An Exclusive Interview with Lotus Baby!

June 20, 2008

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Recently I had the opportunity to interview Sandra, designer and creator of Lotus Baby. Lotus Baby is one of the hot, up and coming fitted cloth diapers on the market today. With bamboo as the main fabric used and a one-size pattern it’s no wonder Sandra is quickly seeing the fruits of her labor. I am honored that she took a few moments from her busy sewing schedule to give us insight into how a mother of 2 began her journey.

Sandra has generously offered one of her diapers up for a lottery. After reading the interview post a comment letting us know what your “must have” aspect is to your favorite diapers. If you don’t yet have much or any cloth diapering experience, let us know what you diaper you would love to own. I will randomly choose a winner using a number generator on Monday morning.

Autumn: When did you start cloth diapering?

Sandra: When my son was 3 months old. August 2004.

Autumn: At what point in your cloth diapering did you decide to make your own?

Sandra: Almost right away as I found it so hard to find cloth diapers. I knew nothing about them or where to get them!!!

Autumn: How did you decide on a pattern? Did you buy one or design your own?

Sandra: At first I used a basic print off from the net, similar to the Kushies. They were ok but there were lots of things I didn’t like about them. So I started to alter it. Then after trying Motherease, I loved the flip down front and worked that into my pattern. I have been altering it to suit me ever since!

Autumn: What materials have you found to be the easiest to work with? Most absorbent? Worst?

Sandra: Flannel was great to sew with and comes in so many great prints but I dont find it to be super absorbent, so many layers were needed. Just over a year ago I started sewing with bamboo and love it!!!! It’s so soft and amazingly absorbent!

Autumn: When did you open your Hyena Cart? Lotus Baby Diapers

Sandra: I opened my cart in April 2008.

Autumn: What is your motivation for making cloth diapers for the public? Especially with all the frustrations and competition there is in the cloth diapering world?

Sandra: Well honestly I had a lot of friends like my diapers so I started to make them for friends. But then I realized, why dont I open up a site on the net to sell them to make some extra money.

It’s important for my hubby and I that I be home with our kids and we also would like to adopt in the near future so this helps us along that path. Plus I also enjoy sewing so it feels like easy work sometimes!

There is alot of competition, but I have learned that some people are not going to love your diapers and some will and I will market them for those that do. And when things get crazy i just try and let it roll off and focus on why I’m doing this.

Autumn: Do you make cloth diapers in order to help support your family or just for the extra spending money and satisfaction of making a mama smile?

Sandra: In the big scheme of things, yes Lotus Baby is to help my family pay for the costs of adoption. But I cannot leave out how good I feel when I get those emails from mama’s that love their Lotus Baby diapers! I’m happy, they’re happy so it’s a great feeling!!!

Autumn: Has it been more difficult, in your opinion, being a WAHM in Canada? (shipping, prices, distance…)

Sandra: Yes, I say it has been a bit more difficult. I don’t want to charge so much for shipping but I need to charge what it costs me. Also, shipping into the states can take a bit longer but through playing around I have found out that for $6.45 I can ship air mail(3-5 days) to the U.S.!! Thats great!!!! Plus, your diapers get there pretty quick!

Autumn: How would you describe your success goals for Lotus Baby diapers?

Sandra: I want Lotus Baby to continually be a business run from home, hand-made by Sandra and not mass produced. I want my customers to see the love that goes into these diapers and feel good about wrapping all the squishy goodness around their precious baby’s bottom!!

Autumn: What is your favorite cloth diaper and why?

Sandra: Oh this is a hard one!! My favorite diapers are wahm diapers. It is so hard to make a diaper perfect and it’s those tiny imperfections(if there are any) that I love. Maybe it’s a tiny snag in the fabric, or just an extra thread that didn’t get snipped. It’s a reminder to me that I supported a mama and her family and I think of all the hard work that went into making that one diaper. It makes me proud to put a WAHM diaper on my baby’s bottom.

If you would like to contact Sandra of Lotus Baby with further questions or information on custom diapers, you can email her at lotusbaby1 (at) (that’s .ca not .com!)



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9 Responses to “An Exclusive Interview with Lotus Baby!”

  1. Awesome Mom Says:

    I have found that I gravitate towards one sized diapers. I love that I can put either of my boys in the same diaper with out worry that I might have grabbed the wrong size. I would love to try a bamboo diaper.


  2. Jillian Says:

    A trim All-In One or a trim One-size is a must for my petite baby. If they are too bulky, her regular bottoms don’t fit over the diapers.


  3. Natalie Says:

    As a pp has said, my must have feature is a diaper that is super absorbent for my heavy wetter!! And softness for his sweet bottom is always a plus for me (and him), too! :)


  4. Christy Says:

    My must have is cute and squishyness:) – However, my lo only seems to be concerned about feeling dry. He screams as soon as he wets a fitted, and because they are so cute and I love them, I’ve learned to add a fleece liner to them so he can wear them comfortably


  5. Courtney Says:

    I love a diaper that is absorbent, yet trim. I have a hard time fitting some of the more bulky diapers under her clothes! Lotus Baby diapers look fab!


  6. Rachel Says:

    I am new to Cding, but what I have found is I like the OS with the velcro b/c I want to make it as easy on my hubby as possible. Thanks for the interview with Sandra…I liked what she said about the imperfections of wahm daipers.


  7. Alison Says:

    For my family the All-In-Ones are a must. Mostly when it comes to my husband changing the diapers. He doesn’t like to mess with which one needs a cover. He just wants to grab one item and be done. For me I like variety in my life, sometimes I feel like putting on an all-in-one and sometimes I love the fun prints of a fitted.


  8. rebecca Says:

    I would say my must have feature would be very absorbent for my super soaker, while staying trim as posible. My lo is so slim, all that extra bulk just seems uncomfortable.


  9. Marilyn Says:

    Oh how awesome! I’ve been dying to try one of Sandra’s diapers. They look absolutely adorable but I *NEVER* am around when any are in stock. Thanks for this interview… I think I learned a thing or two. :)

    I don’t know what my “must have” feature is, but if I have one it’s probably that it be one-size. I’m such a cheapskate that I have a hard time rationalizing the cost of sized diapers when I’ll just have to replace them soon. Particularly since my dd is so young and growing so fast. I love knowing that the diaper that I purchase will work for a good long time to come!

    (Dang, would I love to win this lottery.)


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