Are Dancing Bears Fleece Soakers Worth It?

January 17, 2010



Is this cover really as good as it looks and sounds? Really, I want to know.  I was window shopping on The Diaper Wagon tonight and came across the Dancing Bears Nighttime Fleece Soaker.

It looks so soft! And it looks nice and thick. Plus, $20 for a soaker that I’d use almost nightly is reasonable.

Fleece covers are that hidden jewel in cloth diapering.  Everyone raves over wool and if they’re not it’s because their wishing they could try it.  On the other side are the raves for Thirsties, Bummis and other PUL covers.  PUL is easy.

But, rarely do you hear of the fleece covers.  It’s a shame because they are breathable (like wool), soft and easy.  You can toss your fleece covers in the washer with your cloth diapers. 

Sure they can get pilly or covered in white fuzz if you are like me and use disposable wipes and toss them in the washer with everything.  But, that’s fine with me if it prevents leaks and red marks.

Have you used Dancing Bears Nighttime Fleece Soakers?  Are they as luscious as they look?

According the the 25 reviews on the Diaper Pin they are.  Let me hear your thoughts.

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33 Responses to “Are Dancing Bears Fleece Soakers Worth It?”

  1. Dawn Says:

    I just ordered a Dancing Bears night weight fleece soaker a few hours ago before finding this, lol. I had already done my homework on DiaperPin, but good to have my decision reaffirmed here. :)


  2. Lynn Says:

    I have a dancing bears soaker, but I like small bundles better (they are way cute!) The dancing bears arent finished on the ends around the tummy and legs, and are impossible to find in fun colors and prints. I have 3 small bundles soakers that fit really well, they have malden mills fleece on the inside, and no pill pretty colors and prints on the outside, sooo cute. The small bundles also make really cool longies, they are like a shortie, with attached yoga style pants. I have one pair, but want more. For some reason the fleece soakers, and longies aren’t listed on the site, you have to email them and they will send a color chart. ??? or I think


  3. MieVee @ Says:

    I love these fleece covers on my boy at night! No leaks after 3 months; we use them over GAD Semi-Fitted or Happy Hempys with a Super-Do. Fantastic night-time combination for super-heavy wetter who sleeps on his tummy, sides and rolls all over the bed whole night round. Just take note that Aztec Purple sheds lint while Green doesn’t. Going to review them on my blog,, soon. :)


  4. ALI Says:

    I have them! I loved them at first but I have problems with my 2yr in fleece or wool for night bc he reeks in the morning. So I use pul for him, flips actually and he does not smell now in the am. The DB do not leak though and he never felt wet.


  5. Kim Says:

    I have not used Dancing Bear’s covers (I have thought about it though, I have read many good reviews) BUT I have used many other fleece covers and I love them for nighttime. The do not leak and in the morning the heavily saturated diaper doesn’t force the cover to stop holding the pee in like I have found wool to do. Plus you can throw fleece in with any load of wash you are doing to be ready for the same night. I do not like fleece for daytime because it adds a lot of bulk and makes my kid look like an old man in pants. LOL


  6. Beccalynn Says:

    I’ve never used fleece or wool. I hear so much about them but they just don’t LOOK like they’d be waterproof so I just can’t bring myself to use them. And since the inner layer of my pocket diapers is fleece and the moisture goes right through them to my inserts, I’m wondering what kind of fleece one would have to use to prevent moisture from doing that.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      @Beccalynn: The fleece used on the inside of a diaper is much thinner than the 300wt malden mills fleece used as a cover for nighttime. Even the 200wt daytime cover can leak.


  7. Celia Says:

    These are great! I have a heavy-wetting side sleeper and this (along with a Drybees Gone Natural) has kept her dry. Love it!


  8. Lindsey Says:

    I love mine:) They are great and I use them overnight. I throw them in the wash with the clothes, a little fabric softener seems to hlep them be more repellant. I highly recommend them. I have a 2.5 y.o. little boy.


  9. Lili Camargo Says:

    I have a question, do you have to use a waterproof cover on top of these or are they waterpoof? I am totally confused.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      You do not have to add a cover, fleece is the cover. Fleece and wool are breathable covers you can add over any type of cloth diaper.


  10. Kristina Says:

    Yup, I love ‘em, love ‘em. I did my research on diaper pin too. They are so cute! No accidents at all and they go a few nights without washing. Just ordered my second.


  11. Yara Says:

    I was right, it is Malden Mills fleece.
    These should work wonderfully!


  12. Yara Says:

    never seen them, but it **looks** to me like Malden Mills fleece.
    So, if it is… go for it!
    I have lots of MM fleece I make shorties & longies for my baby & they are wonderful, and yes, so easy!


  13. Cami Court Says:

    i dont have any dancing bears, but i do have all my own fleece products. i never use wool, and my fleece covers are cheaper than that. :) i would be willing to try a dancing bears though.. you’re review makes me wanna buy one!


  14. melissa Says:

    love them. i have started making my own diapers, but i still don’t regret that i bought a dancing bears soaker for night. we use a toddler prefold with an infant prefold as a doubler for my 21 lb. 17 mo. old, and we have never had a leak, and i love how she wakes up without any red marks! i definitely recommend them, especially if you want to try wool but don’t have the $$. (or try to make some wool out of sweaters ;) ).


  15. Stacy Rudolph Says:

    I love these. I ordered some for my little guy and used them as soon as he was able to fit. I haven’t ordered the next size up but used these on him from about 8 weeks to 16 weeks. They were the only thing that worked for me at night (I haven’t tried wool). I never worried about having to change sheets in the middle of the night. He would soak his diapers and still not wake himself up from wetness. I highly recommend!


  16. BoysMommy Says:

    Love them!!!! Sadly I only have two :( Lillian Cannon
    Owner, Pittsburgh Cloth Diapers suggested them to me and they have been amazing at keeping my son from leaking. He used to leak out of the side of his diaper on to me and my bed when he nursed at night. Not since we started putting this cover on him :) I want more!


  17. Vicky Says:

    Hi Autumn
    Dancing Bears night weight fleece are as goo as they sound!! So good that I am now selling them at my store in Canada ( I have used them for a few months now with both my sons (10.5 mos and 2.5 yrs) and I have never had a leak on nights with these. I even have a day weight that I got especially made (it is a doggie print) and I can still use this one at night with no leak.
    I am a very big fan of the Stacinator So Simple cover at night specifically because of its great coverage over top of bulky fitted night time diapers and because of its fleece at the waist and legs that leave no marks on the skin and wick away moisture, preventing leaks. So when I found the Dancing Bears design I immediately wanted to try it as it is pretty much the same style as the So Simple but all fleece. A definite for night. It is quite bulky but so soft and breathable! I also use wool at night but my top 2 night covers are the So Simple and Dancing Bears.
    Have a great week everyone!


  18. Nicole Says:

    I’ve never tried fleece covers, would be interesting though…

    So how do you wash disposable wipes?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      When I change a diaper I just toss the wipes in the pail with the diaper. They then go in the wash and I have to pick them out when I’m folding.


  19. Candace Robinson Says:

    I don’t know, but I’ve been thinking of trying them as well… They look great and my two fleece covers (WAHM Katrina pattern) are great but they could use longer bits around the thighs and a higher rise. That’s why I think this one would be fantastic. Also if it’s meant for night time it should be extra thick.


  20. heidi Says:

    I tried one during the day and it leaked like crazy, my dd pants were soaked! I pulled her out of the jolly jumper and it was also slightly damp.She was in it for about half an hour so I would guess it was 2 pees….I was hoping it would be as great as wool, but no such luck for me!


  21. peggy Says:

    I’m actually one of the people who left a review on diaper pin. I’ve had mine for about 5 months now and still LOVE them. They are super thick and really soft. As long as I was mine inside out the outside doesn’t really pill. The one I have that’s used is super pilly but it still works perfectly and looks really cute.


  22. Grateful for Grace Says:

    Ok… remember I’m not very experienced with this stuff, but my Q is if you don’t use a diaper like Motherease then when you pull these down, isn’t it a mess (poopies, of course)? My Q applies to woolies also.

    Thanks, Guru.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      No more than it would if you were using any other cover and there was blow out. All fitteds will contain 99% of the mess (not just ME), a prefold may be more prone to messes because they don’t have elastic around the legs.


      • Vera Munoz Says:

        I use premium prefolds on my 2 month old and I know its a bit bulky but super absorbent and I never have a mess because I have all kinds of coverage around the legs. Now I just have to figure out how to find a new home for my regular prefolds. I have too many diapers, but am interested in a less expensive alternative to wool so I can mix it up. Its a pain to buy all expensive stuff. By the way there is a almost new Med size dancing bears soaker at spots corner today for 12$. I am happy to hear they work so well.


  23. Tiffany U. Says:

    I LOVE mine!!! The only drawback, is the superfluffyness is hard to get into footie jammies. But they ROCK in summer and when it is warm enough for just the Dancing Bears and a shirt!


  24. Jody Dietsch Says:

    I have used them a lot and find them to be bulletproof. I love the high waist and no marks on my chubby baby. I use them as pajama bottoms in the summer. These are the best fleece covers IMO. I just wish they had longies too.


  25. Theresa Says:

    I swear by dancing bears fleece soakers. They are so durable that you can wash them with regular laundry. We use them every night and have never once had a leak!


  26. Mikaela Says:

    All I have to say is yes!!!!!! Do it they are amazing I have never had a leak with mine and they are super soft!


  27. lisa Says:

    i’m so tempted to try too..just ordered one from bananapeelsdiaper they are having sale for all the covers ;)



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