Anne Marie Padorie Cloth Diapers: A review

This is probably the most requested review I receive.  After I wrote the Apple Cheeks review I was flooded with questions about the comparison of the two.

Well, here it is!

This review came about because of the generosity of Vicky of Ottawa Cloth Diapers.  I don’t know what is in the water up there in Canada but Canadian cloth diaper mamas are prolific!  Vicky allowed me the chance to try out the Anne Marie Padorie All-In-One and a one-size pocket.


The Anne Marie Padorie (AMP) AIO has a sewn in soaker.  I have reservations about this diaper because of this feature.  In the past when I have used an AIO with an internal soaker I have had major stink issues with the accompaning rash.

However, after using this diaper in a small rotation (which means I use it every other day) over the past month I have yet to have a problem with ammonia smells.  After every wash and dry I take a big wiff :) to make sure it smells clean.

The fit and trimness of the AMP AIO is one that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  You know what I mean? There are those diapers that require pulling, tugging, stuffing, tucking… It just feels so simple to put on a diaper with no fuss.

As far as absorbency goes, I’ve left an AMP AIO on Sterling for 4 hours with no leaks.

The color palate is pleasant as well. I have a brown PUL with blue fleece inner AIO (chocolate charlie).  I like the combination and appreciate that there are a couple of AIOs with fleece option other than white.


The Anne Marie Padorie pocket is a one-sized diaper.  I like that it is one size.  I also like the stretchiness of the elastic used.  Where I had problems with Apple Cheeks fitting Sterling’s thighs, the AMP allows for a better fit.

I love, love, love how trim this pocket diaper is.  I use the AMP organic bamboo insert which is a flat that you trifold.  This allows for great absorbency without the bulk.

The pocket opening is in the front which allows for a mess-free removal of the insert.  I expressed to Vicky that I didn’t like that the insert doesn’t come out in the wash.  Her reply has changed my thinking on leaving inserts in the diaper to fall out in the wash.

I wonder if your inserts wash as well if you leave them in – even when they come out, my question is when do they come out in the cycle??  That might effect how clean they get.  Just a thought??

Needless to say, I’ve been removing my inserts after diaper changes.

I have not experienced any wicking.  The trifolded insert allows for complete coverage which prevents the wetness from passing right to the leg elastic.  Don’t you hate it when you are holding your baby and you get your side wet?!  Annoying! So far, the AMP hasn’t left me wet.

I have thoroughly enjoyed having both of these Anne Marie Padorie cloth diapers as a part of my cloth diaper stash.  My preference is for the AIO because of it’s trimness, absorbency and simplicity.  Plus, the older kids do the laundry and they can fold and AIO much easier than stuffing a pocket.  When I go to put a pocket diaper on Sterling that has been stuffed by Haley it is hilarious.

Thank you again to Ottawa Cloth Diapers for allowing me to finally review a highly asked about cloth diaper!

Be sure to check out Vicky’s “Gently Used” page! I see a few (before I posted this) AMP cloth diapers!

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7 Responses to “Anne Marie Padorie Cloth Diapers: A review”

  1. Liz Says:

    I looked for the AMPs to buy online, but they only seem to have Canandian sellers – do you know who ships to the US or a US seller? Thanks!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      haven’t been to any Canadian sites that don’t also ship to the U.S. but my Canadian shopping is limited. Ottowa cloth diapers ships to the U.S. that’s where I got mine from.


  2. mama_mel_bear Says:

    I love the AMP diapers. I reach for the AMP one size pocket frequently over many of my other diapers! I have never had a leak with this diaper and I have different sized babies coming and going as I am a foster parent. I do find that it does not fit well on the teensy tiny newborns, but by about 8 or 9 pounds most babies fit well into this diaper.


  3. karenbell Says:

    I noticed you commented on the 'trimness' of the AOI, how about the new one-size pocket? My biggest concern would be that they would be too bulky (especially on a newborn). Thank you so much for this review!


  4. karenbell Says:

    Thanks for the review, I noticed you commented on the trimness of the AOI, did you find that the new one size pocket is as trim as the two-sized? That would be my biggest concern.


  5. mikaelaL Says:

    do you have any action shots of the AIO?


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