Best Covers for Cloth Diapers

August 2, 2013


A cover is a cover is a cover…right?


Sometimes the cover you grab will depend on what is under the cover.

Say you’re a prefolds and flats girl.  You’ll want something with impeccable containment abilities.  You’ll also want a cover on the smaller side since a prefold and flat are very trim.

For you I’d recommend the Rumparooz One size cover.  Why?  The Rumparooz cover has lots of elastic!  Elastic on the belly panel, elastic on the back panel, elastic in the double gussets.  The Rumparooz cover isn’t what I grab when I am using a fitted because it is almost too tight of a fit.

I have used AI2 inserts inside a Rumparooz cover and although there is a snug, trim fit I don’t like the TPU and exposed snaps on baby.  I like this cover when I snappi/pin a prefold or flat. Rumparooz covers cost $14-$16.

Similar to the Rumparooz cover is Best Bottoms cover.  They both share the same elastic placement and internal gussets but the Best Bottoms fit even smaller and have less stretch than Rumparooz.  This isn’t a bad thing when you want an trim fit over a thin diaper.  Best Bottoms diaper covers cost $16.95

If you prefer to trifold or lay in an insert or prefold I would recommend Pooters One Size Trim Hybrid cover.  Pooters covers have a wide panel in the front and back to allow for tucking in of the absorbency.  Pooters are very trim and are soft and stretchy.  Plenty of rise and waist snaps combined with a crossover snap allow for great size variability.  Pooters covers are made of PUL and cost $11.00.

As a side note, if you are looking for a thirsty, trim insert check out Pooters Stay-Dry Reversible inserts.  I like them because they are very soft (no stiffness ever and I’ve washed my dozens of times) and absorbent.  I can lay the stay-dry side against the skin or choose the natural bamboo.  The inserts cost $8.50.

Don’t like rise snaps on the front of the cover?  Thirsties is the cover I’d recommend.  Thirsties covers offer plenty of containment security with front and back elastic and internal gussets.  The velcro makes for a quick change although over time velcro can lose it’s stickiness.  Thirsties covers cost $11.25-$12

But what if you have an extra fluffy diaper on your baby?  You’ll need a cover with lots of stretch and with a wide crotch.  My #1 recommendation is the Sweet Pea diaper cover.  Super soft PUL, internal gussets, lots of stretch and plenty of snaps to fit an infant.

We have had some very large fitted diapers in rotation before and the Sweet Pea diaper cover always fits.  This is important because if any of the diaper is exposed the wetness will leak out.

Sweet Pea diaper covers cost $10.95. In my opinion, a cloth diaper must-have.

Another option for a fluffy bum is the Gen-Y Next Gen Universal cover.  Side-snaps make this cover unique and removes that issue of having sooo many snaps on the baby’s front.  Gen-Y covers are only available in the most stylish prints so if you want boring look elsewhere.  They vary in price but Nappies n More has a lot in stock for good prices.

TPU or PUL isn’t your only diaper cover fabric option.  Wool and fleece are cozy, breathable options.  Wool has many amazing benefits when used as a cover.

Fleece soakers are widely available on Etsy and Hyena Cart.

Recycled wool is an affordable option for those wanting to try out wool.  Woollybottoms makes soakers, shorties, longies and footies all from recycled pieces.  They are the leader in recycled wool.  Prices vary and in stock items go quick.  Sign up for the Woollybottoms newsletter and be alerted to when the store stocks.  Move fast because you want to have a pair of Woollybottoms longies for the winter! (buy now because once the cold hits it will be very difficult to buy them before they sell out)

I’m a big fan of interlock wool.  It is more expensive but is an amazing diaper cover (or clothing item).  Woollybottoms offers interlock soakers in several fun colors ($36) and Sloomb just brought back their interlock soakers ($42)!!  Years ago Sloomb interlock was all we used for diaper covers.

You will need to add lanolin to your wool before it is “waterproof” but don’t be intimidated!  It is not a hard to care for wool.

Finding the right cover is just as important as the diaper underneath.  Once you find one you like I recommend having at least 5 PUL/TPU covers or 3 wool/fleece covers.  That is a minimum recommendation.

What is your favorite cover and what do you use under it?

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15 Responses to “Best Covers for Cloth Diapers”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I use your site a lot and think it’s great. Thanks for making it! However despite spending countless hours researching still feel like I know next to nothing about cloth diapering. So lately my 8 month old son has been getting diaper rash and it’s making me very upset. It’s not bad enough to be obviously bothering him, just some redness around his lil wee and coin purse with some red patches here and there on particularly bad days but it really makes me upset that it’s there at all. I know his inserts are clean, they smell fine and I always do an extra rinse on them so I don’t think it could be a detergent reaction. I also change him at least every 2 hours so he’s never in a wet diaper too long so that can’t be the cause either. I think the issue is lack of air due to the PUL covers. I use Flip covers and a mix of bamboo and stay-dry microfiber inserts during the day and disposables at night. I used to use GNHWs but the rash was worse when I did so at my husband’s insistence I switched to the sposies. I was not happy about doing it. I wanted to know if there are any breathable options out there for covers. Something without PUL but not wool. I just don’t get how they work and would prefer something more similar to a Flip that I could still use the inserts I already have with. And affordable as well if possible. My husband already gives me enough grief over how much I’ve spent on my cloth diapering scheme and would prefer me to just use sposies full time. I know we’re saving in the long run but he just doesn’t like them. I’m determined to prove to him they work though so if you can please help! Thank you!


  2. Christine Says:

    I’m 30 weeks pregnant and still researching.. Thanks for your recommendations! I will look for sweet pea covers!


  3. Rebecca T Says:

    I have some fitteds and need to get a few covers that will work with them. I think I’ll try Sweet Pea per your recommendation. It’s useful to see what works best with which kind of diaper. Thanks!


  4. Kayla Says:

    thirsties duo wraps!


  5. Faith Says:

    Thirsties wraps and KissaLuvs are the ones that are our go-to wraps around here. LOVE the double gusset. ;)


  6. Quiana Says:

    I’m a pocket girl but I want to try fitteds or soakers and a cover at night. Wild Child and Sweet Peas are so cute. Now I’m motivated to try them as a night solution right away. Thanks!


  7. Tracy Fox Says:

    I am surprised you find the Rumparooz covers trim. They seem very full cut especially when we use flip or soft bums insets. Rumparooz covers are ok, but not my favorite on my almost 2 yo. But they are huge on my 3 month old. They cover half of her thighs and seem bulky.


  8. marinazar Says:

    I am a PF girl for sure. We were on strict budget but even so loved Bummis Super Whisper and Litewraps for our then NB. We added Flip covers and wool shorties.


  9. Marion Ruybalid Says:

    I like Flip diapers, but now I make my own brand RubyRumps. It is a wider diaper cover to fit over fitted diapers or a trifold type diaper.


  10. Jamie Says:

    Sorry not bummis, bumkins. They are more narrow then most others which works well w my skinny girls.


  11. Jamie Says:

    I have the rumparoos and I don’t like them as much. They work great on the largest size but w on snap down the elastic digs into my little ones legs. And my kids are little. I like bummis and econobum.


    • tag Says:

      I have the same experience. No matter how many times I’ve hand stretched the leg elastics, if the rumparoos is snapped down at all, my little one gets horrible marks on his legs.

      Diaper Safari covers fit around his waist and legs. They’re around $8 ea.


  12. Nikki Says:

    I have mostly thirstys duo wrap covers, & I have one sweet pea cover.. The sweet pea is by far my favorite! The pul is sooo soft & stretchy! I am definitely buying more in the very near future!


  13. Carrie Says:

    I second Bummis. I have Thirsties, Econobum, Bummis, and some no name china covers and I always grab for the Bummis first to go with my prefolds.


  14. Britt Says:

    Bummis super whisper wraps and super brites over a prefold are still my faves :)


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