Announcing a baby, a winner and a contest!

Pardon my long absence!

I pray all is well with your cloth diapering journey.  Please feel free to drop me a Facebook message, email or blog comment to get my attention if you have a pressing question.

Now, my announcements.

If you follow All About Cloth Diapers on Facebook then you know my precious sweet 6th child arrived on Thursday morning!  Finley Nathaniel weighed in at 8lbs 2oz and is 22″ long.

His birth was FAAAAAST and easy.  Seriously.  I’m still in shock over the whole thing.  Every time I walk in my bathroom and see the stain on my carpet where he was born I just smile and and praise the Lord for His mercy!

Here is the birth story of Finley if you are interested:

I never imagined I would have an unbelievable birth story to share. I prayed for an easy, fast birth- who doesn’t- but didn’t really think it was something my body could do.

On Wednesday, January 16th, I began feeling different enough to tell Michael that a baby would be here by Friday.

Nothing painful or distracting but I could feel that dilation was occurring. I have had a cough for the past few days and I knew that was the reason for the strong Braxton Hicks I was feeling.

I slept well (such a relative term) that night and woke up Thursday at about 7:30am. I didn’t feel much different than the day before except that now the “contractions” were a little more uncomfortable. I put contractions in quotes because I really never thought of them as that. They were only concentrated in my cervix, no back or uterus pain.

I texted Michael, who was in class, and told him to come home after Greek Exegesis. I knew that would be about 10:30 and I could parent the kids from bed no problem.

I also sent a text to my prayer warriors just to let them know that “today was probably the day”. Honestly, I sent it thinking that sometime much later in the day I would say “this is it”.

The text was sent at 8:21am as I was heading upstairs. I figured it would be a good idea to go upstairs to my bed and lay down for no other reason than I was just tired.

By the time I got to the top of the stairs I felt like I needed to use the restroom.

I headed to the potty and tried to go. It was a very odd feeling because I was trying to go but pushing hurt. I just figured it was because the baby was much lower.

Once I went I thought all was good. Then I got up and it hit. A real contraction. I moaned out and had a moment of panic because I had never experienced a real contraction on my own. Michael had always been there for the hard part.

I told God I couldn’t do it alone. As soon as it was over I quickly texted Michael “Come now!” (8:25am)

The next contraction started less than a minute later. I knew I needed to change positions so I went on hands and knees. Once there I thought “maybe if I just push it will help”. I was in complete shock that pushing made the baby move a LOT. I put my hand down to figure out what was happening and felt the bag of waters and half the head! At this point I pushed the whole body out. (8:27am)

I kept thinking this didn’t really happen! And, this baby must have the smallest head! There was no pain in pushing, the only pain came down my legs when I stood during the first contraction.

I then yelled for Haley (10yo daughter) who was already on her way up after hearing my “growl”. I told her to grab the baby and wrap it up. Once the baby was wrapped up Haley held him until I could turn over and take him.

At this point I snapped a few photos and sent one to Michael (8:30am)…he was completely shocked! It had only been 5 minutes since I texted him to come home.

I then called Renee (midwife) and said, “I know this is crazy, but I just had the baby.” She was more shocked than Michael. Renee told Haley how to get me comfortable on the floor until she got there.

The kids and I talked about how crazy it was that I had just had the baby! CRAZY! The last they knew, which was just 10 minutes earlier, I was going upstairs to rest. Then they heard me cry out. I am so glad Haley wrote out her story and is old enough to remember all of today’s events. What a blessing this has been to all of us!

Michael got home a little before 9am (the kids ran down when they heard the garage door open and said “Daddy jumped over the front of the van!”

I can only imagine what was going through Michael’s head as he was driving home.

Michael checked the gender and announced BOY like he expected it to be. Of course, we didn’t have a boy’s name.

Renee arrived about 10 minutes after Michael and I was finally able to deliver the placenta and Haley cut the cord.

I don’t think I stopped laughing about this whole story until late afternoon. NEVER did I think a birth like this could be part of my story.

By lunch Michael and I decided on the name Finley Nathaniel. I have always loved the name Finley and Nathaniel means “given by God”. He certainly was given by God as was his blessed birth.

Morning after conclusion: Whether you have a fast or slow, hard or easy labor you still feel like you’ve been hit by a train the next morning.

P.S. Many readers have asked if my previous 5 births were fast.  Absolutely not! This is what makes Finley’s birth all the more unbelievable for me.  I have very long and painful transitions that typically last around 3-4 hours.  Praise the Lord for His mercies in this birth! I’m not counting on having another birth THIS good but I am so grateful for my shockingly fast and unexpected birth of #6.

Here are a few of my favorite photos:

And we have a winner to announce for the Binky D Diapers giveaway!!!


If you didn’t win don’t worry!  I have a lot of giveaways coming over the next couple of months.

Right now though hop on over to Zephyr Hill Blog and join in Cloth Diapering Your Newborn event!  Giveaway #1 started today!

Up for grabs is:

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64 Responses to “Announcing a baby, a winner and a contest!”

  1. Sara Says:

    I actually have a very similar birth story. My husband wrote about it to share on our church blog. God is oh so very good, to say the least. :-)


  2. Anonymous Says:

    What an amazing birth story! Awesome that your daughter was able to help – Congrats!


  3. Edwards Miguel Says:

    Wow! Its unbelievable an amazing story! Congratulations. I already read your birth story a few days ago but seeing the text picture and your daughter holding finally. Thank you for sharing! God is so good and your story was very encouraging. God Bless your family.


  4. Melissa J. Says:

    What a beautiful birth story! Congratulations on an adorable little boy. :) Thanks for being such a wonderful Christian witness in our world. :)


  5. Marti Robinson Says:

    I’m 23 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and as I was reading your story I was full of amazement, had happy tears, and laughed out loud with joy! Congratulations!!! And What an awesome experience to have your sweet daughter there to help you :)


  6. Tricia Says:

    What a wonderful birth story! I hope my birth of baby #3 this summer is as awesome! Just a question because I’m nosey: how many babies will you and your husband have? Are you planning on more or are you of the mind that the Lord is in charge of that? I can’t imagine having a baby almost every two years! It’s impossible for me anyway; my cycle doesn’t return for some time due to full-term breastfeeding, cosleeping, and babywearing. I’m still nursing #2 through my pregnancy! Anyway, congrats on #6! I hope one day I can birth baby #6!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      We have no plans to use birth control :-)
      We also practice extended breastfeeding and baby-led weaning, I just get my cycle back around 18m…except the last 2 babies it was 12m.


  7. doreen stodolski Says:

    Praise GOD,,,,Truly You “R” Blessed for this Miracle of NoPain in your birth,,,For what we were given by Eve,,,& how the Mercy of the Almighty has Blessed You! You “R” an Insporation to Many, & Your Family is a Blessing as well!
    Congratulations, to YOu & Your Best Friend, & Daughter,,,Hubby & the Rest of the Family~

    A sister in Christ~
    Doreen <


  8. Kathy K Says:

    What a rush reading your story. So happy for you and excited for your family! Congratulations!


  9. Rema Says:

    What a happy, sweet story! I hope that my next birth will be so fast and painless :)


  10. Aditi Says:

    Amazing, unbelievable story! I mean, can you really have a baby like that???
    Good to know you and the baby are all doing well. And the photos are superb. Thanks for sharing! God bless!


  11. Clare Says:

    Amazing story!!! I love the text message exchange between you and your husband, lol! And that picture of your oldest girl holding the baby makes me think you have a future midwife on your hands!


  12. stephka Says:

    this is amazing, i am so glad you are okay and the baby too!!!! thank you!!!


  13. Heidi Says:

    That text conversation is THE BEST. Congratulations!


  14. Mary Says:

    I laughed out loud (at work, hooray!) when I read Michael’s “What?” text. That’s too funny. I’m so glad you had a fast birth and that everything went well. I’m glad your oldest was able to help you. I think she’ll have an extra special bond with Finley since she was involved in his birth. What a sweet story. <3


  15. Rhonda Says:

    You get a grade of A A A…Absolutely Awesome Autumn!! I love your birth story and it’s so wonderful that big sister got to play such an integral part :) Fast births while they can be scary are the best…my 7th and 8th births were quick, around 45 minutes. For some reason #9 back in August decided she would take her time at 17 hours, but nonetheless, all babies are truly a blessing!


  16. MicheleC Says:

    Congratulations and God Bless your family! That is an amazing story, definitely one for the family storytelling. Enjoy your new little boy.


  17. Daphne Says:

    Congratulations! That’s an amazing story! God bless you and your family!


  18. Andrea Says:

    Amen, that’s a real “Supernatural Child Birth”. I love that your oldest could help you right after.


  19. Mary Says:

    Awesome story , I was smiling and giggling the whole time lol. I think your daughter may be a future midwife! :) congrats on your newest member!


  20. Rain Says:

    Awesome!! I watched my mother give birth to my little brother unassisted when I was 9 years old! Wonderful experience! Congratulations!


  21. Bert A. Says:

    Whoa! I love that your hubby was in Greek Exegesis during the whole thing. Praise Him for whom all blessings flow!


  22. Jane Says:

    Absolutely fantastic birth story! Congratulations on your day to remember. What a trooper Haley is!


  23. Amanda Says:

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your amazing story!


  24. JulieK Says:

    Wow! Just WOW! That is an amazing story! Just awesome! thank The Lord for such a great delivery!
    But one thing…I am sure this being your 6th, you know a lot about birthing, but have you DONE this before? I mean, I wouldn’t even know what to DO with a baby that came out of me!! We’re you ever for a second scared or nervous about handing the baby when he came out? Did you know what to check for with vital signs and all??? Sooo curious, I would have been terrified!!!!

    And the photos look GREAT!


  25. Tara A. Says:

    I love the picture of your daughter with Finley! They will always have an especially close bond. I have a brother who is 9 years younger than me and we’ve always had a special bond, but I can’t even imagine that special bond she’ll have with him, knowing she was one of the first people to pick him up and hold him. So precious! Congratulations again, Autumn! Enjoy those newborn snuggles. My son is almost 18 months old and I’m missing those newborn snuggily moments! :) They are so special!


  26. Kimberli Says:

    Congratulations!!! What an amazing story! God Bless!


  27. Idaly Says:

    Wow What a Blessing!!! this stories you usually just watch them on TLC :) Congratulations!!!!


  28. Shannon Stubbs Says:

    Wow! That is incredibly awesome! And how exciting for your daughter to be able to help. I’m not joking here – I had this dream, only my daughter wasn’t even 2 yet. How amazing! Congratulations.


  29. Beth Says:

    I love your text to your husband! lol Best. Ever. What an incredible story!


  30. Brandy Says:

    Wow, praise the Lord! What an AWESOME God we serve!! Congratulations!!! He is just beautiful! I have tears, goose bumps…and hope that He will do the same for me in March ;). I will be specific in my prayers from now on for sure, lol!! Wow!!!! Congrats, again and AGAIN!!!


  31. Sara Rohrbach Says:

    Congratulations! What an amazing story!!! God bless your beautiful family!!


  32. Alison Says:

    That is the most amazing birth story I have ever read! Wow! It makes me want to plan for a home birth just in case! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy that sweet boy.


  33. Pollyanna Valenzuela Says:

    I read this the day of Autumn and was in SHOCK GOD is so amazing.. he gives us strength and courage to deal with every situation.. what an amazing story.


  34. Christina Williams Says:

    Wow! And I thought my 4hr from 1st contraction to delivery was fast! What a story to tell him when he’s older! Congratulations again to you all and continue enjoying your time together!


  35. Christi k Says:

    What an AMAZING story! Thank you for sharing :) your lil guy is so cute!!


  36. Dana Says:

    Congratulations on the amazing birth!


  37. Victoria Smith Says:

    Congratulations on your precious arrival! And what a beautiful story!!! I am sure it will be a treasured memory for your entire family for always!!! How exciting to see the ways God carries us through!
    [An encouraging tidbit: our last two deliveries have been somewhat similar (in that recognizing true progressive labor was a little more difficult to diagnose due to that lack of discomfort and pain), and were numbers 6 and 7… so maybe it does get better as we go!?! :) May God continue to bless your family abundantly!!!]


  38. Brandy Anderson Says:

    II criedreading this! It is so beautiful!!


  39. Amanda Says:

    What an amazing birth story and a wonderful blessing! And awesome that your daughter was able to help and be a part of the birth! Congrats! How beautiful!


  40. Jessica Says:

    Wow! What an amazing story! I am in tears after reading it! God has blessed you abundantly! I love the picture of your texts to and from your husband. I would’ve done exactly the same thing! AND he would’ve texted back WHAT?! too! :) Congratulations!


  41. Sarah Jane Says:

    I’m in tears over reading this. God was certainly good to you. I’m glad your birth helper was a wonderful helper.


  42. Laurie Says:

    Wow! That is so amazing! I have long births, too, so to hear that a long birther like yourself could have such and easy one inspires me to want to have a child as gracefully as that, too.


  43. Dixie Says:

    Wow! That’s amazing, and congrats!!!


  44. Trisha W. Says:

    Oh my gosh, Autumn. I already read your birth story a few days ago (and cried) but seeing the text picture and your daughter holding Finley, I teared up all over again. Congratulations to you all.

    From a mom of seven.


  45. vonna Says:

    WOW! thanks so much for sharing this. I am so happy for you all. This is encouraging to me. Did you plan on a homebirth? I am praying for a homebirth. it would be my 2nd vbac. my first was a csection due to breech, 2nd was vbac at hospital and I don’t want to do that again. Congrats to you and praise the Lord!


  46. Megan Says:

    Still emotional from my recent fast and natural birth (that we prayed) for after two long hard unnatural ones, so your story made me cry!
    Such a beautiful little family you have, and God answers! Congratulations :)


  47. Krista Says:

    What a wonderful experience for your little girl! This will be something she will remember for the rest of her life, catching her little brother as he was born and holding him during those first few seconds of life.


  48. Julie V. Says:

    Congratulations!! I had no idea you were even expecting! (Life has been busy, and I haven’t kept up with all the diapering blog updates.)
    I am definitely sending this to my cousin-in-law, who is 9 days away from baby #3 (their first boy!). I know she’s hoping for a quick, on-time birth (both her girls were “late”).
    Congratulations, again! What a sweet blessing!


  49. Olivia L Says:

    Wow! What an amazing story! Congratulations!


  50. Jennifer Says:

    Awesome! Congratulations and God Bless!


  51. Rowan Says:

    That is crazy! Honestly it sounds like my dream birth. My labours are usually long too. Congrats!!


  52. Tegan Says:

    Wow! That is an amazing birth story! Praise the Lord that your labor and delivery went safely and smoothly! And congrats on your beautiful baby boy! Love the name! :)


  53. Sarah Says:

    Congratulations! I was laughing out loud at your texts to your husband! So glad it was a good – even if shocking!- experience. What a blessing.


  54. georgia Says:

    many congrats!! how wonderful.


  55. Anne Sweden Says:

    Oh my goodness, Autumn, I am in shock reading your birth story because I too would have been completely unprepared. After several children mine are certainly easier now, but nothing like this. It was truly a blessing and I can only pray one day God will grant me a speedy and unexpected surprise.

    Love that you were surrounded by prayer that day…..

    Love from up on Zephyr Hill!


  56. Emi Says:

    Unbelievable! I have been praying for an easy birth and easy newborn with my husband deployed, but I am not sure how I feel about the 5 minute alternative. What an amazing story and experience. Congrats again Autumn!


  57. Amanda Driver Says:

    Amazing and beautiful story! Praises for a healthy baby! Congratulations!! He is beautiful!!


  58. Monique Eckert Says:

    OMG!!! That is nuts! Your hubby must have been going nuts trying to get home! Congrats, and enjoy you little peanut!


  59. Jennifer Says:

    Wow! What else is there to say! That is possibly the best birth story i have ever heard. God has certainly blessed you. So glad you have such a wonderful story to share.


  60. Lauren Says:

    Congratulations Autumn! I follow your blog but somehow missed that you were expecting again. You have a lovely family.


  61. kate Says:

    Oh my goodness. Seriously, girl. That was the best birth story ever. Thank you for sharing! God is so good and your story was very encouraging!
    Beautiful boy & I love the name :)


  62. Willow Says:

    Amazing birth story! Thanks for sharing!


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