Alimama Dolcito All in One Review and Giveaway

Having a new baby opens up many opportunities to try new diapers. While I already have my favorites, I do love getting to see what else is out there. Alimama, a Canadian cloth diaper company,  was one that contacted me. Because their diapers are designed to fit from 10 pounds, I couldn’t use it right away. But I was looking forward to it because it seemed like such a trim diaper, which I always love!

I received a  Alimama Dolcito (all-in-one) for review. All opinions expressed are honest and true. My first impressions where that all materials used were of high quality, the workmanship seemed to be good and the print was super cute!

The Alimama Dolcito is designed to fit from approximately 10-35 pounds and is made of an organic cotton and bamboo rayon sewn-in soaker with a PUL waterproof outer. It also includes one additional absorbent booster made from organic cotton and hemp.

I found that it didn’t really start fitting Norah until around 12 pounds. I think this was due to the lack of crossover snaps. I couldn’t get the waist tight enough to get a good fit. But this is a typical of one size diapers. They are designed to fit most, not all.

This is a very trim diaper, even when worn by Norah, who is now just shy of 16 lbs. At that age, one size diapers are often still quite bulky. It’s also very absorbent which is always a nice combo. I haven’t used it overnight yet but it held up amazing during a few marathon napping sessions. And for a four month old who likes to eat that is sayin’ something.

The diaper is designed with what the Alimama site calls a polyester stay dry inner. I found it to work well keeping moisture away from Norah’s bottom. One thing to note is that the inner was quite pilly considering I’ve only been using it for a few months. However, it is just cosmetic and has no effect on function.

Overall, I liked how well this diaper performed. I felt like it was easy to get a good fit. And even though my sewn in insert didn’t agitate itself out (and I don’t dig in dirty diapers) it still washed up well. But this may also be because my daughter is only 4 months old and diapers at this age tend to be easier to clean anyway. I can update you in the future as I continue to use the diaper.

One thing that sort of drove me nuts was that the rise snaps didn’t stay snapped in the wash. It is the only diaper that I have this problem with. So I would reach for it and it would be the size of a toddler diaper. So far I’ve been lucky and was able to get it snapped down before Norah wet down the changing table. But I do wish it stayed snapped in the wash.

I feel Alimama is a new and upcoming cloth diaper. Being made in Canada with free Canadian shipping is also a great thing. If you are hunting for trim, absorbent all in ones…the Alimama Dolcito might be worth looking into.

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3 Responses to “Alimama Dolcito All in One Review and Giveaway”

  1. Veronica Rios Says:

    My daughter is 19 months old and 19lbs, very lean & petite. I love cute Aios on her. They just make life so much easier… considering the fact that I am one of those mother’s who unsnaps & unstuffs every diaper before it goes in the wash just to make sure it gets really clean.


  2. Rena Gilliam Says:

    These look like they would be an awesome fit, and I love the pattern.


  3. Amber Ludwig Says:

    Oooh I like the trim fit!! My kiddo was so lean that I felt like everything struggled to fit him!!


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