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I am a huge fan of easy.  And I mean easy enough for my husband and 7yo daughter.  For this house that usually means an aplix all-in-one.

Bottombumpers cloth diapers are just the type of easy everyone needs in their stash.  Before Thanksgiving, Stacy sent me a red Aplix (at my request because I don’t do well with side-snap and remember I like easy) Bottombumpers for me to review.

I receive many different cloth diapers to review and the first thing I take notice of is the quality of materials used and quality of sewing.  I like a cloth diaper to have very clean seams, straight lines and high quality fabrics.  I feel that even businesses just starting out can acheive this especially when a good review can build their business.

Bottombumpers is arguably one of the best small-scale produced cloth diapers on the market today.  It is a combination of attention to detail and not cutting corners on fabrics that qualifies them for this status.

In regards to materials used, this is from the Bottombumpers website in the “Why Bottombumpers?” tab:

2mil Polyurethane Laminated (PUL) Knit Outer –

Bottombumpers outer layer is constructed of waterproof 2mil PUL knit outer.

Hidden Wing Snaps on Side Snapping Diaper-
Bottombumpers keep the wing snaps concealed inside the PUL and lining so they dont touch baby’s skin. This also helps prevent red marks.
Strong Aplix(R) Fasteners on Hook & Loop Diaper-
Bottombumpers uses industrial strength Aplix(R) brand Hook and Loop for a strong, quality closure that can be used over and over again.
Quality Polyresin Snaps-
Bottombumpers use high quality industrial strength polyresin snaps.  Our snaps are also backed with a layer of fabric inside for extra strength and durability
Certified Organic Cotton & Bamboo Materials-
Nothing says Eco-friendly like a certified 100% Organic Cotton Lining and snap-in soaker material.  Our soakers are also topped with a high quality Organic Bamboo Velour, the softest material we’ve ever worked with.
Quick Dry Snap In Soakers-
Our soakers are bi-fold and snap-in for quick drying.   All snaps are hidden on the soaker as well.
Our Diapers have been tested and will withstand 16oz+ before leaking.  Testing was done a diaper with no added doubler that was well broken in by being used and washed for 4 months!
Made In the USA-
Bottombumpers are manufactured in the USA. Made by a small family and select few contracted seamstresses in smoke and pet free sewing studios.

I love the snug, trim fit the front closure Bottombumpers allows me to get on Sterling.  This would be the perfect diaper except for one small problem I am having–and it really is my fault.

When I received the Bottombumpers AIO we were set to go visit family for Thanksgiving the next day.  I didn’t want to leave it behind so I tossed it in the washer for a quick 1 wash prep.  The next day I put it on Sterling for the first leg of our trip.When we arrived at our first stop his pants were soaked. :(

I assumed 1 wash wasn’t enough to prep it.  No biggie.  I would take it to my mom’s, wash it and use it again. Unfortunately, I left it at my mother-in-laws house. I’m not certain but I think she most likely added fabric softener to it as she does with all her laundry.

For the next few uses I had terrible leaks.  I have sense stripped it and added a bit of bleach to the cloth diapers.  Yet, still I have wicking.  This makes me sad!  I don’t know if I messed it up (or my sweet mother in law) or if this is something that occurs with Bottombumpers.

The other high points of the Bottombumpers AIO leads me to highly recommend it.  Most retailers are selling them for $16.95 which is a good price for an organic aio.  I have never read a negative review of the Bottombumper, that in itself is amazing!

You can get yourself a Bottombumpers AIO from a number of excellent retailers.  I *highly* recommend you check out RG Natural Babies first though.  She has a great selection and I noticed that she offers free shipping (only aplix though)!  Another excellent option is an embroidered Bottombumpers.  Diaperco–which is near where I used to live!–has a some instock and the option for you to order a custom embroidery.

Please share your experiences with Bottombumpers cloth diapers in the comments.


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17 Responses to “Bottombumpers Cloth Diapers”

  1. Meghan N Says:

    Hi Autum,

    Just wondering if you’ve tried the new OS Bottombumpers yet – I LOVE Grasshopper diapers, but w/two in diapers (2 yo and one on the way in Nov) it would be pretty pricey to make them my whole stash :) That’s why I was interested in these b/c they are side-snapping – which fits DS better – and OS. Just wondering – also if you have any recs for a trim fitting OS, please share :) I have some BG Organics, but the fit is just never great on my DS.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I haven’t yet tried the new OS Bottombumpers yet but they look great! I’d give one a try, I’m betting they’ll be awesome. Diapers that have an internal adjustment seem to be much trimmer. Have you tried Softbums?


      • Meghan N Says:

        No, I haven’t tried Softbums – I was just looking at them online yesterday though. I’m thinking about getting a couple of them, and a couple OS Bottombumpers too :) Thanks!!


  2. Tiffany Says:

    I am having problems with my Bottombumpers. Not only do they wick every time (I roll the outer under, but it doesn’t seem to work and we don’t wear onesies with them anymore), but the other day we had a poop explosion. I do love the trimness and the colors.

    Are Grasshoppers similar to these? If they restock soon, I’d like to order one of those, but I don’t want to pay the higher price for them if they aren’t as trim and cute as Bottombumpers. I just don’t like changing his outfit every time I change the diaper.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I’ve had better success with Grasshoppers than Bottombumpers. We haven’t had any wicking with Grasshoppers and the side-snaps make them even trimmer.


  3. Bethany Ojalvo Says:

    Just bought 2 snaps/2 velcro. I also find them trim and cute colors however I am having issues trying to put them on my 16month old who does not hold still for diaper changes. The insert is, yes super soft, but also super floppy and hard to get all lined up. I am also finding that I have to be fanatic about making sure every little inch of the inside fabric is tucked in the seams around the inner leg area or I experience wetness on his clothes. Am I doing something wrong???? My goal was to find something super easy for the grandparents and father.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Bethany, when I put on the diaper I lay it flat, pull the insert up over his parts then pull up the front. After I close it I make sure the inner is tucked in. I do this with every diaper or else wicking will occur.


  4. Jenica Says:

    Ditto Kim!! I bought 2 side snapping when Two Little Whales was closing out and I wish I would have bought all the mediums she had! I LOVE them!!! I have never had a leak, except when the cotton inner rolled out the leg hole. I am trying to switch to all cotton because I have hard water and I love that they are an affordable Organic option. My son is only 4 months so he’s still pretty patient with prefolds, but I’m sure that will end soon and I’ll want to have a whole stash of Bottombumpers AIO’s.


  5. Grateful for Grace Says:

    Autumn, Do I understand correctly that BioBottoms has gone out of business?
    Thanks, GfG


  6. Kim Says:

    I bought some of these on sale and wish that I wouldve gotten more. They the trimmest diaper that we own! With the side snaps, the tummy panel lays almost completely flat. Yay!
    The absorbancy snaps out, like Gro Baby, for faster drying and the top layer of the soaker is SOFT cotton velour. Bottom Bumpers are an A+ in my book.


  7. Heather Says:

    Love our BB, BUT the aplix is shot & it’s only 6 mths old! I wish they would make front snap dipes!


  8. Stephanie Says:

    Love our BottomBumpers, too! My 9 month old is a very big baby, so we have a hard time getting a good combo of rise and waist size. The medium and especially the large BottomBumpers fit her very well, and I love that they leave no red marks on her. We do have some leaking issues, but I think it’s our very hard water, which we’re currently changing our wash routine to combat. I love the colors, the quick dry time, the materials, the trimness, and that they’re made in the USA.


  9. Andrea Says:

    I too love my bottombumpers. It is very trim & I have not had any leaks either. I even left my little guy in one for about a 6 hour stint with no leaks!


  10. Chrissi Says:

    I have one red aplix BottomBumpers. It’s my favorite diaper because: (1) it’s incredibly trim (like a disposable), (2) I’ve never had any leaks (even after one crazy 7-hour stint in it), and (3) it’s super cute.

    The only downside is that it’s not one of diapers I give our daycare to use anymore because they often have left the soaker sticking up out the front of the diaper. Because the soaker is really long, it’s easy for that to happen if you’re not paying attention. So, for daycare purposes, I would prefer a slightly shorter soaker.

    But other than that small complaint, I still love this diaper. As I said before, it’s my favorite diaper in my stash! I highly recommend it!!!


  11. Nicole Rod Says:

    I have the side-snap bottombumpers. I did buy them used, but i have NEVER had any leaking or wicking. I love them! :)


  12. Jill Says:

    We love our Bottombumpers! There are so many great things about them (like the things you mention above). They’re incredibly trim, too, which is always nice. I like the snap version, but that’s just a personal preference. The only leak I ever had with it is when the cotton inner rolled out of the leg hole, so I just make sure that it’s tucked in after I put it on my son. I highly recommend them!

    I recently reviewed them for my blog, and posted an action shot if anyone wants to see:


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