Blueberry Minky Diapers: The Perfect Fit

I recently switched my entire stash from fitteds to pockets. After a few trades I ended up finding some great pocket diapers that I had never tried before. One of them is the Blueberry Side Snap Minky pocket diaper.

When I was using fitteds it seemed that most had a longer rise. Although not a problem for most babies, for us it was too much diaper. We made it work but Paisley definately suffered from major bubble butt. She has a very short rise so finding a fitted diaper was harder (I did find one that fit perfect and even interviewed the maker: An Exclusive Interview with Lotus Baby).

When I received a Medium Blueberry Side Snap Minky pocket diaper in the mail my first reaction was, “This looks tiny!” I snapped it on Paisley and it was a perfect fit (visions of Cinderella just popped in my head).

However, there is a good and bad to this story.

The bad: Blueberry diapers are much higher priced than other sized pocket cloth diapers. Their one-size pockets run average to one-size fitteds I did own. But, for a new minky side snap blueberry diaper it would cost me $30.

The good: *I traded for the 3 I have via diaperswappers fsot forum. I see them pop-up often. Trades are a great way to make a transaction. Sales aren’t moving as fast this summer but I have found people very eager to trade.

* Blueberry Diapers has an outlet store available at:

* And the best- Blueberry Diapers runs an awesome sale a couple of times a year! The sale is Buy Two Get One Free. You need to register on their site for email updates. This is the only way of knowing when the sale will occur. Diapers sell out fast. This is the time when most Blueberry diapers are purchased.

I also really like the Blueberry microfiber/hemp inserts. They are trim and absorbent. And the price is affordable.

I’ll be posting soon on my other great pocket finds…*hint* they’re all minky :D


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6 Responses to “Blueberry Minky Diapers: The Perfect Fit”

  1. Eva Says:

    Dear Autumn,

    I just got a few blueberry diapers when I opened the box i was like wow they look like a small my son is a large. They diapers are a large but i put them on him and he is on the last snap and they are very low rise how do I know if they fit.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      @Eva: Blueberry diapers do have a low rise. Some babies with a long rise may not fit in them. Is his crack (I couldn’t think of a better word :D ) showing?


  2. Abbi Says:

    I have decided to use some minky diapers in may stash as well. I was wondering if you could tell me about how you wash them. I am afraid to use hot water because I would hate for the colors to run but I was told to wash all of my diapers in hot water before using them to get rid of any oils in the cotton so that they will be more absorbent. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      if you are buying them new from the manufacturer take a look at what they recommend. if it says wash in hot, then go with that. in the event colors run, contact them and let them know that you followed their instructions. i washed my bb minky in hot when needed with no color runs.


  3. sonja Says:

    I just got my first minky and wanted to know how they hold up before purchasing any more. I love how it looks on my little one and his brothers are pestering me to buy the camo one (I think everyone is a little cloth diaper obsessed around here).


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Minky holds up very well. I used our blueberry minkies in a small rotation very extensively and they hardly showed any wear when I sold them. So I say buy the camo ;)


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