All In One Cloth Diapers Comparison

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All-in-One Comparisons

I recently became quite the all-in-one (AIO) addict- I tried LOTS of different brands in a short amount of time. Some I loved from the moment I opened the package they came in. Others were a poor fit from the start. Keep in mind that every baby is different, so what works for one baby may not work for another.

Bum-Ware Extreme

Hands down, these are my favorite AIO diaper. They are an amazingly trim fit, the aplix is strong, the colors are great, and they’re surprisingly absorbent for such a trim diaper! They cover well in the bum area, I have no problem with wing droop or plumber’s crack, and I’ve had no wicking problems. Drying time is a bit long, but I usually dry them until they’re almost dry, and then finish up by hanging them overnight. They dry VERY well on hot with no shrinkage or changing of their shape. These are the diapers I choose when my son will be wearing dressy pants or jeans- they fit almost as trimly as a disposable!


I was surprised that these diapers held anything at all, given their cotton interiors. They’re a “no frills” diaper from the looks of them, but they’re very well-made. The absorbency is great for an all-cotton diaper. I was amazed by the way the laundry tabs are designed for the aplix- the velcro goes into a little pocket. At first I was annoyed by that, but then when I washed them, the aplix stayed where it was supposed to better than ANY of my other diapers. There are a couple of problems with the fit on these diapers, though. My son wears a medium as far as weight goes, but the medium rise is too short on him, and that causes the belly to roll in and the aplix would scratch his belly. Another problem was the inconsistency between the snaps and aplix sizes. The waist on the snapping ones is a lot bigger than the waist on the aplix. My little guy wasn’t able to wear the snaps at all- they were way too big around. If your baby has a small rise, and fits into one of the weight ranges, then these can work just perfectly! A little birdy told me the Blue Penguin company- the manufacturers- are considering doing a long version of their diapers. I will definitely be trying one of those! And in the soft organic cotton version they have!

Micro Doodlez

I like these AIOs a lot. They come in great colors and fun prints, and I find that the print ones are just as leak-proof as the solid colors. The fit is relatively trim, and they absorb a lot. I trust these as nap diapers with my super-soaker without a doubler, which is saying a lot for an AIO! I haven’t had a leak in these diapers. They take quite a while to dry, but I just dry them in one cycle and then hang them to finish up. There’s nothing phenomenal or surprising about these diapers, but I have 2 of them and can’t seem to let them go. They’re a reliable diaper, and well-made.


I had a couple of these diapers (the old version, I haven’t tried the new version) and I could never get them to work. My little guy has a chunky bum, and these diapers fit so trimly in the crotch area that it was like floss. * giggle * I don’t know how they fit on a slimmer baby, but they just didn’t work for us.

Green Acre Stuffable AIO

These diapers didn’t work for us, because my son pees right out the sides of side-snapping diapers. But I wanted to mention that I LOVED the design of them. I could turn these inside-out for drying, and the microfiber was only attached at the two ends, rather than all the way around. It allowed for a quicker drying- about the same as pockets and inserts- and also it seemed like the microfiber got cleaner that way. They were pretty trim, and if we could do side snaps, I would have loved these diapers!


Very cute diapers, and well-made. Unfortunately, because of the narrow crotch on them, I had the same “floss” experience I had with the Dream-Eze, so they weren’t a good fit for my little guy. I was also confused by the soakers- they didn’t seem to fit into the outer PUL, and I would think that would cause wicking even on a slimmer baby. But I can’t attest to that. :)

Mums Bums

I only have one of these, but it’s a great diaper. It’s not the trimmest, it’s not the most absorbent, but it works. I don’t trust it for naps or nighttime, but it’s a pretty reliable daytime diaper. The two soakers inside are sewn at one end, so it dries pretty quickly.


7 Responses to “All In One Cloth Diapers Comparison”

  1. Kelly F Says:

    Has anyone tried “bumGenius” or “FuzziBunz”? I was wondering how they compare. I want to try Cloth Diapers….. but I don’t want to buy multiple kinds. Just want to find a good one and stick with it. My son (7 months) currently poops out of Luvs and Parents Choice Walmart brand diapers.


  2. Malinda Says:

    I’ve tried the gdiapers and here is my 2 cents on them:
    I love the colors, and like that the cloth hits my son’s skin, not the liner. However, I use them with pre-folds, *not* the “flushable” inserts. This is for two reasons: #1 is that the inserts are only flushable if you rip them apart, which I’m not doing to something covered in poo. And #2 because the inserts are very expensive – more expensive than most disposibles.
    I do like the snap-in liner because I can keep them on hand pre-stuffed and changing is just a matter of un-snapping one and snapping in another. I’ve never had problems with leaks or anything like that.


  3. Stacy (again) Says:

    I’m the Stacy who wrote the AIO comparisons. :)

    I haven’t tried gDiapers- although I’ve been tempted to try them- they’re very cute! Although I hear that you can’t use them without a snap-in liner that comes with them, because the messes don’t stay contained. So from what I hear, it’s no easier than other types of cloth diapers.

    I’ve actually been using my lowly single Mums Bums for naps lately, to try it out. So far so good! I actually like the functioning of it. Although it’s not the trimmest, it is absorbent.


  4. Michelle Says:

    sorry, one more thing, i would prefer if mums bums came with snaps, occasionally the velcro would scratch my daughters tummy, but i never could find an AIO that had the snaps and bamboo and i’m telling you that bamboo lining is what does the job. they work even better if you put a hemp doubler or liner under the bamboo lining, and it doesn’t add to the bulk. :)


  5. Michelle Says:

    hi, i have to agree about dream eze, although if i made sure i changed her after 2 hrs we were fine and they were great for under jeans :)
    i love mums bums, do you have the ones with the bamboo lining?? i had a really big wetter and this was the only one that worked for us at nap time and not all nights but lots of nights she woke up dry and if not dry just a little wet at the sides, and i’m telling you she was a heavy wetter! the key is to make sure you have the bamboo lining, we have a few others with suede cloth and fleece and cotton and i’m sure that the times she woke up wet were due to her not having the bamboo ones on. also the bamboo ones, after using for almost a year are still soft and wonderful to touch :)


  6. Michelle Says:

    I’ve never even heard of some of these! But I love the pockets that GAD makes so I bet their stuffable AIOs would be good too! Different needs for different bums… I mean babes :)


  7. Rebecca Says:


    Thanks for posting this comparison of diapers. Has anyone tried the gdiapers? I am curious about them, if they work and are easy to use?

    Thank you.


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