AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Review

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Applecheeks diapers come in an “envelope cover” style, which make it like a pocket style diaper complete with snap closures. Unlike most “pocket” style diapers, the opening to stuff the diaper is closer to the middle of the diaper, rather than in the front or the back and the lining actually covers the inserts once it’s stuffed.

However, the diaper doesn’t have to be used as a pocket. If you choose, you can lay the insert on top of the lining and re-use it up to three times unless it becomes soiled. Using it this way makes for a great all-in-two system which is both economic and convenient.

The inside of the diaper is lined with a very soft micro-fleece which has remained super soft after several washings at our house. The diaper has two rows of snaps, making it easy to get a good fit around both tummy and legs and elastic around the legs and at the back, perfect for preventing messes from creeping up your little one’s back. It comes in two sizes: Size 1 fits babies approximately seven to twenty pounds while Size 2 fits little ones from eighteen to forty pounds.

We (my daughter, Bella, and I) were given the opportunity to test out a size 2 AppleCheeks by Diaper Daisy.

At approximately 25 pounds just four months before her third birthday, Bella is generally considered small and petite for her age. She is also not generally a heavy wetter during the day.

We were easily able to get a good fit around both her legs and her waist, despite being a “hook and loop” family. I can honestly say this is the only snap closure diaper we’ve tried that we’ve liked. The double rows of snaps help to keep the wings from drooping down, keeping the fit good and ensuring that there are no leaks.

The elastic around the legs and waist is very stretchy and soft, there were no red lines or marks on Bella when we took it off. We were also able to test the diaper at night time and woke up without leaks after about 12 hours with no extra inserts – just the insert that came with the diaper.

Speaking of the insert, the opening to insert the insert is very generous – unlike other diapers, larger hands should have no problem stuffing these diapers. AppleCheeks offers a variety of options for how to fold and stuff the insert. The diaper came with a one-size rayon from bamboo insert – two layers of ultra-soft 70% rayon from bamboo/30% organic cotton fleece” according to

We kept it simple and just folded it into thirds each time. Despite being a larger insert, we found the diaper to be very trim and had no problem continuing to put Bella in her favorite jeans.

Washing – the diaper is very easy to care for, as there is no need to unstuff prior to washing. The insert works its way out in the wash! The diaper hasn’t stained, faded, or bled (the color) any of the times we’ve washed it.

It’s really a beautiful diaper – bright colored, trim, absorbent and easy to use. I would love to see it in a hook and loop option, simply because it’s easier for the Daddy in our house. I’m excited to try this on our next little one in a smaller size.

Although it’s harder to gauge with a toddler, after a few years of cloth diapering, my instincts are that this diaper will contain messes well, including those from exclusively breast-fed babies.

Thank you, Diaper Daisy, for giving us the opportunity to try out this great diaper!

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  1. Kari B. Says:

    I love my Applecheeks cloth diaper. I own 1 in the winging it print. Great fit easy to stuff and the elastic is a great fit.


  2. Karianne Says:

    “two layers of ultra-soft 70% rayon from bamboo/40% organic cotton fleece” according to” – really?? 110%?? :-P


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