An Interview with Bamboobies plus a Giveaway!

August 28, 2011

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Did you know that the same super-absorbing polymer gel that is in disposable diapers and disposable menstrual pads is also in those handy disposable breast pads?

Honestly, when I first discovered this (don’t ask me why I didn’t figure out this obvious fact years ago) after Camden’s birth I ignored it.

That’s terrible.  I know the side effects of Sodium polyacrylate yet, I loved the discreteness and absorbency of my Lansinoh breastpads so much I was willing to take the chance.

However, I couldn’t ignore the guilt I felt every time he latched on and I wondered if there was any transfer of chemical yuckiness (very technical).

Like you perhaps, I tried a few different cloth pads but they all have their weaknesses.

Currently, I am wearing plushness to the max with Bamboobies overnights.  I’m a leaker so I prefer more thickness.

Way soft. Cashmere soft.

I asked Kerry to give us a little background on her company Bamboobies. (I encourage you to also read through the FAQs. I learned a lot about their products there.)

Hi, Kerry! Tell us a little bit about your family and product.

I’m a mama of 3 under 4 with very leaky boobies. I invented Bamboobies particularly for new mothers who are tired of looking silly when pads show through, or (worse!) leak through their shirts, sick of changing their sheets or having a hard time sleeping in soaking wet t-shirts!  Bamboo is also amazingly soft and absorbent – two perfect traits for new mothers. And the bamboo doesn’t get cold and clammy when wet like a cotton pad does so they’re great for wearing through the long nights – and days – with a new baby.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and when I had my first son I was very unhappy with the other pads, washable and disposable, out there.  I didn’t discover the uniquely wonderful qualities of Bamboo until I was cloth diapering my second – and I didn’t create bamboobies until one day when I thought of the funny name. After I had the name and product idea, I knew I couldn’t sleep until I got them to other leaky mamas like me.

Nursing mothers love Bamboobies because they’re the softest pads out there, they are less visible through clothing and have a PUL milk-proof backing.  They also like them because they’re cute, heart-shaped and come in fun colors and even black.  I hear most often that people buy them for the softness but love them for how discrete they are.

What are the different ways customers can connect with you? is our site and the store is

@bamboobies on twitter

Kerry has graciously offered to giveaway a $30 credit to her store where you can either buy a multi-pak of bamboobies or put the money to use toward other new mama and baby must-haves.

In addition to the wonderful giveaway, everyone can immediately start saving by using the code AACD20 to save 20% off your purchase!

Contest ends 12:01am on Friday September 2, 2011. I will choose a winner by noon on Friday!

*I was generously provided product by Bamboobies when I “leaked” that I could really benefit from their product ;) *

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144 Responses to “An Interview with Bamboobies plus a Giveaway!”

  1. Cara Says:

    I’ve been planning to order the multi pack. Would love to try them.


  2. Laurie Says:

    I’d go for the multi-pack w/ the 3 daytimes and 1 night time. I’m not typically a heavy leaker, I just wear nursing pads because there’s no sense in putting on a bra for the first several months at least. :)


  3. Amber Says:

    would lov eovernights


  4. Alesia Hyatt Says:

    I like the multi-pack, but I also think that the Bamboob-Ease Flax Pillow is cool too!


  5. Jeniffer S Says:

    Though there are lots of great products on their site, I’d get their Bestseller: The Bamboobies Multi-pack with 3 pairs of regular and 1 pair of overnight pads. :)


  6. Jessie S. Says:

    I would definitely choose the Bamboobies Variety 6 Pair Pack. I need these in my life! Thanks so much for the giveaway!


  7. Samantha S. Says:

    I LOVE my Bamboobies and I think all new moms should have some. I would use it to buy some of my expectant friends a “starter set” also known as a multipak. I’ve used mine for 5+ months and they still feel great!


  8. Brooke Collins Says:

    I would choose the multi-pak. Looks great!


  9. Krista Says:

    I would get the multi-pack of bamboobies. Actually, I think I will get them regardless of whether I win, but winning would be nice! :) Thanks for showcasing this great-sounding product!


  10. Amy Says:

    I would buy the Bamboobies multipak.


  11. Aileen W Says:

    I’d get the Bamboobies Variety 6 Pair Pack for sure!


  12. Katie Says:

    They are so CUTE! Love it!


  13. Elizabeth Says:

    The gift set with the wrap looks awesome! I’d pick that or the multipack with the regulars and overnight set. These look nifty!


  14. Stephanie Klemm Says:

    I’d get the Bamboobies Multi Pack.


  15. Amy Says:

    Definitely the multipak. I love my Bamboobies!


  16. Jennie Says:

    I would buy some Bamboobies breast pads… they’re so much cuter than others I’ve found! I’d also love to try a Moby; I love babywearing & am expecting our 3rd baby, so this would come in handy for our new baby!


  17. Wendy White Says:

    I would love to try the multi pack. Next time I have a baby I am definitely ordering these.


  18. Maire Prabhakar Says:

    I would choose the bamboobies regular nursing pads


  19. Kristen Altschwager Says:

    The multi-pack looks great and I’m really interested in the butterfly wrap. Super cute!


  20. Holly Wilson Says:

    I’d get the multi-pack with 3 pairs of regular & 1 pair overnight! What a bargain!


  21. Claudia Says:

    Can’t wait to try these!!!!!!!


  22. Kealy Says:

    I’ve been meaning to grab a multi pack forever now…what better motivation than getting them for free


  23. Layne Says:

    I could totally use the over nights! A multipack would be great too.


  24. Karissa Matthews Wolfe Says:

    I would get the Bamboobies Multi-pack.


  25. Lexie Says:

    The regular pack, then I’d also get to try an over night one!


  26. Lindsay C. Says:

    I would love to try the regular bamboobies.


  27. Andrea Says:

    I noticed cloth menstrual pads on one of the website links on your page. Has anyone tried these?


  28. Stephanie G Says:

    I would get the bamboobies multipack


  29. M. Sun Says:

    I would get the bamboob-ease and/or the regular bamboobies. I love the overnight ones I have, but I have plenty especially since I don’t really leak anymore. I still wear nursing pads because they add a enough padding to my nursing tanks, so my nipples don’t show and I don’t have to wear a regular bra.


  30. Alexis Says:

    I need the Bamboobies Multi-pack!


  31. Katie Says:

    I wanna try the bamboobies regulars! I’m not a heavy leaker, but still want the security while out and about!!


  32. Megan Lunt Says:

    I would get the regular boobie pads!


  33. amanda Says:

    I’d buy wooden teething toys.

    i wish there was an alternative to plastic milk trays or milk storage system. Can you freeze in glass?


  34. Stephanie Says:

    I would love to try Bamboobies. I have not had any luck with cloth breast pads. The ones I have always leak, and I have gone back to disposables because I never have a leakage problem with them. I would really like to go back to cloth though.


  35. Katherine Claytor Says:

    I would love to have a pair of the regulars, or the multi-pak!


  36. Erica Wolfe Says:

    I would pick the overnight pads. I’m currently going through at least two disposable pads a night and would love a better product!


  37. kirsten oge Says:

    The overnight pads


  38. Eanista Says:

    I would purchase the nursing necklace & teether. My LO flails her arm when nursing and I can hardly keep my self covered. Its funny! That would give her something to hold on to


  39. Nicole Says:

    I would do the overnights! I LOVE Bamboobies . :)


  40. Crystal Shannon Says:

    I would use it to get the Bamboobies Multi-Pak :)



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