Booty Buns Cloth Diapers Review

Booty Buns isn’t just another same-ole, same-ole pocket cloth diaper.

Shannon Carillo actually did what all of us have considered since we began cloth diapering. She heard others say great things about certain diapers then they would say, “If only it had xyz. Then it’d be the perfect diaper.” [that is my made up dialogue]

I’ve said it dozens of times! Give me a cloth diaper and I’ll mentally turn it into the “perfect diaper”. Of course, I have no design or sewing skills so my critique means little.

…many expressed a desire for a better product – one that came with more & fit their baby soon or longer. She thought that there would be at least one brand that offered all these things; but, when she found that none did, she became creating a list of the things that people wanted & began working ideas to make the world’s first & only true OS cloth diaper. Her patent pending design fits from 3-45 pounds & comes with 2 inserts, a liner & a double sided cloth wipe.

But, Shannon had the skills to create a cloth diaper that incorporated several desired features into one diaper and that is how we got Booty Buns cloth diapers.

The main feature that Shannon insisted on perfecting was the ability for her diapers to be used from birth to potty training.

Booty Buns have lots of snaps! This allows you to use them on preemie babies all the way up to your big toddler.

This is one of only 3 one-sized cloth diapers we have that are not fully unsnapped in the rise for Camden. I feel confident that I will be able to use it until he potty trains (unless he’s 5 at that time).

Other features of Booty Buns cloth diapers that I *really* appreciate:

  • gussets.  If a diaper doesn’t have gussets I know the poop will creep out.  If it does I breathe a bit easier knowing that I can hold a baby on my hip and not get a mess on me.
  • hip snaps. With a diaper that claims to fit from 3-45lbs you are going to need snaps to prevent wing droop.  I loathe wing droop.  If you are wondering what wing droop is, it is when you fasten the waist pretty tight and the “wings” fall down leaving only the snapped area in place.  It’s a hilarious site really.
  • double pockets. This should be a standard.  Some like a front pocket, others a back.  Make us both happy.  Plus, you don’t have to remove the insert before putting it in the wash as it will agitate out on its own.
  • back elastic. This is one of my must haves in a perfect diaper.  Extra protection is always nice, plus it creates a snugger fit for tiny babies or skinny children.
  • insert snap. Not a huge deal in my mind but it is nice to not have to fish around for the small insert.

Shannon and her husband Sean are passionate, not only about cloth diapers, but about giving to others in need.

Booty Buns cloth diapers has made a commitment to giving one BBCD diaper to a child with a debilitating disease for every one they sell.  It’s almost hard to resist that!  (I’d like to think this concept is what keeps me buying more and more TOMS.)

We are also now the official cloth diaper sponsor for Operation Showers of Appreciation. OSOA is a non profit that throws baby showers for military families that have the husband deployed when the baby is born, or the mom will be deployed with in 3 months of being born. Our first donation to OSOA was seen at their Phoenix, AZ shower on March 31. The next one is in Las Vegas on May 12 & will have 150 moms in attendance!

FIT: You can see from above that Booty Buns allows for a customized fit.  If you have a long rise, skinny child or a short rise, buddha belly child you can adjust it to fit just right. Click here to see the different sizing options with measurements.

ABSORBENCY: The 2 inserts that come with the one-sized Booty Buns are 3 layers of microfiber terry.  They are similar to the majority of inserts that come with pocket diapers.  Yes, they are very absorbent and by adding a Hemp Babies doubler or 2 you have a nighttime solution.

CONTAINMENT: Excellent ability to contain due to the back elastic and gussets.

PRICE: $25.50 for a one-sized cloth diaper.  Upper range for a one-sized pocket.  But, you are essentially donating a diaper to a child with a debilitating disease.  Makes a huge difference in my mind when considering costs.

TRIMNESS: With 2 microfiber inserts and snapped on the middle rise setting, I’d put Booty Buns as mid-range for trimness.  It is comparable to Kawaii or Diaper Rite pockets.

CUTE FACTOR: Seriously, the names of the colors are adorable: Love Booty, Pun’kin Booty, Cutie Booty…  The colors are bold, bright and cheerful. We have a Royal Booty* and I love it.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Very reachable.  Shannon is always quickly available for my questions.

You can interact with Booty Buns on Facebook and through their blog.

*Booty Buns graciously provided a sample for me to review.  All thoughts and comments are accurate and solely my own!

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11 Responses to “Booty Buns Cloth Diapers Review”

  1. Jacquie Says:

    Maybe this is a dumb question… What is TOMS?


  2. Courtney Says:

    Just so the blogger knows, Shannon does not make these diapers herself. Her statement (after claiming to sew some diapers for a mother): “I chose to go with a company that I feel better suits our needs, has better craftsmanship & production rate. As far as the cut & pattern is concerned, the samples I was sent when I gave all my specs to each company were different in several ways.”

    No way I would support someone who claims to craft these diapers themselves, then proves to everyone that she, in fact, has no diaper making skills.


  3. Jasmine Says:

    This is a ridiculously expensive Alva and as a mother of a micro preemie who was born at 1lb 15 oz and wearing lil joeys since 2.5lbs (and they were HUGE on her), this diaper WILL NOT EVEN COME CLOSE TO FITTING A 3lb BABY!!!! As a mother of a micro I am highly offended that she’s lying to parents who are going through the worst time in their lives about what size this diaper can fit.


    • Shannon Says:

      Hi Jasmine,

      I appreciate your concern. I assure you that BBCD are not Alva diapers.

      I hope that your micro-preemie is doing ok today. It is has never been my intention to lie to parents of micro preemies, I am sorry you feel that way. BBCD actually can go very small in the waist and legs; of course, any diaper that fits such a large weight range will be bulkier on a smaller baby than on a larger baby. I sincerely hope that any and all babies are born & live happy healthy lives, whether preemie or full term. We invite you and everyone else to try our diapers out for yourself and see how small they fit.


      {Elastic is relaxed in measurements, so diapers can go bigger}

      PREEMIE: 8 3/4″

      PREEMIE: 2 1/2″



  4. Marie Says:

    These are alva baby diapers with her own label on them. You can get them for $7 shipped.


  5. Richelle Says:

    Yep, looks like these are the same (but way more expensive) Christina.


  6. Sierra Says:

    Thanks so much for the information and video Shannon!! I really appreciate your quick response and I think this solidified which diapers I will be getting for my son come July!! Thanks for all you do and thanks again for getting back to me. Have a great day!


  7. Sierra Says:

    Thank you for this review!! As a marine wife, it makes me incredibly happy to see what they do with OSOA and I love the fact that diapers get donated whenever one is purchased. With the price being what it is though, I am a little apprehensive to commit to purchasing a full set. I really want to CD from birth but do you know if they do a trial period in case the diapers really don’t fit from birth?


    • Shannon Says:

      Hi Sierra,

      We do have a return policy of 30 days if you don’t like the diapers. If you visit the link Autumn shared under FIT you can see the measurements for the legs and waist at each setting.

      Also, if you watch this video it may help you see how small our diapers fit. I used my daughter’s 18 inch doll to put the diaper on to the smallest setting & she was too big for the smallest setting. I measure the doll in the video.



  8. Christina Says:

    These sound like the same design that Go Green and Alva 4.0 uses, but more expensive.


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