Brrrr…It’s Cold! Pull Out The Wool Longies

November 6, 2010


Sterling in recycled Woollybottoms

When you wake up and the thermostat says 62, that’s considered cold right? (it’s actually been in the low 30s for the last two mornings!) It’s certainly qualifies as chilly to me!

Regardless, of whether you think it’s actually cold here in south Texas the fact is that wool weather is here! And next week when it warms up to 80, I’ll still keep putting on the wool :)

I love the cooler weather and the chance to put all our cute wool on Sterling. I do get frustrated when he comes inside from playing out in the leaves with his siblings.  The leaves and grass stick right on the wool and of course fall on my floor.  But, the cuteness is worth it.

It was very hard for me to compile this list for you today.  I wanted to buy 15 different things!  Believe it or not I actually planned ahead and bought all the wool Sterling needs for this year so it’s all yours!

Here are some excellent (some rather difficult to buy from) places for you to shop for your winter longies:

Recycled Wool:



Taryn Stuff

Just 2 Cute Accessories

Little Leaf Boutique – my favorite!

Sweet Violet’s Mama

Chickadee and Me – she has some cute footies plus other wool

Knit Wool:

Annabella knits

Tiny Toppers on Etsy


Payley Knits & Crochet

Tiny Toppers

Interlock Wool:


Wild Child Woolies – arguably the finest quality and highest creativity.

Bitty Fluff – all newborn. My favorite place to window shop.

And don’t forget fleece! Fleece is soft, cozy, warm and makes excellent diaper covers. Not to mention they’re a lot more affordable!

The Eli Monster

Winkydinks…and check out her striped soakers! So cute!! Those would go great with some babylegs.

The Green Panda

Royal Bottoms

Where do you buy your wool??

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26 Responses to “Brrrr…It’s Cold! Pull Out The Wool Longies”

  1. jamie bartley Says:

    I have a longies from Chasing Zen on Etsy. My first and I love it.


  2. Dixie Says:

    my bestfriend just got me a set of circle looms for christmas i know i can make squres by not using the whole circle. any one know how to make them with the loom?
    and what is a few good wool brands of yarn. coast is a factor, I’m an unemployed single parent!
    thanks, Dixie


  3. Julia Says:

    I just bought a pair of longies from SBish, I’m so excited for them to get here! Looks like I need to take a look at some Wollybottoms!! I have a Little Bettle Merino cover and I love it it’s my favortie for sure!!


  4. Tanya Says:

    I LOVE my wool summer winter spring and fall… I buy the yarn and pay a local mom to knit them for me! I am learning now but let’s be real–I will likely not knit as well as she can before my kids are out of knitties!

    My teenager says I am dull because I am learning to knit BUT I do not care…I love our cute wool knitties!


  5. Anj Says:

    I love my little beetles wool! Easy to use with a tri-folded prefold!


  6. Lacey Says:

    CCBaby or White Elephants. They both upcycle and are awesome to work with!


  7. Jill Says:

    I can’t thank you enough for starting my wool obsession. Sustainablebabyish is definitely my favorite. I’ve ordered two more covers from them.


  8. Julie Says:

    We are head over heels for the upcycled wool from Kangadu. LOVE the quality and she can do some amazing appliques.


  9. heather reinink Says:

    Pls put me on your e mail list


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Heather, according to Aweber you subscribed on October 13th. Check your spam folder to see if the email updates are going there. Also, adding me to your address book will help.


  10. mandi Says:

    I buy wool sweaters at thrift stores or find them for free at swap meets and sew my own. :) There’s some really great, easy, free patterns available online.


  11. Robyn Says:

    So, I am new to CD and brand new to wool. I have one local made, very expensive wool blanket that initially seems incredibly soft, but then you wrap up in it and it somehow becomes itchy too. Can y’all tell me about the different kinds of wool and why you like what? How do you use wool for CDing? Thanks! Robyn


  12. Heather Says:

    My DD wears wool from The Pampered Tush.


  13. lissa Says:

    I love love love Woollybottoms!!! Especially their soakers – they’re the best. Seriously can’t say enough good things about them. The Woollybottoms soaker was the first cover I was able to use overnight and not get a leak with my daughter (started using them when she was 9 months old). After 5 months of use, we have never had a leak! And she looks so adorable running around before bed with her little Woollybottomed bum!


  14. Amelia Says:

    Our favourite pair of interlock longies is from Twee baby, and I knit most of the rest ;) But the yarn is all from HC.


  15. Kristin Says:

    I plan to make my own with sweaters I found at the thrift store. I am also fortunate to have a friend who loves to knit.


  16. Hollie Says:

    Marianna from Pimpis on Etsy :) She knits beautiful longies!


  17. Marcela Says:

    This is the best website I have found, and more affordable them some out there…


  18. Janet Says:

    Thanks for the mention Autumn!


  19. Rachael Says:

    We live in central Texas, but our thermostat has only made it to 64′ and that was this morning. I’ve been wondering if wool is worth it even here, as two or three layers of cotton has always kept me warm (we keep the house at 60′ when it get really chilly). My first baby isn’t due till next May, but I’m thinking ahead and wondering how to prep (and so I can make some things). Plus, my sister, who is in the Austin area has a new baby and I’d like to make some Christmas gifts for the new nephew. But I’ve been going back and forth between wool and cotton. I love cotton, its so soft, and all the wool I’ve ever used is itchy, itchy unless its *really* cold, like Wisconsin cold. Much to think about!


    • Jill Says:

      We live in south central Arkansas and use wool. Woolies aren’t like the itchy sweaters we adults are use to. They are so soft! Woolies also regulate temps well so it doesn’t need to be ‘cold’ to wear them. :) I wish I still had the link to the study done on temperatures inside various diapers. It showed how it is hotter inside a disposable diaper than under any of the cloth diapers no matter what cover you used. Of course you wouldn’t use the longies unless it was cool outside. :) We use wool soakers under dresses in the summer…even in our 100 plus degree summer. We have never had a diaper rash or had her act uncomfortable. Our boys would wear wool shorties in the summertime. I love fall and winter though because I can put them in wool longies. They are so much fun. :)


  20. Sara Castongia Says:

    Yes, CCbaby!!! I love love love her woolies!!! I think we have 2 dozen pairs just for my 6 month old, and another half dozen or so for my 3 year old for night times! She’s a great mama to work with and her prices are fabulous!!


  21. Leah Says:

    What a great post! I much prefer wool to PUL. I actually knit all the woolies for my little ones. I save a lot of money by knitting them myself. There are so many patterns (many of them free) and so many choices of wool yarn. You can’t go wrong with wool! :)


  22. tara Says:

    ccbaby! she’s on facebook


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