Babyville Boutique Celebrates 1 Year With a Giveaway!


Article written by guest author Ellie Joos.

Babyville Boutique is 1 Year Old and to celebrate, we want to give one lucky reader of All About Cloth Diapers a special gift of products for sewing diapers and other baby items from these adorable fabrics and matching accessories!

We have been busy this past year and enjoyed seeing the many posts and pictures on our facebook page. Not only that, we have been developing new products that are now arriving in major fabric stores and independents nationwide.

Additionally, we are delighted that our original line of Babyville products will be available to more and more moms now in select Wal-Mart stores.

“Cowbaby” and “Robots” are brightly colored prints that will appeal to little cowboys and cowgirls alike. “Sassy Cheetah” and “Sassy Dots” are just right for the fashionable babies and their moms that love perky, cheerful animal motifs.

Babyville Boutique now has a Stay Dry Wicking Fabric sold by the yard, a perfect lining fabric to use with diapers and other projects that call for an athletic wicking fabric. Diaper wearing babies may not appreciate the charm of the new diaper pins, however their moms will smile at the cute animal heads on these pins.

Best of all, we now have three new patterns, the Ultimate Pocket Diaper, Simply Soakers, and Totally Trainers, designed by an accomplished diaper making mom, only available exclusively through Babyville Boutique.

Additionally, two new books, 51 Babyville Boutique Projects and 51 PUL Projects are packed with clever, fun and functional, projects that are quick and easy. From backpacks and rainhats, to doggie coats and storage containers, Babyville Boutique products can be used for so many more projects beyond diapers.

Be sure to enter below for your chance to win this great assortment of diaper making products, books, and accessories.

Babyville Boutique blog is FULL of valuable information!! Check out the tutorials they have! I’m very impressed.

If you’d like to learn more information about the launch of Babyville Boutique check out the post written last year called Cloth Diaper Kits Coming to JoAnns, Walmart and Hobby Lobby.

This venture has been such a blessing to the cloth diaper community.  More exposure to the ease of entering into the cloth diapering world is always a good thing.

I am beyond impressed with the success and growth Babyville Boutique has had in its first year.  Congratulations, Babyville Boutique, and Happy Birthday!
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251 Responses to “Babyville Boutique Celebrates 1 Year With a Giveaway!”

  1. Amy Bailey Says:

    I have not yet tried to make a cloth diaper but would love to some time :D


  2. lindsay Says:

    I have turned a prefold into a fitted but it wasn’t perfect!


  3. Michelle J. Says:

    I have some material to try my hand at some fitteds but am practicing my stitching with wipes first. ;)


  4. Kristina S Says:

    No I have never tried before but I would love to


  5. danielle Says:

    I have been thinking about it for a while, just haven’t felt brave enough yet. This seems like it will open the door for some that would never have considered it before.


  6. Stephanie Says:

    Haven’t done it yet, b ut I’d really love to try with this!!


  7. Emily Says:

    Never tried to make one…..yet…


  8. April Schubert Says:

    I haven’t made any cloth diapers yet (this baby will be our first experience with CDing), but this would be excellent to win since I already planned on buying some Babyville materials.


  9. beki lozano Says:

    no i have not made a cloth diaper but would love to try one of these days!


  10. Breanne Says:

    No I haven’t


  11. Maryn Says:

    I’ve never made a cloth diaper, but those supplies are so cute that I’d love to give it a try!


  12. Jessica Y Says:

    I love this stuff!!! I have made a few diapers from these and they are great.


  13. Tabatha Says:

    I just saw Babyville Boutique products yesterday at a fabric store and am very interested in making my own cloth diapers! I’ve never cloth diapered before but with my little one on the way I’m excited to try it out:)


  14. Megan Ray Says:

    I have not made my own diapers yet but would really like to give it a try!


  15. Caroline Says:

    I haven’t ever tried to make a cloth diaper but I definitely think I could!


  16. Gail D Says:

    I have made them in the past and would love to start back up again but cannot afford supplies. Thanks for the giveaway!


  17. Sarah Butcher Says:

    I have made covers NB Sm Md LG and toddler I have made pocket diapers soakers doubler pads cloth wipes.It went badly the 1st few then got much better and have6-8 that have done quite well.


  18. Jessica O Says:

    I have been wanting to but my fabric stores near me never have anything I need and am leary of buying online for this stuff! Would love to win!


  19. Nicole Gutermann Says:

    I’ve made a few fitteds which turned out pretty good, but not perfect and several fleece soakers, which I have sold. I would love to be a WAHM someday so I would love this prize!


  20. Tiffany Says:

    I haven’t yet but I hope to attempt to make a cover this week since my Mother-in-law bought me a pattern.


  21. sarah kl Says:

    No, I’ve never made one.


  22. Christina G Says:

    I have not yet made one, but I have a pattern and am planning on it!


  23. Kara Says:

    I have never made a cloth diaper but I am learning!


  24. Melissa Says:

    I’ve never even used a sewing machine! But I have a ton of fleece in my closet from the clearance rack and I’m so tempted to give it a try.


  25. CoffeeBlue Says:

    I never have. I’m neither that brave nor that talented.


  26. mechele johnson Says:

    I recently started learning to make cloth diapers. Pocket diapers. My first one sucked! The second a little better, and I am currently trying a third. So far so good! I could certainly use a package like this! Thank you for the super awesome giveaway!


  27. chelsea Says:

    i’m looking for the perfect pattern! any ideas?


  28. Natalie H Says:

    yes, but I’m still hunting for the perfect pattern!


  29. barnold Says:

    Nope I’ve never made one.


  30. Trisha Barnes Says:

    I have made one fitted that turned out horrible, and several pocket inserts that I love!


  31. Leona Says:

    I haven’t tried, but certainly hope to repair my own if the need arises.


  32. Laura Says:

    Never in my life, but I would love to try!


  33. Katy Says:

    I haven’t made one yet, but I have some friends who are currently making them!


  34. Jenna Burris Says:

    i have never tried to make a cloth diaper I am not that crafty. I leave it to the pros


  35. Bekah Kuczenski Says:

    Not yet, but I really want to start making my own ;)


  36. Julie L. Says:

    I have not tried to make my own diapers, but I would love to know how!


  37. stacey Says:

    I’ve never made a cloth diaper… but I’d like to!


  38. Leslie Says:

    Not yet but am hoping to soon!!


  39. jamie davis Says:

    i just started making my own fitteds using the babyville patterns. im not the most accomplished sewer that ever was but im learning.


  40. Jen Says:

    Yes I’ve made cloth diapers and they turn out great! I just wish my machine could keep up!


  41. Jodi J Says:

    I have made cloth diapers and they fit great. I also enjoy making them. But… I’ve never used PUL, I’d love to but I always thought it was so hard to find locally, I’ll have to look for Babyville.


  42. Kait Says:

    I’ve never tried, but I do like to sew


  43. Christina Says:

    I love making cloth diapers! Much less expensive than disposables or even buying cloth, and I can customize them for my children.


  44. Krista C. Says:

    I’ve made a few. They’re not that hard, really! I plan on never buying a diaper again. It’s cheaper and I make them just how I want them!


  45. Anne Sweden Says:

    I made a doll diaper for my little girl from an old prefold. It was hard sewing the velcro on because I think I used the wrong kind of needle. The edges of the diaper look a little rough, but it does the job and my daughter puts it on her bears all the time.



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