An Interview with Bamboobies plus a Giveaway!

August 28, 2011

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Did you know that the same super-absorbing polymer gel that is in disposable diapers and disposable menstrual pads is also in those handy disposable breast pads?

Honestly, when I first discovered this (don’t ask me why I didn’t figure out this obvious fact years ago) after Camden’s birth I ignored it.

That’s terrible.  I know the side effects of Sodium polyacrylate yet, I loved the discreteness and absorbency of my Lansinoh breastpads so much I was willing to take the chance.

However, I couldn’t ignore the guilt I felt every time he latched on and I wondered if there was any transfer of chemical yuckiness (very technical).

Like you perhaps, I tried a few different cloth pads but they all have their weaknesses.

Currently, I am wearing plushness to the max with Bamboobies overnights.  I’m a leaker so I prefer more thickness.

Way soft. Cashmere soft.

I asked Kerry to give us a little background on her company Bamboobies. (I encourage you to also read through the FAQs. I learned a lot about their products there.)

Hi, Kerry! Tell us a little bit about your family and product.

I’m a mama of 3 under 4 with very leaky boobies. I invented Bamboobies particularly for new mothers who are tired of looking silly when pads show through, or (worse!) leak through their shirts, sick of changing their sheets or having a hard time sleeping in soaking wet t-shirts!  Bamboo is also amazingly soft and absorbent – two perfect traits for new mothers. And the bamboo doesn’t get cold and clammy when wet like a cotton pad does so they’re great for wearing through the long nights – and days – with a new baby.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and when I had my first son I was very unhappy with the other pads, washable and disposable, out there.  I didn’t discover the uniquely wonderful qualities of Bamboo until I was cloth diapering my second – and I didn’t create bamboobies until one day when I thought of the funny name. After I had the name and product idea, I knew I couldn’t sleep until I got them to other leaky mamas like me.

Nursing mothers love Bamboobies because they’re the softest pads out there, they are less visible through clothing and have a PUL milk-proof backing.  They also like them because they’re cute, heart-shaped and come in fun colors and even black.  I hear most often that people buy them for the softness but love them for how discrete they are.

What are the different ways customers can connect with you? is our site and the store is

@bamboobies on twitter

Kerry has graciously offered to giveaway a $30 credit to her store where you can either buy a multi-pak of bamboobies or put the money to use toward other new mama and baby must-haves.

In addition to the wonderful giveaway, everyone can immediately start saving by using the code AACD20 to save 20% off your purchase!

Contest ends 12:01am on Friday September 2, 2011. I will choose a winner by noon on Friday!

*I was generously provided product by Bamboobies when I “leaked” that I could really benefit from their product ;) *

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144 Responses to “An Interview with Bamboobies plus a Giveaway!”

  1. Kelly S. Says:

    I would love the try the multi-pack with the three regular and three overnight.


  2. Rebecca Keunen Says:

    I would love to try their multi pack, they sound so comfortable!!


  3. Candace Says:

    I would love to try the multipack! It would be worth it and pay for itself within a month for me! I am a SUPER LEAKER! Especially now with a newborn!


  4. Clarissa Says:

    I am using the Medala brand breast pads because I too am a leaker. They are nice but they are disposable. I have tied wool and they just felt to itchy and warm. These sound great! Thanks for the chance to win some!


  5. Mandee Jo Says:

    I would really like to try them. I would just need the regulars though. I’m so tired of lines showing through my shirts.


  6. Jessica Says:

    I would choose the overnights :)


  7. Allison Says:

    I would get the variety pack = 3 regulars and 3 overnights, representing all three colors. So multi-functional!


  8. Emily D Says:

    I would love to try the multipak- love the idea of the pul backing, but would definately need the extra absorbancy at night- I am always leaking through! I tried cotton ones before and not only were they obvious and not absorbant enough, my dog kept eating them (washed or not!)


  9. Jen Says:

    I would choose the multi-pack, and definitely the bamboo ease flax pillow!


  10. Andrea Says:

    I would get the regular nursing pads and the overnighters especially for the first 6 weeks of my next babies life!


  11. Sarah B Says:

    I would try the multi pack!


  12. stephanie Says:

    I would get the multi-pack plus another 2-pack of the regular ones so I don’t have to do laundry as often.


  13. Kayla Says:

    I never could get behind nursing pads of any kind. I can’t even think of having wet boobs all day! (Gross!) I got Lilypadz and I have never looked back. No leaking. NO LEAKING. They are amazing. I’ve never had to take a different shirt with me to work, or had to leave early as I’ve leaked through. In fact, the only time I’ve had a leaking problem since I had the baby, I wasn’t wearing them.


    • Texas Momma Says:

      I love my Lily Padz too! I used disposable pads for about 2 months with my first before I found them and they were the most miserable months in all my 3 1/2 years of nursing my 3 kids! I don’t know that I would have been able to nurse as long as I did without them! I was a teacher and besides the no leaking, the discretness of them was very important to me. I didn’t want to draw any attention to my boobs in front of a class of 25 5th graders!!


      • Candace Says:

        Just a word on Lily Padz…if you are a super leaker like me, don’t try them. The only women I know that use these without severe engorgment issues do not leak like I do. I leak because my boobs have to release what is building up inside. Lily Padz stop the leaking by blocking the hole and not allowing milk out of the breast. Please be advised. Talk to others who have used these and find out what kind of leakers they are.


  14. Allison Says:

    I’d be tempted to try the multi-pack.


  15. Bonnie Corkran Says:

    I use hemp and just get creative with hiding them. My baby has Bamboo dipes and I love how soft and assorbent they are! Would love to try.


  16. Lori Says:

    I would love to try the multi-pack!


  17. Katrina Says:

    love the Bamboobies Multi-pack: Our Bestseller


  18. Niki Lavin Says:

    Bamboobies are my favorite by far! I “need” the black ones!


  19. Whitney Says:

    My milk supply has been insane, and I just soak through all the tell-tale disposable pads. I’d LOVE to try bamboobies! I have so much to learn! Thanks for your site, offers and info!


  20. Jen Says:

    Interesting. I’ll have to figure something out. I switched to disposables because the hemp ones I have really hurt my nips. :(

    I would probably do the multi-pak, too.


  21. Athena Says:

    These look awsome! I’m expecting my 4th in a few weeks,and I’ve always been a leaker.I love the idea of a pul backing, the cotton ones I used befor would leak right through.I would love the variety pack to get started,also thanks for the 20% off Autumn.


  22. Nikki Says:

    I don’t really need the pads anymore, even though I’m still nursing. I do have 3 friends that are due in the next 2 months, so I would love to give them either the regulars or overnights.


  23. Rachael Says:

    Multi-pak all the way. Though the cover looks very handy.


  24. Stephanie Says:

    I would go for the multipack. There are days I need to have more protection and some days I nurse more often, so the regular would be okay.


  25. Alicia L. Says:

    I’ve been eyeballing these nursing pads for a while and would love to try them!


  26. Lauren Stair Says:

    what a wonderful idea using bamboo! I love bamboo diapers and I can only imagine how fabulous these will work!


  27. Lanae Says:

    I would probable get the multi pack. I have tried the reusable pads but they always leak through and feel gross when wet. So I’ve been using disposable ones…I never thought about the fact that they have the same chemicals in them as diapers.


  28. Eileen Says:

    This is just a great concept! I love it!


  29. Catherine Says:

    I would get the Multipack!


  30. Samantha Says:

    I would put it toward some regular bamboobies and also the maple nursing necklace! My daughter pinches at by breasts and neck while nursing trying to hold something (my finger won’t always suffice)!


  31. Kerrie Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful product! I have nursed 2 kids 2 yrs each and have tried sooooo many nursing pads, disposable or not, even had my mom make some out of hemp-org cotton-bamboo but unfortunately everything was just…leaky! so on my 3rd child nursing so far 14 mos have settled for disposables most of this time (argghh!) As I cloth diaper and am starting the switch to cloth mama products, this kills me! Would love to try these nursing pads!


  32. Leah Says:

    I would love the multi pack!


  33. Catherine Mackechney Says:

    I would definitely go with the Variety 6 pair pack. I am expecting baby #2 now, and still nursing my first LO. I imagine the chances are good that I’ll me much leakier this time around!


  34. Jennifer Tippett Says:

    Well, I would get 2 multi-packs (1 overnight, 3 regulars) so I could wash every other day (might even get a third pack so I could go an extra day if I needed to). I would get a Moby Wrap but I already have one. The Butterfly Wrap is adorable! I would get it as long as I have enough. And if I start pumping, then I would get the hands-free pumping bra as well (again, if I have enough). =)


  35. Jessica Says:

    I think the Butterfly Nursing Shawl & Wrap is both beautiful and super practical!

    My little one is almost a year so for this round the leaky breasts are behind me. I will definitely have to get some of the nursing pads for the next baby. I have tried to use the washable pads before but they always showed through. Glad a mama found a better solution for us all!


  36. Lacey Says:

    So funny that someone posted about their son pinching their tummy….My son picked up that habit when I nursed him (18 months total!) and continued the pinching habit till probably 4 just to fall asleep!!


  37. Charissa Says:

    I would get more of the regulars, I LOVE these! I have some really good hemp nursing pads too but these are trimmer under my nursing tank. :)


  38. Julia Says:

    I would DEFINITELY buy the overnites – top of my list!!!


  39. Amy J Says:

    I would love to get the nursing necklace – my son’s discovered pinching my tummy :(. If I can convince her to wear them, I’d love to get some Bamboobies for my friend when she has her baby.


  40. Claire Says:

    Those are awesome! I’d totally try the breast pads, both kinds. The nursing shawl is also really cool!


  41. young cm Says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your genius with us!


  42. Elizabeth Says:

    I was really considering buying these but money is so tight for me right now that I have to be very careful about choosing items like this. I definitely don’t want to go with disposable but I have a few pads right now and I go through them too fast. I would LOVE to have some of these – bamboo sounds great, is sustainable, and very absorbent. Thanks for the review/interview! Good information.


  43. Laure Says:

    I would love to get a pack of these to give my sister, who is pregnant with her second baby.


  44. Melissa Says:

    I’ll have to try these the next time I’m nursing!


  45. Lilliana Gonzalez Says:

    I’d get the Multi-pak of . Have one pair I got during breastfeeding week & I love them. Need like 3 or 4 more!!!!


  46. Roxanne Johnson-Bisland Says:

    I also have never thought or really read the packaging on the nursing pads. I have not been happy with the disposables and have been looking for good reusable. These are so much like the cloth diapers – I love it.
    I really could use both the regular and over night ones. I have been sleeping on a towel so I dont have to change the sheets all the time.
    I really like the Multi pack and the Varity 6 pack.
    I wish I could order some tonight


  47. Sara Says:

    I would have a hard time deciding between the variety pack and a Moby Wrap. I don’t leak a lot, but I only have 2 pairs of cotton pads that I like. However, I’ve been wanting a Moby Wrap for quite sometime!


  48. Lacey Says:

    I would love the Bamboobies or the nursing cover for sure! I started leaking at 5 months of pregnancy with my first and of course continued until i stopped breastfeeding at 18 months! I am just about to my 5 month of pregnancy with my 2nd and would love to try these nursing pads!! Thanks so much!!


  49. Katie Barrett Says:

    I love breastpads, but my favorite is the black butterfly wrap nursing cover! :O)


  50. Amy Says:

    I’m expecting my second in a few weeks and I would love to try the overnights!


  51. Cecelia Says:

    Absolutley, I would get the nursing pads. I am a mother of 4. I am expecting my 5th and have always been very leaky. The cloth isn’t as reliable and show through clothing and the disposables are uncomfortable, itchy and of course there are the chemicals. I could use the help!


  52. Kate Says:

    I have these nursing pads and really love the overnights. I love the shape of the daytime ones but felt they made me a little sweaty.

    If I won I would buy the nursing necklace teether. Or maybe a mobi wrap.


  53. Sarah Albertson Says:

    I would buy more overnights!! LOVE how soft and absorbent they are, especially since my LO has recently upped how long she sleeps and my boobs have yet to adjust to her new schedule! lol! The overnights are the only things that can get me through her new 7 hours of sleep every night! :)


  54. Allie Says:

    I would probably get the variety pack of nursing pads or the butterfly nursing shawl.


  55. Kendra V. Says:

    I would definitely get the multi-pack!


  56. Alissa Greising Says:

    I love the Skirt – Nursing Cover – Maternity Shawl.


  57. lauren bryson Says:

    I would love the regular bamboobies, they would totally safe me from washing my bras after every time I wear them. My little one is almost three months and I still leak at every feeding. Thanks for the giveaway!


  58. Stephanie Lindunda Says:

    I would get the multi-pak, still can’t decide on the color though!


  59. Emilie Says:

    I would get the Multi-pak of Bamboobies first, but I’m also really curious about the Butterfly Nursing Cover. I’m adding it all to my wish list for the next baby (although I’m still nursing the first one!).


  60. Cristy Says:

    This would be TERRIFIC! I have wanted to try Bamboobies!


  61. Becky Says:

    I can’t believe I never thought about chemicals in the disposable pads! I use those in the beginning and move to cotton pads when I’m leaking less, but I hate the cotton pads! I would love to have a multipack of bamboobies to try with Baby #3 when s/he arrives in a few weeks!


  62. Gwen Says:

    I’d love to check out the multi pack! These look amazing. I’m so tired of wet, crunchy feeling pads!


  63. Little Misses Kate Says:

    I would love the overnight pads!


  64. Jen H Says:

    I forgot…I would go for the multipack!


  65. Jen H Says:

    I have tried the cotton nursing pads, but have to wear two of them together so that I don’t leak through onto my shirt. Love the idea of PUL backing…would love something to have something reliable enough to wear in public!!!


  66. Hannah M Says:

    I think I would probably go for the variety pack of nursing pads, but the Moby wrap is pretty appealing too!


  67. Lori Hardy Says:

    I was just lamenting today that my cotton nursing pads do not absorb at all…I am constantly leaking through…which leads me to use the disposables when I go out in public or to work. I’m excited to see that Bamboobies may solve my problem and help me get out of using the disposable pads!!! I’d probably get the variety 6 pair pack to start with!


  68. Kristin P. Says:

    We are TTC#3 and currently CD #2. I didnt even think about how bad the nursing pads where. I start leaking very early on in pregnancy. These look so cute! Im looking at the multi pack as well as the cover., so cute and stylish!


  69. Emily Says:

    I would love to give these to a certain mommy to be that I am trying to convince that they can cloth diaper, wipe, and hey why not nursing pad too!!!


  70. M'lissa Says:

    Oooh, I would want the regulars AND the overnighters!


  71. Morgan N. Says:

    i would get the regulars. I leaked but never a ton


  72. Jennifer Says:

    I would want the variety 6 pair pack. I too ignored the chemicals and wanted to switch to reusable because I was tired of buying disposable. I had never thought of the chemicals, although as soon as I read that in your post I thought, Wow! How did I not think of it?


  73. carrie Says:

    I would buy the butterfly cover up and the multi pak!


  74. Jill Says:

    I would like the overnight 4 pair package


  75. Crys Says:

    I have 6 sets these breast pads (3 regular & 3 night) and LOVE them! If I were to win this certificate I would order more regular pairs so I could leave aset in my purse, car, & diaper bag.


  76. Wendy Says:

    I love, love, love my bamboobies!! I have several sets of the daytime (heart shaped) ones in light pink and a few sets of the overnight ones. I rarely have a problem leaking through, and I’m a big leaker :). I wash with the same detergent I use on my cloth diapers to be safe, because i’m not sure if the bamboobies could be susceptible to repelling issues like cloth diapers. Would highly recommend to any nursing mother!


  77. Lindsey Says:

    I was just thinking the other day that I wish I had some better disposable nursing pads …

    I would go with the variety 6-pair pack.


  78. Katrina Says:

    I love the shawl/skirt/cover combo so I would have to decide between that and the normal pads! Pick me!!!


  79. sharon Says:

    i would go with the mutli pack


  80. Anne Winter Says:

    My sweet baby girl is one week old today and I’m learning how important nursing pads really are. I forgot to wear them the first night after my milk came in and woke up DRENCHED–not a comfortable feeling. I’ve chosen to cloth diaper for financial, environmental, and health reasons and it just makes sense to also utilize reusable nursing pads. These seem like a great solution. After looking at the Bamboobies website, I’d probably opt for the bamboobies multipack with all three colors included. They’re so cute!


  81. Lisa Gasser Says:

    I would buy the Bamboobies variety 6 pair pack!! These look soooo much nicer than my old gerber cotton ones!


  82. Cara Says:

    Haven’t had the baby yet but will need these!


  83. Natalie Says:

    With baby #2 on the way I can’t wait to stock up on more breastpads… the ones I have from DS are cotton and just “okay”, mainly because they were pretty bulky even through a bra!


  84. Jennifer Miranda Says:

    I would get an overnight pack. Those look super comfy!


  85. Karen Says:

    I would go for the multi-pak.


  86. Lisa Says:

    I would get the multi-pack. I’m due in about 2 weeks and would love to try these.


  87. Hannah Says:

    I would get the multi-pack so I could try the regular and over night bamboobies.


  88. Jennifer Says:

    I love the nursing pads look! Sounds heavenly!


  89. Susan M. Says:

    Bamboobies Multi-pak!!


  90. Laurie Says:

    I’d get the variety pack!


  91. Katie Says:

    I would definitely get the 4-pack of overnights! My son still nurses every two hours during the day (he’s just short of 5 months old), but he sleeps 12-15 hours overnight! I love the sleep, but it leaves me one sore mama by morning and I almost never get away dry. I would a washable nursing pad that didn’t leak!


  92. Heidi M Says:

    I would love bamboobies organic velor in hot pink!


  93. Marie Says:

    I would love some of the nursing pads! As a fellow leaky mom I need something super absorbent!


  94. Melissa Says:

    I hope to win so that can rid of my nasty disposable nursing pads.


  95. M Holly Says:

    I’d definitely go with the variety pack. I’m expecting my second child so I would love to have plenty of awesome reusable nursing pads.


  96. Kristen Bobbitt Says:

    I would buy:
    Bamboobies Multi-pak:
    3 pair Regular Breast Pads
    plus 1 pair of Overnight Breast Pads


  97. Jessica Says:

    Wow … I never would have thought about the chemicals in nursing pads either. Thanks so much for highlighting bamboobies – I will definitly give them a whirl with baby #3, due in only two mos.


  98. Rachel Says:

    Wow, I’m excited to take a look at the website. I’m am also a “leaker” and am still using disposable pads 11 months into nursing. I’ve looked at other reusable products out there, but most reviews indicate they don’t work that well for those of us who leak. It’s nice to know there is another option that is safe and will save me money in the long run (vs. buying my Lasinoh disposable ones). Yeah!!!


  99. Thyme Says:

    I would totally choose the bamboo overnight, my milk NEVER dries up (even years after I stop breast feeding) so it’d be nice to not have a soaking shirt! :)


  100. Shiree Says:

    Well, I love the nursing pads but I also LOVE the idea of the nursing shawl. It’s so beautiful.



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