Bagshot Row Bamboo Cloth Diapers Review

This post is part of the ongoing Hybrid Fitted Review Series.

Hi, my name is Claire, and Autumn asked me to review the Bagshot Row Bamboo hybrid elite fitted.  This was my first hybrid fitted to try, and I must say I am very impressed!

Fit: This review is based upon my 24 lb, 15 month old daughter, with chunky thighs and a potbelly!  Because she is so chunky it has been somewhat of a struggle to find a diaper that fits her like a glove.  Well folks, this BSRB does.  When I first put this diaper on Jane, I was blown away at how stretchy the tabs were.  Of all the diapers I have tried on her, this one takes the cake on tab stretchiness! A wing span of 22″ to be exact.  And the best part…..I actually was able to snap the crossover tab.  EEEEEK!! That is exciting people… this BSRB is the first diaper I have tried that I actually could use the crossover tab on my chunky little girl.  So naturally I was in love from that moment on.

The hybrid fitted elite is a one-size diaper, which means the baby can wear it from around 12lbs through toddlerhood.  I love that it is economical and we can use it for the entire span of her diapered life.

It is serged around the edges, but is super soft and non irritating.  Even snapped tight, her legs are not squeezed too tight and it is just an all around comfortable fit.

The rise is 19″ and is very generous in how high you can stretch it up.  I was able to stretch it up past her bellybutton and was very pleased about this because Jane has a longer rise and needs a diaper with the potential for a higher rise as she continues to grow.

I will say this is not the trimmest of diapers I have seen, but not so bulky that it is unatractive or hard to get clothes over.  Even though it isn’t super trim, it is still so adorable!

Quality: I could tell upon first inspection that this was a high quality, well made diaper.  The outer is a cotton knit and so squishy soft I could use it as a pillow!

The snaps are very durable and are firmly secured.  Because the fabric of this diaper is pretty thick, I don’t worry so much about the fabric tearing while unsapping, which can occur on some fitteds.

Inner Design: The inner layer of this diaper is cotton velour with a hidden layer of polyfleece.  The layer of polyfleece will help keep moisture from leaking through to the outside of the  diaper before the inserts have the opportunity to do their job, which will absorb the most liquid possible.  This is what makes this fitted a hybrid!

Absorbent layers snap into the diaper shell and are constructed with multiple layers of bamboo/organic cotton fleece and topped with bamboo or cotton velour.   Also, it includes a smaller doubler that is constructed with layers of bamboo/organic cotton fleece and topped with bamboo/organic cotton velour.

Absorbency:  Because this was my first hybrid fitted to try, I was anxious to see how long it lasted absorbancy wise.  Jane is an average wetter and she was able to wear this diaper for 4 hours with no leaking.  She might could have gone longer but it was time for bed and  she needed to be changed.

I don’t really ever plan to wear a cover with this fitted, because it is incredibly absorbent and unless she wears it at night she will just go coverless.

Cost: You can purchase the hybrid elite fitted for $24 without snaps, or add snaps for $28.  If you are looking for a newborn hybrid fitted you can purchase the Little Bitty Hybrid Fitted for $14 snapless or $18 with snaps. (Make sure and check out the BSRB Facebook b/s/t page!!)

Closing Comments: I am in love with this diaper.  The stretchiness of the tabs, the high rise, the velvety soft cotton and the super absorbancy all make me want to go and buy more of this diaper.  The adorable prints offered are just icing on the cake.  Bagshot Row Bamboo gets an A+ in my book.

Autumn’s thoughts: I have never used a BSRB but since the time of their launch I have heard nothing but good things.  People love these diapers!

The hybrid fitteds are the hot new product in cloth diapering so overall it may be harder to get one, but with all the brands out there you should be able to snag one from a store.  Stay tuned for many more reviews coming up!


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    These look amazing! And I must say that precious little girl is just toooooo cute !!!!


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