Benefits of Wearing Your Baby…Let Me Count the Ways

October 8, 2014

Babywearing, Cloth Diapers

I have loved to wear my daughter since the first day she was born. I am still wearing her even now at two years old and 28 pounds.  With a good, supportive carrier that you are comfortable in you can barely feel your baby…seriously! How do you think people were able to wear their babies for thousands of years before we had strollers?!

Babywearing week

There are many benefits of babywearing! Among them: babies who are worn cry less and actually become independent FASTER! Check out this great link  over at Sweetbottoms Baby for a full list of benefits and documentation to back it up! If you have a colicky baby…wear them! Want to get stuff done…wear your baby!

Use what works for you! For some it’s a soft structured carrier or ring sling and others love to wrap! Do some research and find something that you like and give it a try. If you are worried about not liking the carrier, I’ve found they are fairly simple to resell. So little to lose by trying it and SO MUCH to gain <3

FiggyFuzz Baby Boutique, Sweetbottoms BabySprout Soup and Mom’s Milk Boutique have a nice selection of wraps and Soft Structured Carriers for you to check out!

Do you have any questions about babywearing? Just comment with your question here and we will see if we can get it answered!

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Jenn is a WAHM to two beautiful little girls. Sophia (4.5 years old) and Norah (4 months). She closed her business, Curves, when she found out she was pregnant so she could stay home with her first daughter. Now Jenn spends her time spreading the love of fluff and sharing common sense answers that help to make cloth diapers easy for everyone.

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10 Responses to “Benefits of Wearing Your Baby…Let Me Count the Ways”

  1. Lorell MV De Luis Says:

    There are many benefits of baby-wearing! Love it all!!!


  2. Miranda Burdette Says:

    I love this article. Babywearing in general makes life easier and creates such a great bond.


  3. Terra Says:

    We love babywearing! My son instantly calms down the second I wrap him up or put him in the SSC. We just got our very first Tula, and can’t wait to get another one!


  4. Laurie Says:

    I cannot recommend highly enough that anyone having trouble wearing or wanting to try wearing should look for a baby wearing group in their area. It helps immensely to have in person help adjusting your carrier. That’s what made the difference for me and many of the people I know and made us true baby wearing lovers because someone else was able to help us make sure that we were wearing the carrier correctly. If someone doesn’t have a lot of money upfront but wants to try a carrier, Heavenly Hold has an online service where you can rent a carrier for two weeks. It’s very inexpensive, and they’re wonderful to work with. They have many different styles available to rent.


  5. amanda o Says:

    Hi, I’m dying to have a tula for my 5 month old colicky baby! He’s our 7th child and our hardest child. Where can I find one for under $100!? Can a mei tie be made into a tula?


  6. Ashley Says:

    I could probably use some advice. I only wore my baby (my second daughter) when she was extremely colicky because I didn’t like it very much. No matter what I used (I have a moby wrap, a sling, and an infantino), my back and shoulders would hurt. I also found it very difficult to get things done. I couldn’t do dishes because I couldn’t reach the sink with the baby there (I’m short); if I had to pick things up off the floor, I had to hold my hand on the baby so she wouldn’t fall out; I couldn’t stand or sit comfortably; all I could do was walk around. Because of that, I wore her as little as possible. Any advice for me for next time?


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Hi Ashley, I’m glad you asked! Everyone is shaped differently, both the wearer and the wearee! That is why not all carriers are for everyone. And like anything, not all carriers are created equal. Like I mentioned there are lots of places to sell carriers, even locally like on craigs list. I went through five carriers and then i found one that felt like wearing white fluffy clouds. I’d tell you which one but I’m broad and tall (5’8″) SO I don’t think the same one would be good for you. Maybe look into a Beco, ergo or even a tula. Let me know if I can help!


      • Ashley Says:

        Thanks for the advice. People are always saying how it’s such a good thing to wear your baby, and I almost feel guilty for not liking it.


        • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

          Like anything, different strokes for different folks Ashley! You have to do what works best for you and YOUR family!


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