An Excellent Gift Idea Plus Hints on HUGE Giveaways!

November 28, 2011

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As cloth diapering parents we are always looking for ways to encourage friends and loved ones to give cloth diapers a try.  There’s only so much we can say before they turn a deaf ear and roll their eyes.

But, what if you could give them a basic, easy to read, fact-filled book that would get them one step closer to taking the plunge??

Kelly Wels released a book this year called Changing Diapers: The Hip Moms Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering.

Kelly describes the different cloth diaper systems, overview of washing do’s and don’ts, why one would choose cloth diapers and on most pages you will find a text bubble containing a fact or funny tidbit (plus a whole lot more!)

It was a breeze to read through and I appreciated how Kelly focused on the big picture without overwhelming the reader.

It’s not hard for each of us to think back to that moment when we decided to give cloth diapers a try.  The huge unknown world of cloth diapers and all the “rules” was enough to almost turn me away.  You’ve read and faithfully responded to dozens of comments on this site that claim they tried cloth diapers but it just didn’t work for them or wasn’t at all economical.

With our experience and Kelly’s introductory guide we can convert many families to using cloth diapers!

If you didn’t snag a copy of Changing Diapers during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, hop on over to your favorite cloth diaper retailer or Amazon and pick up a book or 2!

Once you’ve converted a friend or 2 or 5, send them over here or to the Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapers where they can get in-depth answers to all their cloth diaper questions.

Is the budget to tight for new cloth diapers?

Check out the new site for buying and selling cloth diapers!

Did I say something about a giveaway???  Nope.  Actually I said giveawayS12 WHOLE days of GIVEAWAYS!!

2011 marks the beginning of a new tradition!  The 1st annual My Favorite Things event begins Monday December 5th and runs through Saturday December 17th.

Each day (yes, EACH day!) a new giveaway will go live at 7am cst and end at 10pm cst.  There will be a winner every day!

Giveaways will be run through Rafflecopter.  To determine if you are the winner for that giveaway simply go back to the giveaway post and check to see if your name is marked winner at the top of the Rafflecopter form.  Of course, I will also announce the winner on Facebook.

So, you want to know what the prizes are???

Here is just a small teaser…

One is red, white and woolly.

One is luxurious minky.

One is super hard to get.

Three make your skin soft and healthy.

There are nighttime solutions, trim-as-sposie all in ones, bamboo yumminess, pockets galore and a bag that makes me drool!

But, wait. That’s not all!  The grand finale, big daddy giveaway happening December 17 includes something that will make both mommy, daddy and baby happy!

I can’t wait for the fun to begin!! There’s nothing I love more than blessing others!

Please share this event with others!! Each day you will receive extra entries for blogging or linking back to All About Cloth Diapers in some venue.


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4 Responses to “An Excellent Gift Idea Plus Hints on HUGE Giveaways!”

  1. Maureen Says:

    I love giveaways!


  2. Rachael Says:

    I grabbed a “Changing diapers” on Friday, and I’m excited to get to read it.

    Fun! 12 days of giveaways! How holiday appropriate.


  3. Amy Says:

    I picked up one of these books for my friend who is due Dec. 9 and plans to CD. I flipped through it and decided to grab my own copy during the Black Friday sales. It is a great book for starters and also those of us who have been cding for some time now. I can’t wait to get my copy and really look through it in-depth.


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