Baby Be Blessed: A Truly Blessed WAHM

October 7, 2008

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My love for Baby Be Blessed began when I found their website.  I am easily captivated by gorgeous websites with eyecatching graphics.  Yet even I know that a great website doesn’t equal a great product.  My next step was to buy something, anything from these Canadian WAHMs.

I discovered Baby Be Blessed while doing research for the fabric Zorb.  I ordered a 3 pack of Zorb doublers and eagerly awaited their arrival.

Baby Be Blessed is NOT just a pretty face!  I was blown away from the moment I opened the outer package.  Their commitment to environmental sustainability is evidenced in their choice of packaging.  Clean, crisp brown bags neatly sealed with a Baby Be Blessed sticker instantly appeal to the eco-conscious consumer.

As I tore into the bags I couldn’t help but almost tear up in admiration for the sheer quality of craftsmanship.  I love, love, love great art.  Baby Be Blessed is driven by artists.

There are certain touches that I feel make a WAHM the star on top of the tree.  Here are the things I look for and I am so proud to say that Baby Be Blessed has them all:

1) Tags. Baby Be Blessed has tags on everything.  I appreciate that no matter how long I have these items I will always know who made it.  After a few weeks I quickly forget who made my unmarked items.  Plus it adds a professional look to your product.

2) Personalized Invoices.  It is easy to print out a paypal receipt, but when you receive an invoice with the familiar design style of the website your excitement is piqued.

3) Personalized Business Cards.  Again the fluidity of the color/style of the storefront catches the eye.

4) Ribbon! I love ribbon.  It is cheap, colorful, and makes the consumer feel like they are opening a present.

5) Free Gift.  It doesn’t have to be big.  A wipe, a sample from your favorite WAHM, a coupon for a future purchase, etc.  The feeling I get when a WAHM includes a gift is wonderful.  Certainly creates a return customer.

6) Most important: Attention to detail!  There is nothing more disappointing than receiving an item with missed serged edges, loose or faulty snaps, pilly/faded fabric, odors!, or uneven stitching.  If something does slip by and the consumer brings it to your attention offer some sort of consolation.  This creates a feeling that the WAHM cares beyond shipping.

All of these touches leaves me wanting more and feeling like my money was well spent.

Baby Be Blessed writes this on their About Us page:

We are a mother & daughter seamstress team that have a passion for sewing and crafting. Together we have over 50 years of sewing experience! We love to use our God-given gifts to create unique handmade baby products that you won’t find in stores.

We want our products to be a blessing to others, especially babies. Quality is one of our highest priorities, and have “tested” all our products on real babies. Seams are serged and top-stitched (where appropriate) and our products are made to be durable. Almost everything in our store is machine wash & dry (except wool items) because we know busy moms don’t have time to hand wash! All our fabrics are pre-washed (to remove factory residue & odors) and pre-shrunk. Wool items are lanolized with woolie spray from Ewe Need It (

Our products are created in a clean and smoke-free sewing studio. All items have sewn in labels and are packaged with care. We use recycled packaging if available.

Based in Edmonton, AB, Canada, we ship worldwide. Local customers, please feel free to contact us if you are interested in local pick-up or delivery.

~Ranae and Marilyn

You can shop Baby Be Blessed on Etsy or Hyena Cart:

Hyena Cart- Baby Be Blessed

Etsy- Baby Be Blessed

Here is a picture of the Zorb doubler and free wipes :D I received from Baby Be Blessed:


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3 Responses to “Baby Be Blessed: A Truly Blessed WAHM”

  1. Kristy Says:

    I looked at the Baby Be Blessed website and I’m wondering if you know much about the bamboo diapers. Do they require a cover? I’m assuming they do but it doesn’t say. What’s your take on the bamboo diapers anyway? I’m very interested in trying them, I’m due with my second baby on May 1st.


  2. Annie Says:

    Wos! how nice! So how is the zorb? All its cracked up to be and more?


  3. Michelle Says:

    Oh YOU! Stop telling me about all these wonderful WAHMs (and WAHDs LOL), I’m too broke to spend more money on dipes I don’t need. But they look gorgeous and I love the presentation and attention to detail. Good business practices make all the difference to me.


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