A review of my FAVORITE wool dryer balls: Littlebugfelt! {Plus giveaway}


Last week I shared with you a few tips to get your cloth diapers to dry faster and more efficiently. One of the things I mentioned was wool dryer balls. I want to tell you a little more about wool dryer balls and share my FAVORITE ones with you, Littlebugfelt.

I love my dryer balls and I think, like shoes and cloth diapers, you can never have too many!!! Just kidding! Ok maybe you can have too many, at least 6-8 is probably a good place to start. I actually have twice as many in my dryer with no problem and great results.

I have been using wool dryer balls since I started using cloth diapers because that is when I first heard about them. Many of the ones I use have been tumbling around in my dryer for over 18 months. And not just with my diapers, they stay in there for every load of clothes as well!

Wool dryer balls are natural and hypoallergenic. They can help to make laundry items feel softer, more voluminous and wrinkle free. Many claim that wool dryer balls reduce static, but I don’t really find that is the case. They should last through approximately 1,000 washes, which is MANY years of use. So while they seem more expensive than a box of dryer sheets, you have to take into account how many uses you can get out of them.

Their main claim to fame is faster drying. They do this by speeding up the drying process by bouncing around and between your cloth diapers and clothes allowing for better hot air flow. There are claims of items drying 25% faster for large loads and as much as 40% faster for small loads.

I don’t know what a small load is, so I cannot attest to that! Really though, there isn’t any scientific evidence I could find to back this up. However, what I could find was anecdotal evidence of thousand’s of moms saying that they work. I am one of them! Who are we to dispute that many moms?

While these come unscented, you can add fragrance to them at home if you prefer. All you need to do is add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the surface and make sure the oils are well soaked in and the ball is dry before using in the dryer. The fragrance will wear off eventually, so you would just need to reapply!

The only cons I can find in using wool dryer balls is that my daughter wants to try and pull them out of the dryer to play with them! Some people also claim that they are a little noisy in the dryer as they tumble. But I don’t find it to be all that much louder than a normal load.


I have found that all wool dryer balls are not created equal. The smaller and lighter balls didn’t really seem to make a difference in anything at all. And the smaller they get the more easily they get stuck in everything. Like stuck up all the way at the end of a sleeve! That is why Littlebugfelt Wool Dryer Balls are my favorite.

Littlebugfelt is owned by WAHM Sarah Stebulis. I asked her to tell us a little about herself and Littlebugfelt.

I’m Sarah, mom of two crazy boys who loves to create! I started Littlebugfelt a few years ago as an outlet and something fun to do while holding down the home front.  I’ve always been a lover of crafting and bargain hunting… Yard sales and flea markets are my favorite places! I love reusing and making new things out of the old, and that’s what I do at LBF! I upcycle materials to make new and useful things! I love working with wool and woven wrap scraps especially! Wool dryer balls are one of my favorites, made with up cycled wool cores; I’m able to make each batch fun and different by playing and experimenting with color!

All of my wool dryer balls have held up very well and I expect that to continue. They do become slightly felted over time, but that just helps them to work better. I believe that the Littlebugfelt balls work so much better because of their size and slightly heavier composition. These are the prettiest dryer balls I have seen because they aren’t just solid colors. Her customer service is awesome as well. Last but not least, Sarah also has these very reasonably priced!

I have four different kinds of wool dryer balls and here is how they compare (WAHM #2 not pictured):

size comp

Littlebugfelt:             10”-11”                       2.8 oz

Woolzies                    9”                                1.4 oz

WAHM #1                  8”                                1.6 oz

WAHM #2                  8”                                1.8 oz

I will say it again; this is not backed up by scientific evidence. Just my experience and my opinion. But once I started using the Littlebugfelt dryer balls. I truly started to see a difference in drying time and softness in my cloth diapers. Yes, I do have more than 6 balls in my dryer so that probably plays some part in it.

I recommend that if you are looking to try wool dryer balls that you give Littlebugfelt a chance. You will not regret it!

Sarah has been kind enough to offer a FREE set of 3 Littlebugfelt wool dryer balls! Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter! Good Luck!

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    Love the beanies. Dying to try the dryer balls!


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    Love the large market bag! It would be perfect for my knitting!


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    I almost ordered woolzies, these are So much better


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    I tried making my own. They’re better than nothing, but frequently unravel. Winning this giveaway would be a great way to end the day. The last tent for my full blown circus arrived today and we’re two toddlers away from hoisting it up.


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    Lots of nice things. I definitely like the dryer balls.
    My Best Friend and Me Hair Clip Set, Made from Upcycled KoKaDi Dragon Scales woven baby wraps. These are adorable too. Ty


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    I like the bib necklace: Unique Bib Necklace from Upcycled Girasol Gothic by littlebugfelt


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