A Sweet Diaper Cover From Sweetpea Diapers

by Grateful for Grace

Cloth diapering breeds some interesting groups.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Many, many people prefer to use prefolds.  It’s almost like prefold users are a subculture within the cloth diapering community.  In a good way.  ;-)

I’m not a fan, though.  I know, I know… don’t throw tomatoes (or dirty diapers) at me.

They are the first kind of cloth diaper I used (ten years ago) and though I stuck with them until my son potty trained, if all-in-ones had been around, I would have dropped the prefolds quicker than you can say Diaper Sprayer.  Ok, that, coupled with a cover that leaked more often than I liked (I won’t bad mouth the cover since it was ten years ago) made things less than desirable.   BUT I’ve reverted back to cloth and am glad.

BUT… if you are looking for an easy cover… I have one for you.

Sweet Pea Diaper

This one size diaper cover was easy to use and didn’t leak one time.  How’s that for an endorsement?

The Sweet Pea Diaper Cover has snaps.  Plenty of them.  Even though my son is over three, the diaper was roomy enough for it to be snapped down for the rise fit (though I didn’t think of it for awhile… ahem… I always assume a 32lb 3yo wears a one size diaper in the largest fit).  Not many diapers can claim that.

The snaps are easy to do, but my son can’t unsnap them.  A nice feature for any baby that wants to ‘help Mama’.

Even at his size and age, the waist fit was not at the widest setting.  The waist elastic was also snug, but not tight fit.  The elastic at the back works just great.  No marks were left on his precious belly or adorable legs.

The leg casings are covered and the gussets… well, I like gussets.  Do you know why I like gussets?  Because gussets keep the poop where it belongs… in the diaper cover and not on the clothes.

Sweet Pea Diaper Cover’s gussets did just that.  Even though I had to use a new diaper almost every time instead of putting a new liner in. (I used RagaBabe and Rumparooz liners and Flip disposables, in case you were wondering… and I know you die hards were)

Although the inside of the cover is wipe-able, inevitably my son got poop on the gussets and I’m just not that dedicated to wipe and wipe.  Even when soiled, the cover didn’t leak or wick.

The PUL is soft and the cover is available in cute colors, including the new hip black!  This diaper is in our rotation, though I prefer all in ones for their ease of use.  Sweet Pea Diaper Cover works great.  If you have a few liners that you don’t get around to much because you use all-in-ones or stuffable diapers, consider adding a Sweet Pea Diaper Cover.

I was also able to test out Sweet Pea Diaper’s All in Three awhile back.  Wee Babe was younger (the diaper was a smaller size) since it was about a year ago.  The diaper was stuffable and worked pretty well, but didn’t have gussets.  Sweet Pea Diaper have revamped their all in ones and they sound great.

I like that this company donates cloth diapers to those in need through Babies in Cloth and to a child development clinic in Lithuania.

You can buy these great covers online and the price is very reasonable. (I have linked to different stores throughout the post. Stores linked are US stores however there are quite a lot more Canandian retailers.)


15 Responses to “A Sweet Diaper Cover From Sweetpea Diapers”

  1. Jessica C. Says:

    I didn’t know they donate diapers! That’s grat! These covers sound great; I’ll have to give them a try.


  2. Sam Says:

    How thick was the pul compared to flip covers? Blueberry covers?


  3. Trish Says:

    Hi Autumn! I’m new to cloth diapering. I’m actually just trying out a bunch of different diapers right now and am agonizing over which ones I want to buy for my 11 month old. I’ve decided that I would really just like a simple (and budget-friendly) all-in-two system for day time use (thinking about doing pockets for nighttime). I’ve tried Best Bottoms and though I’ve had no leaks with them, the fit seems awkward. So, now I’ve been going back and forth between the Flip and the Thirties Duo Wrap. I like the Flip cover, but not fond of the suede cloth insert. I’m wondering what a good alternative insert would be. I also like the Thirsties Duo Wrap size 2 – I would use them with inserts though (most likely the Thirsties Duo Insert) because I am not really into using prefolds, flats, or fitteds. I just came across this review you posted on the Sweet Pea cover and now that is another option…mainly because I really like the price! Just wondering how it compares to Thirsties Duo Wrap and Flip covers, and would they also work well with lay-in inserts? What lay-in inserts do you recommend? I prefer stay dry, but could try organic.


  4. Kamya Says:

    Hi Autumn!
    God bless your Amazing site, andoutstanding passion and dedication to a great cause!
    I have been CDing my 2 boys, ages 3 and 1. (prefolds, flip covers and inserts, fuzzibunz, thirsties covers). My older one still wears diapers at night. I have to get some new covers for him. I use a flip insert, with a prefold beneath. Any suggestions on covers for a close to 35lb child? All diapers seem to have 35lbs as the largest weight.


  5. Erin Says:

    Please, please give prefolds a try again!! :) But, you have to go with Green Mountain Diapers’ brand Cloth-eez! They don’t require extra folding down and are crazy absorbent. I LOVE to use one brown edge to stuff my pockets at night time vs. 2 microfiber inserts. They don’t hold the urine smell like inserts and I don’t ever have to use extra laundry boosters (Bac-out, BG spray…etc) b/c they are so easy to clean. But…my favorite reason of all is that they will rarely ever leak!! (unless you leave it on way too long, of course) We just use Bummis, Thirsties & RAR covers and have never had any problems. Even on a newborn, we only had one or two leaks, and all the way up to potty training have had no more leaks. Pfs mean no repelling, which means no stripping and also less dirty clothes & linens to wash.


    • Stephanie Says:

      Erin- thanks for posting this. I have been CDing for 6 mos and started with microfiber. I have since been adding organic cotton and am amazed at how well they absorb. All of these posts about repelling, stink, ammonia problems, what detergent to use, they make my head spin!! Can’t we keep it simple? The one thing I like about microfiber is that my baby doesn’t wake up wet and cold in the middle of the night. Do you have this issue using cotton?


      • Erin Says:

        Stephanie – pocket diapers do have that advantage of keeping your baby drier. However, adding a fleece liner does the trick. I find remnants of fleece quite inexpensively from walmart or any fabric store and then cut it up according to the size I want. Then, just lay it on top of the prefold. We usually save pockets for nighttime for that reason, but do prefolds with fleece, too. Since stuffing our pockets at night w/prefolds, though, for some reason we don’t have leaks anymore either. I just think it allows the diaper to fit more comfortably and sit against the skin in a less-bulky way.


        • Sommer Says:

          I second using a fleece topper. We use them every night up against my son’s skin to keep him dry while wearing a cotton fitted diaper to bed and it works great!! Cheap and easy to use and wash too.


    • Jessica S. Says:

      WHat does RAR stand for>?


      • Erin Says:

        RAR is for Rumparooz. They just came out with a ‘two-size’ cover, similar to Thirsties Duo-Wraps. I like it, it’s very high quality!


  6. Jessica S. Says:

    Hi there, I am new to CD. I have been reading everything I can on your site. Thank you for your dedication and desire for CD. I’m 23, FTM, and I’m due the second week of June. I’m super excited about CD, but honestly at the same time I’m a wee bit nervous. I’m defiantly past the part of what friends and family say, I’m down to what works and what doesn’t. I have learned from you and others that a lot of the choice comes down to the size of my baby. I think he’ll be average, whatever that means, lol. Well first question is what is the all around differences between AIOs and diapers like the Sweet pea. I myself decided to go with prefolds and covers, and honestly the main reason is cause I took it as it is the cheapest choice. We don’t have a lot of money to spend, at all, so I;m pretty much looking for cheapest yet doesn’t leak.( I really don’t want to experience the leaking.) I hear you say you like the AIO the best, my question on that is, after the baby has peed or pooped, dont you have to put the whole thing in the hamper? So wouldn’t you have to buy more of these AIO? I made a registry at Jilliansdrawers.com, and I also put a few diapers on my Target registry, do you think you could possible check out these two registries and tell me what you think of the choices, quantity, etc. ?
    Also what is a soaker?? I haven’t fully got that one. Is it just to soak up more like at night time?




    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Soaker: a) wool cover that looks like underwear (not shorties or longies) b) the absorbent part of the cloth diaper (whether it be a snap in, sewn in or quick dry)
      Doubler: an added soaker for extra absorbency

      Yes, if using an All in ONE then the whole diaper gets washed when wet. If using an All in TWO or a hybrid then you simply change out the soaker and reuse the shell.


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