All About Cloth Diapers 5 Year Blogiversary Giveaway


On March 3, 2008, All About Cloth Diapers made its debut into the then scarcely populated world of cloth diaper blogs.

I can still recall with crisp clarity how it all came to be.

My husband and I were on a road trip to see our friends in Oklahoma…the same friends that convinced me to cloth diaper back in 2005.

As we drove in the night my husband, a natural entrepreneur, suggested that I turn my obsession for cloth diapers into a business.

Of course I doubted my ability and the market, I mean who wants to read about cloth diapers??

But, having nothing else to do we brainstormed for 2 hours over potential blog names.  After all, I couldn’t go down this road until it had a name!

I remember voicing the ideas “report” and “news” but those were being used.  We knew it needed the words “cloth diapers” in it and I prefer to have a single focus so out came “All About Cloth Diapers”.  Simple, explanatory, no room for confusion.  It fit me well.

I’ve had ups and downs with my motivation and inspiration over the years but your continued need for answers keeps me going.

I’m always amazed at the never ending source of information to blog about.  Washing woes never end.  No cloth diaper works perfectly for two siblings…at least for me.  And the creativity never peaks!  More and more cloth diaper brands and styles are released every year making the buying decision that much more complicated.

Five years ago I penned my 2nd blog post titled 6 Reasons Why Cloth Diapers Are Making a Comeback.  How fun it was to read over that article!  I could use those 6 reasons today with a bit of tweaking to the text.

  1. Internet
  2. Style
  3. Availability
  4. Increased Environmental Concerns.
  5. Greater Interest in Healthy Choices.
  6. Ease of Use.

If those reasons were true 5 years ago they are exponentially TRUER today! (bunny trail: truer is a word but how much more true can true be??)

World Internet usage grew by a billion users from 2008-2012.  A few of them are searching for information on cloth diapers.

Styles continue to be created.  Five years ago the hybrid, hybrid fitted and pocket hybrid fitteds didn’t exist!  When did the first All-In-Two come on the market? Something to research.

I’m a huge supporter of cloth diapers becoming available in big box stores.  The more available cloth diapers are the more they will be used.  Charlie Banana diapers are available in Target stores and that is AWESOME! BumGenius and gDiapers are available in many Whole Foods.  Yeah!!

On the local level many WAHMs are selling their diapers in consignment shops, farmer’s markets or clothing boutiques.  Cloth diaper exposure is growing.

Environmental and health awareness never stalls.  Research is constantly being cranked out proving how detrimental disposable diapers are to the planet and the body.

And last but not least, ease of use.  That is the driving force behind every new cloth diaper product.  How can we make it easier and better?  I love discovering creative ways moms and dads answer that question.

When All About Cloth Diapers began Paisley was 15 months old.  She made her debut on April 11, 2008, showing off the trimness of a folded flat.


The last 5 years you have seen me cloth diaper 3 newborns. Sterling, Camden and Finley! Camden modeled a great compilation of pictures of a newborn in cloth diapers.


I’m always grateful for your involvement in this journey.  Without your feedback and questions I’d quickly run out of steam.

To celebrate my 5 year blogiversary I want to give away some very special diapers.  Special why?

Ragababe and Little Fancy Pants are two of my favorite cloth diaper brands (I have several favorites!).  Ragababe AIOs are the main diaper I have used on Camden from the beginning.  More so the last 1 1/2yrs.  Little Fancy Pants became a favorite in the fall of 2012.

I humbly thank you for all your love and support and I look forward to another 5 years, Lord willing!

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About Autumn Beck

Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at

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404 Responses to “All About Cloth Diapers 5 Year Blogiversary Giveaway”

  1. suzanne Says:

    I have been following you for a about a year. I joined about 6 months before my daughter was born. I do a combination of cloth diapering and elimination communication. You and your blog have been so helpful and instrumental in my cloth diapering success!


  2. Elizabeth Wisniewski Says:

    I’ve been following about 8 months now, since I really got into cloth. Congrats to you!!!


  3. Megan Says:

    About 18 months! Discovered it before my daughter was born :) Very resourceful!


  4. Maria Says:

    I think I’ve been following since around 2010, when I figured out that other cloth diaper blogs existed. :-)


  5. Stacie Says:

    For about a year, maybe 2? :D


  6. Lauren mueller Says:

    For about 6 mos – since I got pregnant and became obsessed w cloth diapering :)


  7. Kristen Says:

    I’ve been following for about 3 months, ever since I made the decision that I will be using cloth diapers when my little guy arrives in June:)


  8. Randi Says:

    Sad to say I have only found you recently. Five kids, but new to cding – my now 12 month old was 6 months when I began, and put both her, and my now 2yr old into cloth. I’ve had ups and downs, but with reading the experiences, trials and tribulations from wiser moms like you, I’m in love with my babies’ big fluffy bums!!!


  9. Andrea R. Says:

    I’ve only been following for about a month. Started cloth diapering in August 2012, when DD was 2.5 months. Love it!


  10. Jessica Lingle Says:

    I have been following somewhere between 9 months to a year.


  11. Regina Says:

    I’ve been folowing on facebook for the past few months. Loving my 8 month old in cloth


  12. Erica Says:

    Your blog was a blessing when I first started researching cloth diapers!! I refer all my friends to your site when they decide to cloth diaper their children!


  13. Regina Says:

    Loving my cloth for the last 8 month old. I never thought I would be a cloth diaper person. Always grossed me out. Now I can’t imagine going back to all that waste. Thank you for your blog!


  14. nicole d Says:

    been following for about 2yrs


  15. Tara A. Says:

    Happy Blogiversary! Your site was a tremendous help to me when I first started researching cloth! :)


  16. Taylor W (taylor tayandbaby on Facebook) Says:

    I’ve been following about 6mon. My son is 3 1/2 months and has been cloth diapered from birth. Love your blog! I also follow on Facebook :)


  17. Alicia Barley Says:

    Thanks for all the information you have on your site! It is truly a great resource! Ragababe is by far my favorite and LFP is my night time diapers!!


  18. Brittney Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work, this site is a wealth of information!


  19. Heather Says:

    I’ve been following for about a year. You were the first resource I found when we were looking into cloth diapering! You do a great work!


  20. Bethany McKinley Says:

    About 6 months or so…since I started cloth-diapering.


  21. Aimee Says:

    I’ve been following for 3 months now! love all the information!


  22. Melissa Says:

    about six months i think


  23. Ameera Says:

    Not very long a couple months really :)


  24. Talia Says:

    I think I’ve been following for 9 months to a year. Thanks for all your hard work!


  25. Jill I Says:

    Been following only about six months- but so glad I found it!! Thanks!!


  26. Hannah B Says:

    I’ve been following for about six months…I think I landed here the first time when I was looking for info on Charlie Banana.


  27. Desireé Keener Says:

    I started following this blog when I was pregnant in the winter of 2012. It really helped me to wrap my mind around all the different types of diapers out there and how to use them. I was so incredibly lost and honestly thought that maybe I would keep it up for a week then go back to Disposables. Your blog kept me going. I love cloth diapering now. Thank you so much for that!


  28. Katherine Says:

    I’ve been following for about a year and a half and found your blog so helpful!!


  29. Sarah A Says:

    I believe anywhere from 6 months to a year. :)


  30. Francesca McC Says:

    I have been following for about 3 months…new to cloth diapering and I value the information you provide for us newcomers!


  31. Hilary Says:

    About 6 months! Love it. Thank you!


  32. Melissa Says:

    About 3 months.


  33. Heather Heslep Morrissey Says:

    I’ve been following you for about 2 and a half years, since about 6 months before my daughter was born when I was figuring out how to cloth diaper!


  34. Trisha W. Says:

    I think I’ve been following you for at least two years, but I’ve been CDing for 15. Happy Bloggy Birthday!


  35. Jessica V Says:

    I have been following for about 2 months.


  36. Lindsey Says:

    I started following when I was five months pregnant and wanted more info on cloth diapers! That was June ’12. I’m blessed to have randomly found you on google because you have provided the best information!!! Thank you!!!


  37. Melissa Says:

    Following for about 4 months! But I happened upon your site for information about a year ago!


  38. Kristie Says:

    Right around 8months I would say


  39. Sasha O. Says:

    Congrats on your blogiversary! I keep hearing about ragababes and would LOVE to try them out but I hear they are hard to get your hands on them. Anyways following your blog and LOVE it, have even mentioned it to my followers that may be interested in cloth!


  40. Akilah Milner Says:

    Your blog really helped put my mind to ease about CD! Going 2 weeks strong :)


  41. Marina Says:

    I have been reading your blog, Autumn, for nearly 2 years. Congrats on your 5 year anniversary!!


  42. Elizabeth Says:

    Congrats on such a long run!


  43. Shana Says:

    Just a few months, found you on DDL, and was amazed by your birth story recently!


  44. Kristin Says:

    Wow, I think its been about 4 years!! Through one singleton and a set of twins!


  45. Shannon S Says:

    I have been following All About Cloth Diapers for about four months. I visited the website while researching cloth and now I follow on facebook.


  46. Christy G Says:

    Not very long… Maybe a month or so.


  47. Jessica M Says:

    been following you for awhile. Love cloth but afraid to branch out and try new things. Would love to win! thank you for all your knowledge!


  48. Laura Says:

    I’ve been following This blog for about 1 month.


  49. Arwen Says:

    I’ve been following the blog for almost a year now. It has been such a great resource. I am a foster mom to three beautiful children, so my CD journey started out with two toddlers, then a newborn – very different experiences to say the least!


  50. Jill Mulhausen Says:

    I’ve been following ever since I was pregnant with DS#2 and looking for inspiration to follow my cloth diapering dreams. So, about a a year and half. :)


  51. Ryan Says:

    Only recently discovered your blog! But with a newborn quickly on his way, the knowledge I’ve already gained thanks to your posts is incredibly helpful. I hope to continue being a daily follower for many years to come! Thanks for what you do!!


  52. Jessica Says:

    I’ve been following the blog for about 6 months and always find such wonderful information


  53. Chelsea Martinez Says:

    So amazing! Thank you for helping our family dive right in!


  54. Jennifer Says:

    I found your blog about 9 months ago when I was having washing routine issues. Thanks for all the wonderful information!


  55. Jen Says:

    Gosh, hard to remember! Probably 1.5 to 2 years? It was even before I had internet at home and accessed it at the library.


  56. Laura Gerber Says:

    I love finding new diapers, and makers! Only been following for two months. We dived in head first and use cloth wipes and all cloth diapers even for night time. What was suppose to only be part time has really become a hobby and brought lots of fulfillment to me and my family :) keep up the good work!


  57. joy renée Says:

    So cool that you have been doing this for so long! I love cloth diapering so much more than I thought I would!


  58. Sandy Says:

    I’ve been CDing since the birth on my kido, 16 months ago. Your blog was one of the reasons I decided to do it. Thanks for all the help!


  59. Vanessa Says:

    I think about a year. Washing woes brought me, but I stay because I love all the information!


  60. Rain B. Says:

    Why are my comments all the sudden awaiting moderation? I’ve been commenting and subscribing for a months now? :( Did I do something to offend you?


  61. Elizabeth Says:

    We’ve been reading your posts for almost a year!


  62. Rain B. Says:

    Almost a year! I found the blog while I was pregnant and on bed rest with my 5 month old! It was so helpful! Thank you!


  63. Jenny Laux Says:

    I have been following for 2 years now :)


  64. Krista Says:

    Thank you for all the work you do. I have been reading your blog for a year and half now, when I started using cloth diapers.


  65. Jane BB Says:

    I’ve been following for two years now – I was pregnant with my first, knew I wanted to cloth, and was totally overwhelmed. Thanks to you and all of your great advice, research, recommendations, etc. that little boy is 18 months old now and still in cloth, and we are getting ready to CD another one upon his or her arrival about 6 months from now!


  66. Sahar Says:

    I’ve just started researching cloth diapers expecting my first and I love your blog. Its really encourage to a first time mom to be.


  67. Allison Says:

    Since I was pregnant with #1… that would be 3 years ago already!


  68. Brittany Says:

    Just started following, expecting my first baby next month


  69. Jenna Says:

    I have been following for close to a year! Great advice and information :)


  70. Rose Stading Says:

    Summer 2010 :)


  71. Katie Says:

    New to the blog and to cloth diapering. Baby #1 due April 2nd and will be starting cloth diapering then. Can’t wait to learn more


  72. Shani Says:

    I’ve been following since I was researching using cloth for my 5 month old – she is now 25 months and we are going to be using cloth on our newborn expected to arrive any day now!


  73. Kelly Says:

    I’ve followed this blog at least two years now!


  74. Heather B Says:



  75. Katie L Says:

    I think a few months but maybe longer I can’t remember


  76. rachel lewman Says:

    i am 16 weeks and so excited to find out gender in 4 more weeks so i can start on collecting cloth diapers


  77. Aimee Hofer Says:

    Ive been following for about 2 months. My son is now almost 2 weeks old. I have tried a few different diapers but im still looking for a good fit on my little man.


  78. Dacia Says:

    I discovered your blog when I first started thinking about using cloth diapers. Your blog made it feel possible and less overwhelming for me!


  79. Mindy at Grateful for Grace Says:

    I’ve been following AACD for … over three years.


  80. Claire Says:

    Hmmm I guess a little less than a year, from the time I met you!


  81. Dawn Says:

    Only a few months (firstborn is coming soon), but hopefully for another five years and beyond!


  82. Aylin Says:

    I’m expecting my first and love to read all the tidbits and advice!


  83. Erika Says:

    I have been following you for over 2 years, when I started cloth with my oldest.


  84. Laura Says:

    I’ve been following since I started using cloth bat 4 months ago. Your blog is my go-to whenever I have a question. Thanks so much! Here’s to another 5 years. :)


  85. Hayley Says:

    A few months after I found out I was pregnant! Almost four months now!


  86. Michelle Says:

    I have been following you for about 6 months….


  87. Agnes Says:

    I’ve been following the blog since summer 2008.


  88. Kristin Says:

    Happy 5 year blogiversary, Autumn! I’ve been following your blog since the spring of 2011, when I found out my daughter was on her way. Your blog has been a hugely valuable resource, both for learning about cloth diapers, and for info on related products (thanks to you I found Monkeyfoot Designs!). Keep up the great work, and thank you!


  89. Whitney Says:

    Happy anniversary! I can’t remember exactly when I started following, but it was sometime around early fall 2012. I was educating myself about CD’ing in preparation for DS’s arrival, which happened Oct 20 :)


  90. Rachel N Says:

    About 2 years. You have been a great resource for me.


  91. Shiree Martin Says:

    I have been following since spring/summer 2010, when I was pregnant with my 3rd child, but first cloth-diapered one!


  92. Andrea Says:

    Hi Autumn, Happy blogiversary! I’ve been following All About Cloth Diapers for about a year now. I’m due with my first baby in August and can’t wait to put your suggestions to use right from day one of my little one’s life outside the womb! Thank you for this fun and informative blog/resource.


  93. Teresa Says:

    I have been reading for 6 months , ever since I started cloth with my little one. I’m very thankful for all you do.


  94. Natasha Says:

    I’ve been following since we started cloth diapering in the fall of 2011.


  95. Lindsay Says:

    It’s been about a year now and i really love all the great info here! Thanks so much


  96. Amber Says:

    AUTUMN! You are the woman that convinced me to cloth diaper. My friends bugged me for the first few months of my son Matthew’s life and I finally started researching. I came across your website and was in LOVE with how helpful all of your posts were. I thought hell if she can cloth diaper and be an amazing mom to five kids (wasn’t six yet then), I can definitely do it. Thanks for always being there to answer all my annoying questions and getting me started on something that I am now so passionate about!


  97. Megan Says:

    About 6 months…a little before my dd was born. Love all the valuable info!


  98. Marguerite Samuel Says:

    I’ve been following for about a month and a half.


  99. Tabitha Says:

    I’ve been following all about cloth diapers for almost 2 years! Wow I didn’t realize until I had to think about it:) following since my daughter was about 1 1/2 she is now turning 3 and through the birth of my son who is now 6 months! Thank you for this awesome resource!!many blessings on your business!!


  100. Christine Says:

    I’ve been following for about 6 months. Thank you for all the great information.



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