Are You Looking For a Cheap Fitted Cloth Diaper?

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Fitted cloth diapers are an excellent option for nighttime, newborns and poo containment.  They are easier to strip than a cloth diaper with PUL and when necessary can be softened up with the use of a natural fabric softener (as long as there is no stay dry fabric).

Many amazing WAHMs produce high quality, super absorbent fitteds often with exquisite fabrics that bump the price up to a level out of reach of many cloth diapering parents.

However, there are options for parents wishing to use fitteds that won’t break the bank.

One of my favorites is Pooters hemp fitteds.  Pooters are also available in bamboo.  I have used Pooters off and on over the last couple of years with different children at different phases of growth and the absorbency has always held up.

Another affordable fitted is Mother Ease.  You can choose between the Sandy’s or One Size version.  Sandy’s are a side-snapping, sized fitted while the one size is a front snap.  Both are made of a soft cotton terry cloth.  I’ve never found Mother Ease products to be absorbent enough on their own.  Purchasing doublers increases the price of these diapers.

These are great bargains on their own but none compete with the Green Mountain Diapers (GMD) Workhorse fitted.

We have made our beloved prefold diapers into a handy fitted diaper. Convenient, durable, 100% cotton. I love cotton! Covered snaps inside, loose flap style inside for quick drying (newborn size does not have flap).

It’s the same 100% cotton fabric as our beloved prefolds. Because of the nature of the prefold fabric, these will also vary in shrinkage somewhat, just like prefolds do.

8 layers of cotton in the body and 8 layers in the flap for sizes medium, large and XL for a total of 16 layers! Size small has a 6 layer flap which is a more appropriate thickness for a younger baby.

Fitted cloth diapers require a cover to be waterproof.  My favorite cover to put over a fluffy bum is the Sweet Pea One Size Cover.  I also like Flip covers and Thirsties.  All are PUL.

When it comes to wool, Wild Coconut Wear makes a phenomenal interlock soaker.  Aside from the great performance of interlock, WCW are absolute works of art.

You may also choose to use a fleece soaker over a fitted diaper.  Fleece is more affordable than wool, machine washable and breatheable.

Do you have any good cheap fitteds you would recommend?

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20 Responses to “Are You Looking For a Cheap Fitted Cloth Diaper?”

  1. ashley Says:

    Rearz also makes a affordable fitted diapers. The best are the smitten there sold in packs if 3 all organic including there dyes. There sized diaper but hold up well. The work best at night with a doubler.


  2. Cloth Diaper Service Says:

    Nice post and Great information:-)


  3. Lisa Says:

    I have a question – we are expecting our 4th October 31st, but our first to be cloth diapered. How are GMD compared to sbish? I know sbish would be better quality, but I’m thinking night time wise, a fitted with a doubler & wool cover. Would they both be an acceptable choice? If so, I’d rather spend less money & get more GMD’s & maybe one or two sbish…thanks for your input!!


  4. Raisha Says:

    I just received my order of workhorse newborns (2 sets), unbleached doubler, wide prefolds, lanolin, 1 bummis pull over & 1 bummi original. I am VERY excited. I am not new to cloth diapering as I’ve cloth diapered all 5 of my other children (2 sets of twins and a now 20-year old). But I always used a diaper service never actually had to wash/care for the diapers myself. Please tell me how to “condition” the diapers and get them ready for use. I’m due in about 7 days! LOL. I ordered some handmade AIO clothe diapers from and I’m waiting for those to arrive any day now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Morgan Says:

      Hopefully you found your answer sooner than today, but to prep your goods:
      Wash all absorbent parts on hot without detergent several times (5-8), air drying or heat drying in between a few of the cycles. Covers only need to be done once, and air dried. You have lanolin, but do you have any woolies to put it on? For wool, fill a bathroom sink or comparable bucket/bowl with lukewarm water (just warm enough that you wouldn’t want to drink it). In a small container (I use a glass jar) mix 1/4 inch dollop of lanolin squeezed from the tube into hot water and add a squirt of baby wash/shampoo. Shake or stir vigorously to combine, being careful about the heat–ouch. When the mix turns a bit white-ish, add to sink and gently submerge the woolie (1 at a time) without pressing too hard on the fabric. Allow to soak for an hour or so, then gently place on a large towel and ROLL the woolie and towel together. Step on the towel to squeeze out any excess water, then allow woolie to air dry on a flat surface (do not hang as wool stretches out of shape when really wet). Re-lanolize whenever woolie starts smelling like pee or when not adequately preventing leaks. HTH!


    • Nature Bumz Says:

      Hi Raisha,

      Fitted diapers and prefolds should be washed at least four times. As you wash them they will shrink slightly and become much more absorbent.

      If the all in ones interior are made from bamboo, hemp, or cotton they should be wash at least four times too. If the all in one uses microfiber, one wash should be enough.

      Hope that helps.


  5. Caitlin Says:

    I LITERALLY purchased 36 newborn prefolds from them yesterday! Do you think I should try and switch them out for the fitteds? What would be the benefit to the one over the other?


    • Beverly T Says:

      I used GMD profolds for my newborn and switched to fitteds once he outgrew them. He grew so quickly that I just jumped from a small fitted to a large :). He’s almost 16 months now and the large still fit him b/c babies slim down and get longer. I use the GMD for nighttime too with a Geffen folded up front where he wets the most. We went through a time where he was a super heavy wetter, but now he seems to hold it longer through the night but releases the floodgates early morning.


      • Beverly T Says:

        For me, the benefit of the prefolds for newborns where that they are quick and easy to just lay it in the cover and button it up (this is nice when you are half asleep in the middle of the night). I like the fitteds for when they are more active because they stay in place. I hope that helps, and have fun!


  6. IzzyMummy Says:

    I just wanted to say how humorous it is that you practically read my mind. I was just asking around on some of my Mommy groups for help because we have been having a problem with overnights recently. Then I open up my e-mail yesterday and see this post. We are trying the suggested GMD Workehorse Fitteds and look forward to letting you know how they worked out for us!!! Thanks again for being clairvoyant!!!


  7. elizabeth Says:

    I am looking into cloth diapers again- the first time didn’t work so well. I had trouble getting them clean. They would give my kids a burnt bum. Before I try again I was looking for advice on washing them so they don’t stink and give the rash


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      what were you using for detergent?


      • elizabeth Says:

        it was a while ago so I don’t remember- probably a free and clear from walmart. My sister-in-law took them and said I had a lot of build up. I have a top loading high eff. washer so it doesn’t use a lot of water to wash in. I also have hard water. I would like to try again but i’m afraid the same thing will happen


  8. Beth Says:

    Thank you so much for the info!! Just ordered 12.. I think this online ordering could become addictive!


  9. Anpnek Says:

    Do you find the GMD’s absorbent enough for night time? I was thinking for my toddler.


  10. Athena Says:

    Just got a set of workhorse fitteds and covers for a day care set for my little girl. Love GMD when I used them on her as a NB. I’m sure I’m going to love the Daycare set up just as much!



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