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My name is Jessica Carver. I live just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas where I have lived my whole life. I am an Art Therapy major but have set that aside right not to be a mommy. I have three beautiful daughters. Beatrice is 4, Grenly is 3, and Avery is 9 months. I am a Church of Christ member and homeschool my children through a Christian program. My quest to have a more "natural" lifestyle started with making our own baby food for Beatrice. That led us into looking to more and more ways to "reduce, reuse, and recycle." Grenly ended up being allergic to any and all disposable diapers and wipes and any soaps with fragrance. This led us to using cloth diapers and wipes and finding natural soaps and detergents. I work on a Facebook page (Natural Parenting- Arkansas) to promote natural parenting in the Arkansas area offering recipes, local farmers market locations, advice, and links to articles.

Fuzzi Bunz One Size A Cloth Diaper For a Newborn and Toddler

April 29, 2012



guest post by Jessica Carver When we became pregnant with our third daughter one of the first things we did was start shopping for what brand of cloth diaper to use. We already were in the world of cloth with my two year old who was wearing gDiapers but with baby number three we wanted […]

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