An Interview (& Giveaway!) with Apple Cheeks Cloth Diapers


Many of you have sent me emails asking if I have tried Apple Cheeks diapers.  It seems that way down here in south Texas I have been missing out on a hit diaper up in the Frozen Tundra Canada.  Since my goal with All About Cloth Diapers is to bring you the information you want I went straight to the WAHMs behind Apple Cheeks diapers to find out more about them.

At the end of the interview find out how you can win a Starter Kit from Apple Cheeks!!!

1) When did you start cloth diapering?

I started cloth diapering five years ago when my first daughter was born, and Amy started six and a half years ago when her first son was born (I have two daughters and Amy has three sons). At the time, there were quite a few wonderful options available, and the first pocket diapers were just hitting the market. For me it was the PERFECT shopportunity :) I bought diapers like I bought shoes in my previous life as a professional. Amy was a bit more pragmatic and down to earth, as finances were more of a concern. In anycase, we both jumped into it without a backwards glance!

2) How did the idea of Apple Cheeks diapers arrive?

My partner, Amy, and I have been retailing cloth diapers since 2005 through our retail store here in Montreal and we’ve spent hundreds of hours counselling other mothers on the choices available and how to choose the right option for their families. This has always been a really rewarding part of roles as business owners, being able to act as resources for our fellow parents.

The frustrating part was giving out all that great advice for the products someone else was manufacturing and running up against their policies, which limited the advice we could give. As well, we got the sense that most of the parents that we counselled, who were new to cloth diapers, were completely overwhelmed by the amount of choice out there.

So we put our heads together and came up with the idea to design our own line of reusable diapers which would be extremely simple to understand and to use, but at the same would cater to the very wide range of user needs. And hence, the AppleCheeks™ line was born!

It’s a very simple, highly effective product line that appeals to a wide range of parent. It’s trim fitting, it holds leaks like they are going out of style, it’s highly absorbent, comes in a gorgeous range of colours.

Best of all, it’s made right here Montreal, Canada, so you know it’s of the highest quality because we’re right here to make sure of it!

3) How are Apple Cheeks cloth diapers different from other pocket diapers?
AppleCheeks™ Reusable Diapers are a hybrid system and come with customization options that really allow you, as a parent, to maximize its potential for your child. It can be used as a pocket diaper OR as a more economical but equally as effective cover/insert combo (see our video at for a demonstration of how the two options work).
We prefer not to limit it by calling it a pocket diaper, and have chosen to call it an Envelope Cover to reflect its versatility.The cover itself fits like a dream due to two rows of well-spaced snaps, elastic on FOUR sides of the diaper (that tummy elastic is so important and so rare in a reusable diaper), and a beautiful cut. You have two choices of highly absorbent inserts, either hemp or bamboo blends.

As well, AppleCheeks™ is a one-stop line, complete with Storage Sacs and plush, reusable bamboo wipes, as well as stay-dry liners for babies with sensitive skin, fleece-topped boosters and regular boosters to increase absorbency, and waist extenders (coming soon) to ensure a perfect fit all the way to toilet trainin. We will shortly be introducing our own brand of flushable liners as well to make dealing with poop a no-brainer.

The AppleCheeks™ Envelope Covers come in two sizes, Size 1 fitting from approximately 7 – 20lbs, and Size 2 from 18 – 35+ lbs. Our inserts are all one-size and fit both covers beautifully. AppleCheeks™ are a high end line of diapers, but the package prices are completely inline with other popular brands on the market which offer similar fabric options.

And to bring it all home, AppleCheeks™ offers an unprecedented level of customer support, with our tutorial video, diagramed user instructions that accompany every sale, our toll-free number where you can speak with a real live person should have any questions or concerns and an online diagnostic form for troubleshooting.

5) AppleCheeks cloth diapers are currently a huge hit in Canada.  What plans do you have for expanding that success more in the U.S.?

AppleCheeks™ have really taken off in Canada in the last year and we have an incredible bunch of really wonderful retailers and the best customers EVER. We have lots of blogging moms lined up to do  reviews of our products to really get the word out. We’re very active on Twitter (follow us at and will be holding regular giveaways to give a few lucky parents the chance to test out our gorgeous line for themselves.

We’re doing trade shows (Bubble New York in August, for one – VERY excited) and talking with representatives about how we can work together to spread the word, but at the same time maintain our priorities as a small, family-owned business with our customers’ satisfaction remaining our number one priority. And we’re sitting back and enjoying the great reviews and the AMAZING feedback we receive from our happy customers on a daily basis!

Apple Cheeks wants to give one of you the chance to fall in love with their cloth diapering system.  You have an opportunity to enter the contest 4 ways!! Contest ends 12pm cst May 4th!

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