Big Review of 5 Prefolds and Flats. There Isn’t a Bad One in the Bunch!


Prefolds and flats are nothing to be afraid of. While they may not be the most convenient of the cloth diapering options they are still pretty easy to use and pocketbook friendly. The biggest bonus, in my opinion, is how EASY these will wash and dry. Most people who exclusively use flats and prefolds don’t have the same washing woes that plague some cloth diaper users. If you have to hand wash or use a Laundromat, this is probably the way to go.


I tried to use prefolds when Sophia was a newborn. I think I was doing a jelly roll secured with snappis and a Thirsties cover on top. For whatever reason, they leaked every…single…time. I honestly think it may have been user error or just not enough absorbency as I was using a straight cotton blend. Either way, I didn’t try prefolds or flats again until I started to do this review. I don’t know why I waited so long!

Thankfully, the second time around went much better than the first! No leaks this time. As someone who was pretty new to actual flats, when I first opened the package that Sweetbottoms Baby sent to me, I thought, “What am I going to do with these? These can’t be actual diapers!”

Three months later, I can say, while I am no expert, that I think I have the hang of it, lol.

Sweetbottoms Baby is an amazing sponsor of All About Cloth Diapers. Even before I started blogging, I loved Sweetbottoms Baby. It is seriously one of my favorite shops to buy from. They have FREE shipping on everything (unless it’s super heavy and then it has a small surcharge). Every package arrives wrapped up like it’s a gift! This is how the flats and prefolds arrived. Finally, they have a great selection and amazing customer service.


One other cool thing about this shop is that they offer a prepping service. For $8, they wash your prefolds 3 times in hot water using Eco Sprout detergent. They arrive at your door ready to use! If you still need to prep them, this will explain how.

I did receive these for free, however this is my honest and true opinion.

I received all large sizes as they are for my soon to be two year old daughter. I found that pad folding or a trifold, was the easiest way for us to use the prefold. I had no problems with it shifting. This worked for me because we are dealing with solid poo here. If your baby has looser bowel movements or you find that the prefold moves, keeps your eyes open for my prefolds and flats folding post that is coming soon! If you’d like to see how-to do a pad fold with added absorbency, click here.

As for the flats, I’ve been doing the diaper bag fold, click here to see how to do it!

I also got the chance to use a Blueberry Coveralls and a Rumparooz Cover. Perfect choices not only for prefolds and flats, but also to use at night.

Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds

This is my favorite of the bunch. It’s because I’m not really a flats girl and this prefold reminds me the most of just plain ol’ insert. I love Thirsties Hemp Inserts. And I love their prefolds just as much. High quality materials, SUPER absorbent and made in the USA. If you are looking for something for a heavy wetter, this is it.

The Thirsties Hemp prefold is sewn into a circle so the layers can separate in the wash to clean and dry better. The one downside of that is when you try to trifold this, there will be a hump wherever the seam is because there is overlapping fabric. If you use a different fold for this you won’t have the problem as the seam won’t be stacked on itself.

Grovia Prefold

Anytime you want better absorbency go with a bamboo or hemp blend. They absorb A LOT more than straight cotton. This is bamboo/cotton blend that stays soft even after washing and drying. I loved how much this thing could hold. That makes it a good option to use at night, although we still add a doubler for extra protection.

One thing that I would change is the size. These run bigger than I thought! I think the size three (infant long 15” x 18.5”) would have been a better fit on Sophia. The size four or toddler seems to be more like for 2.5 years and up. I had trouble containing the length of this in our covers. Just a heads up!

Osocozy Better Fit Unbleached Indian Prefolds

This one is sized to be 2.5” shorter in the infant size and 5-6” shorter in the premium (larger) size. That solves the exact problem I was having with the Grovia prefolds. If you are trifolding then you don’t need the extra length and this allows for that and keeps things trimmer. The only reason I would say I like the Grovia better is because I need the hemp or bamboo blend and their increased absorbency at this stage in the game.

These are made diaper service quality, lint free (love that) and made of 100% Indian cotton gauze weaved material. These didn’t stay quite as soft as the Grovia’s after being washed either but that is due to the material it is made from.

Osocozy Organic Cotton Flat

If you like to keep it organic then this is the choice for you. This is super trim and stayed soft after washing. Made of 100% organic Birdseye weave cotton. And the website says sewn by WAH moms and grandmas! This is an incredibly trim option. However, I had to use a doubler to have enough absorbency. Usually, I like to throw in an extra Thirsties Hemp Insert.

Babykicks Hemp Flats

I really like this one. Folded up easily and I used like an insert. I folded it in half and then half again and then just played it in a cover. Maybe someone can help me with this one though. I am not sure it is still being made and sold. I couldn’t find it anywhere, just the Joey Bunz prefolds. This measures 14” x 21” and is 55% hemp/45% cotton.


Today’s post is just a review of different flats and prefolds. But keep an eye out as my next post will be a how to of my favorite folds!

Click here to go to my Collection of Easy Folds for Flats and Prefolds including pictures!

Sweetbottoms Baby has been kind enough to offer a wonderful prize package to All About Cloth Diapers readers. They giveaway will include the reviewed flats and prefolds as well as a Blueberry Coveralls One Size cover! Click here to check out my favorite ways to fold flats and prefolds including pictures! Good Luck!

Congrats~Heather K. was the winner!

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205 Responses to “Big Review of 5 Prefolds and Flats. There Isn’t a Bad One in the Bunch!”

  1. Samantha Rodebaugh Says:

    I’ve used thirstiest hemp ore folds when I just first started cloth diapering and I didn’t like them but my dd was a huge wetter and she always tends to wet all at once Ina flash flood kind of way and she always leaked, she always does with hemp unless I have something else like bamboo or cotton on top of it. But anyway our favorites were our green mountain diapers prefolds I always had to use a doubler but I loved those! I really need to try groves out one day before my dd potty trains lol


  2. cora Says:

    I like the OsoCozy large unbleached flats I ha e and Imagine organic prefolds but I have not tried many brands.


  3. Beki Lozano Says:

    right now all i have tried is diaper rite perfolds and i like them


  4. Tamara Says:

    I like my Thirsties Hemp
    Prefolds but they are the only brand I have tried. I love them because they are fast drying & very absorbent.


  5. Carie Says:

    I use Flip covers, but have used many different things for inserts ( wash cloths, receiving blankets). Love not buying disposables!


  6. Cory perez Says:



  7. Seiw Says:

    Love the GroVias! Soft and thirsty :)


  8. Shannon Says:

    I’m just getting started on this whole flat/prefold thing, but I’ve started my stash with some FSTs and osocozy prefolds. We’ll see how it all turns out!


  9. Joanna moe Says:

    My favorite prefold brand is Osocozy


  10. Heather Ann Says:

    I have OsoCozy prefolds & flats. These are the only flats & prefolds I’ve tried. So I’d love to try some other brands.


  11. Elizabeth Says:

    I’ve only used gdiapers- and not a fan.


  12. Kristi Muckenfuss Says:

    I love Grovia because they’re so soft!


  13. Miriam Matheny Says:

    I am new to cloth. Baby is due in a few weeks so I haven’t gotten to try anything yet! Your reviews are very helpful in deciding which to get though!


  14. Christine M Says:

    I am loving the GroVia prefold on my 4mo because it is soft and sucks in all the moistyre.


  15. Valerie Says:

    I love prefolds as they are so easy and you can use for much more than just diapers.


  16. Barbara Says:

    I would love to try the Grovia prefolds.


  17. Lydia Says:

    I use and enjoy cotton prefolds. I haven’t found flats that I like yet, but I want to give them a try. The flats I have are rectangular and I haven’t figured out a fold I like.


  18. Jennae Brehmer Says:

    I don’t have a favorite yet! My baby is due October and I only have Green Mountain Diaper brand. I would love to have a couple of different brands to try!


  19. Nicole U Says:

    I have not tried any prefolds yet but I like the ones with bamboo and hemp. Thanks for the chance to win!


  20. Jillian Says:

    I use prefolds from our local diaper service.


  21. Jennifer Says:

    I have never tried a flat or prefold so I don’t have a favorite. I am super interested in trying them. I think I’d lean toward bamboo.


  22. Carissa Joslyn Says:

    The only one I’ve tried is sustainablebabyish|sloomb and i love it!
    i only have one, though. ha


  23. Paola Pilonieta Says:

    I like Green Mountain prefolds b/c they’re color coded so you know what size they are.


  24. Cassandra Rae Says:

    Bummis because they are super absorbent, I bought them at my local CD store so they are the only ones I have tried. But in general I love prefolds :)


  25. Stephanie Wheatley Says:

    My favorite prefolds are Grovia bamboo, they are so incredibly soft and absorbent and are a very good price for the quality!


  26. Michaele h Says:

    I love plain flour sac towels. They get the job done and no stress, when they start to fall apart.


  27. Katy Baird Says:

    I’ve only ever used OsoCozy brand, but I am more than happy with them!


  28. Rachel R. Says:

    I’ve only tried the Bumkins brand prefolds, but I’ve heard good things about Diaper Rite brand too.


  29. Andrea Merrill Says:

    So. We just started using cloth last week. And the only diapers I have tried so far are the cotton babies flip and the bumgenius all in one. I like the Flip better than the all in one, so far, although the all in one is a little more convenient, the Flip is more absorbent.


  30. Hannah Says:

    Imagine Brand bamboo!


  31. April E Says:

    I only have some GMD prefolds and do love their fluffy softness and absorbency and would love to try more varieties


  32. Laura V Says:

    I have some prefolds I haven´t really tried yet since we have no baby yet. But if it is certified organic, I pretty much feel confident that they will be alright.


  33. Lisa H. Says:

    I like Geffen baby prefolds because they are super soft!


  34. Mia Says:

    I love geffenbaby hemp flats for stuffing pockets, but we started out with osocozy prefolds, which we still use from time to time, and I have a big place in my heart for them.


  35. Diana Says:

    I haven’t tried flats yet but definitely want to. I use prefolds that were handed down to me so I have no idea what brand they are.


  36. Yolanda S. Says:

    I like our osocozy better fit but I really want to try the thirsties.


  37. Claire Rheinheimer Says:

    I own one pre fold and have no idea what brand it is. I would like to try more because it works very well for overnight!


  38. Emily Says:

    I like econobum prefolds :)


  39. Liz F Says:

    I love the osocozy better fits for daytime, just trifold and go. I like the baby kicks hemp for night to give extra absorbancy.


  40. Jutta P. Says:

    I love Geffen Baby, they are so soft and absorbent and USA made!


  41. Jo-Ann Says:

    I’ve only ever used Bummis, but I’ve been very pleased with them. They were perfect for the newborn stage and work well for overnights with my 6 month old now.


  42. Kara Says:

    I’ve never tried prefolds or flats but would like to!


  43. victoria W Says:

    Haven’t tried many due to daddy’s preferences but I’ve been loving the Applecheeks we got last month


  44. amy acevedo Says:

    I have a thirsties prefold that I love!


  45. Aurora P Says:

    I only have Thirsties.


  46. Lara Says:

    Not sure yet! I hear good things about a lot, especially Geffen!


  47. Amber P Says:

    I love my bummis but the rarz with snaps is a fave too since its so easy!


  48. Lindsay H Says:

    I’ve never actually tried any other than the gerber ones in a pinch!


  49. Gabrielle Dennison Says:

    I love the Bummis prefolds I bought a few months ago. I also like the prefolds my friend gave me though I’m not sure what brand they are.


  50. Amy Jarman Says:

    I don’t have a favorite prefold because I am new to cloth diapering. I am really hoping to try new ones for my kids.


  51. Katie Hammond Says:

    I picked up some Grovia and Osocozy prefolds for our little guy due in September. They seemed so soft and had good reviews! Hopefully they will work!


  52. Jennifer Says:

    I will have to try out flats when traveling. Govia looks nice!


  53. Allie Says:

    I’m so new to cloth diapering, I have no idea! I hear hemp is the way to go!


  54. Katie Krebs Says:

    All I used with my older son was thirsties duo hemp prefolds with green line fleece covers and I couldn’t have been happier! Never ever leaked, washed clean and wasn’t bulky at all. Love!


  55. Sarah Dupree Says:

    Thirsties hemp prefolds!!!!! They last all night for my heavy soaker and I never had stink build up.


  56. Sara Says:

    So far I’ve only tried Bummis and Target flour sack towels. both work but I’m interested in trying more!


  57. Theresa Says:

    I would love to try these!


  58. Dawne Says:

    I haven’t tried any except the gerber that were passed on to me (yuck.
    I was using gdiapers but would love to try some flats.


  59. Mary Says:

    I have not noticed that I prefer a certain brand, but I AM partial to organics! I find they are more resilient, softer, & dry softer, even on the line.


  60. Kimberly Worrell Says:

    Babykicks hemp prefold. I like how thin & absorbant it is


  61. Jacqui Says:

    I see that the thirties are your favorite, but do you think they are worth 3x the price of the grovias? We use prefolds and need to get some more as our LO is out growing our stash.


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      I think if you are looking for the increased absorbency yes they are worth it. But you have to examine your budget and your needs and go with what works best for your family. Good Luck Jacqui!


  62. Tricia Says:

    Haven’t tried them yet but I bought a few kinds to try on in a few weeks.


  63. Jennifer Symonds Says:

    I really like osocozy, they’re really absorbent and soft


  64. Melissa Says:

    I love using prefolds! My son would get nasty rashes before I switched to cotton prefolds and he has healed up beautifully. And much more economical/user friendly. I even taught my in laws bikini fold and got them on board :-).


  65. Monica Says:

    I have only purchased Grovia prefolds. I actually haven’t used any yet since my baby is born yet. But, this post is very helpful!!


  66. Danielle Clark Says:

    Thirsties Hemp Prefolds are my favorite bc I love the texture and absorbency of hemp fibers! Thank you :)


  67. Jena Says:

    I don’t know! I had a bunch of no-name NB prefolds but now I’m looking at switching to wool covers & prefolds/flats/fitteds & I’m not sure where to turn or start.


  68. Jeanette E. Says:

    I am a huge fan of the grovia prefolds. I started with econobums and they were our first cloth diapers! I really love that they’re organic and bamboo. I would love to try a Blueberry cover all and the different flats!


  69. Hannah Says:

    My favorite prefolds are the OsoCozy organic prefolds with the Blueberry Coveralls! They are so soft and they have NEVER leaked on me, even overnight!


  70. Lauren Simms Says:

    Geffen baby has never let us down. Super versatile and thirsty while remaining soft and squishy.


  71. Vicki Hall Says:

    I love the Imagine smart fit prefolds and Diaper Rite flats . They are easy to clean and economical and fit perfectly in my covers.


  72. Kimberly R Says:

    I currently use DiaperRite birdseye flats & large Indian cotton prefolds, and Econobum prefolds. Now that Jr. is 20 months, the large prefolds have the better absorbency and size for naps, but the Econobums worked so well from 6-18 months for his size, until the rise got a little small for him. I can still use them trifolded, but they’re beginning to be a little on the weak side for absorbency.


  73. Aislinn Says:

    I haven’t had the chance to try prefolds yet (little one is due Sunday,) but we ordered Green Mountain prefolds due to the recommendations of so many on the internet. I’d love to try out other brands, though!


  74. nikki Says:

    I’ve never tried any. I use flour sack towels as flats pad folded in my pockets during the day though and they work great for us.


  75. may Says:

    Only tried GMD. Seem to for fine for me. Love the are cheaper than all in ones


  76. Ainee Ramos Says:

    I have used both thirsties and grovia prefolds. grovia size 1 is a perfect size as insert for my size 1 applecheeks but I like size 1 thirsties for my size 2 applecheeks


  77. Alessandra P Says:

    I just bought a few of the Flip daytime flats and I LOVE them. I wish I could find something that was as soft for a better price. Does anyone know how these different brands compare as far as softness?


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Geffen Baby! Hands down my favorite. THe jersey is the softest I’ve ever felt and they are SUPER absorbent. I use just one on my toddler nothing extra with no problems.


  78. Kristina Says:

    My favorite brand of prefold are the ones in my diaper service! :-)


  79. KD Says:

    The only flats I have are flour sack towels, which work well. I would love to try osocozy better fit prefolds, since they fit really well when trifolding.


  80. stephanie Says:

    grovia, because they are tag less and super soft


  81. Sheri Herum Says:

    I have only used the Cloth-eez brand sized prefolds (by Green Mountain Diapers) but they have worked well for us. Thanks!


  82. Kati Says:

    So far I have tried Nicki’s bamboo flats and prefolds and flour sack towels. The Nicki’s prefolds are my favorite. At night I trifold with a newborn size BumGenius microfiber insert inside the center and top with a raw silk liner. Keeps my girl feeling dry and rash free all night.


  83. Kristen M. Says:

    I just started using flats. I use GMD and also some cheap flour sack towels I got at Walmart. I switched due to constant ammonia build-up and the flats have really helped me to finally (almost) conquer this issue.


  84. Amanda Says:

    My husband and I will be using cloth diapers for the first time in a few weeks with the arrival of our third child! I can’t wait to experiment with different types of cloth diapers and see which one works the best for us!!!I love getting updates and info about cloth before baby actually gets here— makes me feel prepared! :)


  85. Erin B. Says:

    I have never tried flats but I love my econobum prefolds!


  86. aimee p. Says:

    I haven’t used flats or prefolds yet, so do not have a favorite brand. Would like to try a few difference brands though.


  87. ania Says:

    I’m starting this adventure in a month or so(8 month pregnant). Hope to find out my favourites right here :)


  88. karisa Says:

    I’ve only used GMD so far but they absorb great.


  89. Jacqueline Says:

    Our Bummis prefolds are now on child #2 and are still working after almost 3 years even though I abused them quite a bit (with very hot water and stripping.)



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