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Do you love fitteds, prefolds, or flat diapers?  There are tons of reasons to chose these types of diapers, but most mamas need covers, especially for night.  The options run from PUL to breathable wool and fleece.  Love cute fluff?  Are you on a budget?  Then read on!

Bum E Kins 2

Heather Hofmann is a super-mom of five kiddos who started cloth diapering her youngest child in order to save money and eventually started to make her own to save even more.  Friends started asking for them, and she has expanded into a full-fledged business.  She now makes adorable fleece and wool diaper covers out of her home.  She has even started making trainers.  I received a fleece cover for this review, but the opinions are strictly my own.

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As a mom who got into business to save money, she understands pinching pennies, and so makes her covers very affordable.  Bum E Kins covers run from $7-$14 depending on size.  Trainers and wool are $12-16.  She has a large variety of sizes (S-XXL), but if your baby doesn’t fit any of those (mine doesn’t), Heather will happily make a custom size for no additional cost.

So do low-cost fleece covers work?  You bet!!  Because you can order custom sizes, they fit perfectly, eliminating gaps.  Anna is wearing a custom medium.  She is eight months old.

The craftsmanship on these covers is excellent.  Heather finishes these seams like the pro she is.  Even my mom was impressed.  She often asks why Anna isn’t wearing her “cute cover”!  I have to wash it occasionally, Mom! ;)

Prints: Bum E Kins comes in several adorable fleece prints, or you can send your own.  I mean how cute is this polar bear??  You can check out more prints here.

The night time test:  Anna wears fitteds most nights, so we have to use covers.  Did I mention she sleeps with us?  Leaks are not an option.  Heather sews and extra fleece layer into the wet zone for even more protection. We all woke up dry!  I’m not a fan of PUL covers at night.  I want my baby’s bum to breathe.  We have used lots of wool, but wool can be spendy.  Which reminds me, I need to try some Bum E Kins wool stat!

Bum E Kins 1

Bum E Kins are well-made, customizable, affordable, breathable, lightweight, and adorable!  You can’t go wrong!

Have I convinced you yet?  Check out Bum E Kins Facebook page here.

One lucky winner will get a cover of your choice at 50% off!  Enter the Rafflecopter below.

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121 Responses to “Bum E Kins Review and Giveaway”

  1. Ellen Bratzel Says:

    I have used fleece pants from an outfit, but never an official cover… I would love to though! :)


  2. MicheleC Says:

    I use fleece liners inside my diapers, but haven’t used a fleece cover before.


  3. Celia H. Says:

    I haven’t used fleece yet, but I haven’t ventured too far into the CD world. I found out by accident though (with my daughters disposable diapers) that her fleece sleepsack prevented leaks from spreading to the sheets. I wouldn’t know her diaper leaked until I was changing her clothes!


  4. Rachel Says:

    Not yet, but I’d try it!


  5. Molly Says:

    I’ve never tried fleece before, but I’d love to…


  6. Jacki Says:

    I love THESE:)


  7. Suzanne Scripture Says:

    We Haven’t tried fleece yet but we want to!


  8. Michelle Says:

    No I haven’t, but I sure would love to!


  9. Loucrecia H. Says:

    Would love to try one! My daughter is about to turn one & we occasionally have a leak at night. Hopefully it won’t be long before she is sharing a bed with our older daughter, so leaks will not be an option. Also, possibly for times when we’re traveling or out for a while.


  10. Adrienne Alldaffer Says:

    Being an avid follower of your work, & was so excited to also find you had a blog (tho i get behind on reading posts!) I’m a little embarrassed to say I’ve never tried wool or fleece….I’ve been intimidated by the washing & cost of wool…course I’m only on LO #1 @ 9months old….


  11. Shae Says:

    Oooo, super cute! I would love to try these.


  12. Andria Says:

    I have used fleece but I don’t think they were as high of quality as these covers seems to be. I’d love to try them!


  13. Sarah Tolle Says:

    I really want to try fleeece!


  14. kimberly pugliese Says:

    we use fleece over night!


  15. Katie L Says:

    I have never tried fleece before


  16. Amy Says:

    I have never used fleece before. I would love to try it!


  17. Betsy Says:

    Have not tried fleece yet, but really want to try this for a nighttime option!!!


  18. Ginger G. Says:

    I don’t have any fleece!


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