An Interview With a Unique, High Quality Cloth Diaper Boutique

May 2, 2011

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Piccoli Sogni. Unique name for a unique boutique.

I recently interviewed Eliana Lobb owner of Piccoli Sogni to discover just what the name is all about and what makes her store different.

For starters, what does Piccoli Sogni mean?

Translated from Italian, it means “Little Dreams”.  I chose that name because those two words together held so many different meanings — all of them important and appropriate for both my customers and I.  I thought of other names, but none of them came close.

Little dreams — my children are my dreams come true…little dreams — babies are small bundles of dreams…little dreams — sometimes it’s ok to dream small and dream of a cute outfit or a cute bow…little dreams — this store is one of my little dreams realized.

Tell us about your family and how you ventured into the world of cloth diapers.

I am a stay at home mother of two (a 4 yr old girl and 2 yr old boy).

I had thought briefly of cloth diapering my first, but was turned off by the idea of diaper pins, bags of smelly icky poop sitting out for a diaper service and, without further thought bought disposable diapers for their velcro tabs and easy on/easy off.

However, I tried every brand of disposable and delt with chronic rashes, hives all over, and even broken down diapers sticking to her skin.  Trying to figure out why she had hives and why those little “diaper crystals” wouldn’t wash off, I read everything I could on the disposable diaper sites and found out that her reaction was completely normal and would stop once she got used to the fragrance/dye used and that the “crystals” were also harmless as they have the same composition as the make-up adults use!

So when I was pregnant with my son, no longer scared at the thought of handling poop 24/7, I became determined to learn as much as I could about cloth diapers and was very prepared to figure out how to use diaper pins.

To my utter shock, I discovered that cloth diapers were in no way what I thought.  I was amazed at all the options I had with velcro, snaps, covers, one-size…and then to find that all I had to do was dump them in the washer and use them again!  No more diapers upon diapers in the landfill!  I was hooked….and then I found custom-made cloth diapers and was in love — I just had to let other people know.

Why did you get into the business of selling cloth diapers?

I had often thought of opening a store and since becoming a parent I knew it had to be a children’s store, but once I started cloth diapering my son I knew I had found what I wanted to sell:  unique, eco-friendly, handmade products that were functional, safe, affordable and of course adorable.

What makes your product unique?

I would say my cloth diaper products are not only comfortable, reasonably priced, well-constructed, but they are also one-of-a kind.

The cloth diapers, diaper covers, and soakers are individually made by either Megan (from the Bunnyfeet Boutique) or Bonnie (from Holden’s Landing) in the USA.  The handknit longies (from individually dyed lots of wool bought from small local family farms) are made by Melanie of EweWearEms in Canada — no 2 knit items are ever the same.  In fact, most of the items are custom made for my store so that they can be paired with other products from my store to create an entire head-to-toe outfit.

What is your favorite product you sell?

It’s really hard to decide what my favorite product is.  I have such a hard time choosing, I usually order a large selection so I don’t have to.

I love the softness of Bonnie’s hand dyed obv diapers and I think the embroidered soakers are the cutest I’ve ever seen….I adore knitting so I can really appreciate all the skill and hardwork put into all of Melanie’s knit items (plus the wool is sooo soft).

Although my kids are no longer in diapers, my son still wears at almost 3 the same pair of longies since he was 9 months old (how’s that for stretch!) and he’s been getting a lot of use out of Megan’s pocket trainers and currently Rebecca’s (her HandFull line of clothing) handmade organic undies (he says they are the comfiest ever and he skips over his elmo undies to wear the organic ones first).

To quote Melanie (EweWearEms), each handmade item I sell represents a “HUGE network of people coming together to make well crafted items with value and integrity. ”

What would advice would you give new parents?

Don’t get drawn in by old stereotypes and public reaction on cloth diapering in the first place.  Do all the research they can and decide for themselves.

Sometimes disposables are the best choice for parents, sometimes cloth.  Cloth diapering nowadays can be rather intimidating, so if the parents are unsure, just try out a style of diaper before buying a set or system so that if that diaper doesn’t work, they can try a different one.

At first I used the pocket one-size, then my diapering needs and preferences changed and I gradually switched to fitted with covers.  It was easier and considerably less expensive to make the change gradually then to buy all pockets and find that fitted worked better or vice-versa.

Info:  Piccoli Sogni Children’s Boutique

Anyone visiting me on FB or contacting me directly will get 15% off their order when they mention “all about cloth”

Ladies, (this is Autumn) Piccoli Sogni really is unique.  If you haven’t discovered Holden’s Landing you are in for a treat! Many “expert” cloth diaper mom’s sing the praises of Holden’s Landing.  They are very absorbent, exquisitely made and gorgeous.

I’ve taken the time to go through all of Eliana’s products and I am very impressed with her choices.  I can pick up a Bum Genius anywhere but at Piccoli Sogni I’ve discovered that I can find the hidden gems.

Holden’s Landing Bedbugs

Holden’s Landing fitteds

Fleece Soakers and Covers

Handknit Longies by EweWearUms


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  1. Erin Says:

    Have you heard of/thought of interviewing Stacy Shinas from Jack Be Natural ( They are a newish cloth company, and they are very quickly growing!!


  2. Annaliza Says:

    How ironic! I just ordered some Bunnyfeet Boutique trainers (not from Piccoli Signi). I was really excited to try them. Now after reading this article I am just chomping at the bit to get my custom trainers.


  3. Stephanie LS Rivers Says:

    Amazing website and cloth diapers! Thanks so much for sharing them with us and for arranging the discount!


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