Bum Genius 4.0 cloth diapers launched

I have come to really appreciate marketing over the past 1 1/2 years.  Marketing is what makes this family money.

I’ve learned many things including:

  • what I want isn’t necessarily what the market wants
  • marketing that I think is terrible is most likely the one bringing in the big bucks
  • as a marketer there can be no emotion…which is why I am not a marketer :)
  • don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Watching marketing unfold can be really exciting when you see the business behind it…and it’s really exciting when you’re wrapped up in it as a consumer!

If you aren’t living under a rock, you’ve heard of Cottonbabies’ newest release- Bum Genius 4.0.  My anticipation for this release began the moment I read the email announcing the upcoming launch of a new product and the discontinuation of a major seller.  It continued when I read Cottonbabies’ Twitter update inviting everyone to subscribe to Cottonbabies’ YouTube channel as the release would be via video.

My husband laughed as I counted down the minutes and constantly refreshed my screen.  But, I wasn’t alone.  At 2pm cst there were approximately 950 (last time I looked) subscribers to a channel that was a mere 1 day old.  At the end of the day, YouTube had their release video with over 8,000 views.  That is amazing!  We’re talking about cloth diapers here!

The build up to the release of Bum Genius 4.0 was marketing at its best.  I can’t help but compare it to fishing, although some would find it offensive.  Carefully choose the perfect lure for the overall setting (fish, weather, location, time), cast right over the sweet spot, work your magic with the bait creating a must-have emotion in the fish, then sit and wait.  You’ve done all you could, now you let the fish come to you.

Makes me want to go fishing or buy something :)

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the changes Bum Genius 4.0 brings allow me to briefly tell you.

  1. New & improved hook & loop closures
  2. Now available in snap closures
  3. More generous sizing
  4. Accessible, easily replaceable elastic
  5. 3 new colors

Congratulations to the Cottonbabies’ family on the birth of their new baby!

One more change is the renaming of my favorite cloth diaper *WAHHHH* I’ll be editing many posts’ tags over the next few weeks.  Bum Genius Organic AIO is now named Bum Genius Elemental.

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30 Responses to “Bum Genius 4.0 cloth diapers launched”

  1. Annjanette Says:

    When it comes to Bum Genius 4.0 and elementals, is it better to get the aplix or snap? Aplix seems easy but I know velcro does not last forever. And snaps do not seems too accomodating on the fit for your babies waist. I would love this to last for more than one baby. It is that asking too much? Thanks.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Sterling has always used snap Elementals and he is reeeeeally skinny. I prefer snaps when it comes to BG but if you go with aplix there is a tutorial on my blog how to convert ;)


  2. Amanda B Says:

    Mary Ann, they must have listened to you in July, because they are now offering a new collection featuring prints! Super cute ones too!

    So, I am a new mom as well, and trying to decide which diaper is best. I registered for the Elementals, but am now hearing all this rumbling about the 4.0s. With the 4.0s being cheaper, I wonder if we made the wrong decision. I chose the Elementals simply because they looked like the easiest route for a couple whose main incentive to the CD route is to save money. My husband and I aren’t super organic people or anything (though I hear it has its perks), but we are trying to make the best decisions for our baby and our wallets. So, with that, I can’t find a place where an experienced mom breaks it all down for you and tells you which one is best. From BG to Mommys Touch to FunziBunz to Thirsties to FLIP to Econobum… I think I just blacked out. Help, please, I need direction.

    PS – I live in Dallas, an extremely materialistic and wasteful city with no resources or stores to help us out locally. All of my registry is online at Peppermint.com (Amanda Buckley) if you want to check it out…

    Thanks for the help, y’all. I really need it, and I know I’m not alone in the confusing new world of cloth diapers!!!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Elementals are easier in that you don’t have to stuff them. They don’t work for nighttime so you’d need something to use then. 4.0s can be used at night but they are not natural fibers next to baby’s skin. Simply based on the ones you listed in order I’d place them (taking into account price, fit, ease of use and function) 1) Flip 2) BG 3) Thirsties 4) Econobum 5) FB 6) Mommys Touch. I lived in north dallas until Feb ’09, boy am I glad to be out of the city! There are some local stores to you … http://bit.ly/dgs5ub


  3. Mary Ann Says:

    Ok I have a big issues with this ‘easily replaceable elastics’ thing they keep tossing around. I just got mine today, I preorderd but so did too many others and 2 of mine were backordered, yay for Sweet and Bubble, the ugliest colors of the bunch and they are the ones that held up my order. Anywho, how are these elastics any easier to replace than the 3.0’s? You still have to disassemble the diaper. Here I thought we were talking something like FuzziBunz one size where you can EASILY REPLACE the elastic just by unhooking, pulling through and tossing, then pulling through new elastic and hooking. Now sewing, no taking a diaper apart. This was all very very misleading IMO and they only showed little ‘blue prints’ of the diaper instead of really showing us the changes. If they would have shown, really shown, what they meant by easily replaceable…I wouldn’t have ordered them and wasted my time. BTW, the new colors are gross. Bubble looks like a light grey, Sweet looks like a very very light mint toothpaste but you could easily mistake it for a dingy white. I think I’d have rather seen some PRINTS. How about some stripes, some polka dots, some flowers, so bikes, or animals?!!! I am totally disappointed here :(


  4. Samara Says:

    do you find that your BG Organic AIOs take forever to dry, and by forever I mean more than one dryer cycle? I really like them aside from that but it’s a big draw back, not so much in the warm weather but as it gets cold again and hanging outdoors is not an option…


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I wash big loads so I run a timed cycle. They always dry in that time but when I do a smaller load I notice they are the last to dry. For us, it’s never been a problem though.


  5. Amanda Says:

    I am an expecting first time mom! I have decided to go the cloth diaper route but want to do some research before my baby is born. I am interested in the 4.0 but have some questions. First, do they fit newborns/premies? Second, do they have flushable inserts and can you use cloth diapers twice in a row or do they have to be put in the laundry everytime. Please do not judge my ignorance lol. Last, I went to the BumGenius website and it seems that you cannot purchase the 4.0 online but must do it in stores instead. What is up with that? Thank you to anyone to takes time to reply and educate a new mother.
    P.S. I have just started to feel my little one move and kick at 17 weeks!!! How exciting!! Just thought I would share…


    • Amanda Says:

      Also, with these cloth diapers do you have to use a diaper cover for extra protection or is it pretty much self contained?


  6. Amy Says:

    I think I’m the only one excited about the pastels. I am a pastel maniac and will now be buying BumGenius because of the colors and lack of snaps (I didn’t before because I am not a primary color lady). So thank you BumGenius!!! Just wanted to express my support.


  7. Lilli Says:

    I think they did away with the bright colors because there were issues with bleeding in the wash. I am sure once they get the dyes right they will get these back out. Very suprised to see the one retailer talk about how many customer complaints they get…. is it a washing issue? Is the material inside the pockets OS different from the AIOs sized? Just curious.


  8. Anonymous Says:

    ok I came here hoping that I’d get some information on the difference between all the BG diapers.. All I can say is, as a mom trying to decide on cloth diapering fo rthe first time, I AM TOTALLY CONFUSED!! I don’t see any difference between any of them and all I hear complaints about are the colors. I wish just one site I would go to could explain the difference between the BG 3.0 and th BG 4.0 and all in ones, and one size.. etc.. I’m seriously about to just stick with sposies (een though I REALLY don’t want to)


  9. liz Says:

    I agree with PP as I was anxious to see this “new” product and really disappointed that CB was getting rid of my favorite diaper. But in reality, the 3.0 just got a facelift…its not a new product. I am a little confused about that.

    Something else I just don’t get is why the organics are now named “elemental”? It seems like it would confuse the new CD parent- I have cloth diapered for a while and I’m still confused.
    Even though I love my BG 3.0 I too was disappointed in the microsuede. I really thought they would use fleece or something. And the color selection I don’t get…so many other CD companies are able to find great colors and rotate them out often yet CB has the same boring colors or new colors that are still boring.
    I can understand why retailers could not have known earlier…with all of the different forms of communication (twitter, facebook, etc) it was bound to be leaked, Cotton Babies wanted to make the announcement first. I really like Cotton Babies’ products and I don’t think I have “bought into the hype” I think they make great products!


  10. Laura W. Says:

    Almost my entire stash is comprised of 3.0s, with mostly Ribbits and Moonbeams (seconds). I was SO disappointed to see pastels. We don’t really need more diapers, but I’m looking into buying Rumparooz or Fuzzi bunz to try, to see if I want to switch over to them. We plan on having a few more kids eventually (we hope, anyway) and we’ll see how long the 3.0s last.

    Frankly, I’m irritated they did away with my favorite colors and are now promising to bring them back, after seeing the lackluster response to the new colors.


  11. Theresa A. Says:

    I’m excited to see the new diapers! Not sure, though, if I would call it a “discontinuation” of the 3.0’s, because certainly the product has not been discontinued. Likewise they haven’t discontinued the iPhone — they just keep improving it.


  12. Sherry Says:

    I am excited to try the new Bum Genius 4.0 snaps. I have stayed away from purchasing the 3.0 because of the aplix but that is no longer and issue. I can not wait till the new PRINTS come out. The new colours are not my favorite so far!
    Just wondering now that they have changed the name of the Organic AIO’s to Elemental, are there changes to the features as well?


  13. Jen Says:

    If the “Bum Genius Elemental” came in more generous size and with hidden snaps I would stock up especially if it was side snapping! I love their organic cotton! Best one I’ve found for my super soaker and his sensitive skin.


  14. Sheila Says:

    Ribbit, Moonbeam, and Clementine were my favorites. I can’t believe they got rid of them. I don’t like pastels and I’m certainly not going to put them on my kid. I was going to use BGs to bulk up my stash, but I don’t care how great they are, I’m not paying 18 bucks for a diaper that I think is ugly. I hope they bring back the bright colors. So disappointed. :(


  15. Fred Says:

    Sorry, not impressed with either the marketing or the product. Sure, it was well hyped, but the new product doesn’t deserve it. CB’s retailers were not given sufficient lead time and were treated as just another customer. Yep, you’re right. We are a baby products retailer and the only reason we carry BG is because some of customers have bought into the hype. You’d be surprised at how many complaints we receive regarding BG diapers, especially with the fit and durability. Sure, we’ll continue to carry them because our customers want them. But there are better diapers and better companies out there. Test them for yourself and you decide.


  16. OperaDiva Says:

    Jen from cottonbabies has said in more recent announcements on their blog that they ARE bringing back the bright colors, but no date is set yet as they have to figure out manufacturing stuff, AND they are coming out with prints, but again they don’t have a date yet. Here is their blog if you want to read for yourselves: http://clothdiapers.blogspot.com/


  17. Tina Says:

    Too bad they didn’t change the inner lining…it is still suede-cloth, right? That’s no good for us….but we do like the organics…or elementals. (why did they bother to change the name?)


  18. Amelia Says:

    elementals!? grrrr…. I will still call them organics…..unless of course they make them out of regular cotton and drop the price :D

    I wasn’t a fan of their pockets to begin with…we had repelling issues from the first use, so I sold them all after a few months. But I <3 my organics and can't wait for them to come out in new bright colors and PRINTS!!!


  19. Rebecca A. Says:

    whoa…………..what’s this about only hang drying the BG’s?? I did not know this!

    And I totally agree with the 1st poster….the pastle colors SUCK imo. Yay for snaps but yuck for the new colors. Why couldnt they keep moonbeam,clemintine & Ribbit and just add a few really awesome new colors like purple and red….or black.
    And what happened to the pinks? It seems like they just totally did away with all the pink colors. I’m sorry but I just dont like the new colors at all, they are waaaay yucky to me.
    How come they made the new FB’s with awesome colors but put the BG in yucky gross colors?

    Don’t know if I’ll get any of these, if I do it’ll probably be off DS and only in the older colors.


  20. Julia Says:

    so, yeah, the pastel colors are not up my alley…what happened with the super brights that the 3.0 came in? i love my ribbit & moonbeam. if i had a girl…maybe…
    snaps are great, as i discovered in my newly transformed 3.0’s (once i got my snap pliers). and replaceable elastic is a wonderful addition…but i guess i was expecting something much bigger & more wonderful in this transformation.
    marketing for sure….


  21. meredith Says:

    i just ordered 3!! and will get more if they go over well. i’m thrilled i waited a few months for this product [my 3.0’s have started causing burning… maybe the ammonia issue you were talking about in a previous post??? i’ve tried everything, now i’m just putting them away in the closet… which i’m kinda happy about because the velcro is ratty…16 months of washing before the announcement went out about only hang drying them—agh] anyways…. i was about to get rumparooz as stuffables for night-time… but now that there are snaps… i’m sticking with bumgenius! wooohoooo


  22. AnastasiaDenton Says:

    I gotta agree with a few “disgruntled” mamas I’ve read complaints from……What is with the pastels? Sorry I’m not into grunge or anything but I have hard water & everything turns GREY in this stuff! AM so glad they FINALLY got snaps, yay! but come one the already light colors just got lighter? I can do that out in the sun baby! ok that said

    Yay snaps, now I can buy one, FINALLY! Replaceable elastic DOES sound like a good idea………may be why it took so long to test these bad boys (loose string, babies, not a great combination) so I hope they that part right! and something resembling a purple color! ok off my soapbox now, lol!


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