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I am a follower of Christ, wife and stay-at-home Mother to a five month old baby girl. I chose to stay at home after obtaining my Master's in Youth and Family Education and 6 years experience in the non-profit sector. I have experience as a Program Director and Quality Control Director in various non-profit organizations ranging from adult home living support, foster care, youth group homes and family-based services. I enjoy various hobbies including knitting, photography and hopefully soon, sewing. As the owner of, I hope to support women in their roles as wives and Mothers.

Saving Money with Cloth Diapers

March 26, 2012


Guest post by Amber Roy. Cloth diaper users say it all the time, “cloth saves money.”  But in reality, the cost of cloth can add up quickly.  If you have decided to use cloth to cut costs, here are the best ways to save money: Don’t go overboard buying diapers We all enjoy getting a […]

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