Babyproofing your Home

November 30, 2016


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Here are Some Babyproofing Steps that You Probably haven’t Done Yet

Good job if you’ve baby proofed your home, and even better if you have made sure you’re up to date on fire precautions for your kids. You understand the importance of babyproofing a home to make it a safer place for your child. You’ve done the usual – using latches, outlet covers, furniture straps, and the likes. However, there’s a chance that you haven’t done some of the other important babyproofing steps because they’re not as obvious.


In addition to the more popular babyproofing steps, make sure that you do these as well:

  • Use outlet covers that need to be screwed on.

Most of the usual outlet covers can still be removed by children. To make it worse, they present  a choking hazard. This is why it’s a good idea to use the screw-type variety of outlet cover.

  • Be mindful when using the changing table.

A lot of parents think that changing tables are safe since they’re designed for babies. Well, babies can easily roll over and can fall to the floor. This is why you have to be mindful when using it. Better yet, use straps.

  • Don’t leave pet bowls out especially if there is pet food left.

Naturally curious, your child will see your dog eating and will wonder what their food tastes like. This is why once your dog is done eating, clean the area. Remove the bowls and any bits of pet food left, if any.

This tip applies to all kinds of pets in general.

  • Toy boxes shouldn’t have hinged lids.

These lids can easily crash on your child’s fingers. Speaking of toy boxes, these boxes should also have holes around them. This is for in the unfortunate event that your child gets trapped inside.

  • See what your child sees.

Get down on all fours in such a way that you’re at eye level with your child. Then, look around your house. This way, you’re seeing what your child is seeing. This allows you to see things that he’d likely play with, allowing you to remove any potential hazards.

  • Empty the ashtrays.

You wouldn’t want your child to be playing with a filled ashtray. This is why you have to empty it as soon as you’re done. Better yet, keep them out of reach of children. Designate an area of the house as a smoking area and it should be off-limits to your child.

  • Maintain your playground equipment regularly.

Follow this tip if you have playground equipment in your property. They’re not built to last forever so you have to check and maintain them regularly to ensure that they’re safe to use for your child.

  • Watch out for toxic house plants.

You may not know it yet, but your house plants could be dangerous to your child. Make sure that they’re not toxic to a child.

These are just some of the babyproofing tips that you should follow, but there are a lot more. You may want to check out this infographic to know 68 babyproofing steps that you should take.


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