as sales, Earth day is coming up and many, many shops have sales. I’m sure this one will as well.


        • Trisha W. Says:

          Thank you for the response. Like you I’m not a heavy sweater but I used to like and use antiperspirants. Since I became aware of the hazards of using such a product, I’ve been trying to find a new deodorant. I’ve learned I’ll just have to get used to having wet pits when it’s hot but I want to be sure I don’t stink. =)


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