Bum Genius Artist Series: I love them

It must be so hard for companies to choose what prints they’ll use.  Everyone has different tastes and if you choose one they don’t like, they’ll let you know!

I’m one of the very happy ones with the introduction of the Bum Genius Artist Series.  Chelsey Perry hit the spot when it comes to modern, yet youthful and at the same time stylish (if I have no style at least my baby can :P ).

This review isn’t just for the prints.  Would you believe that after cloth diapering for 5 years I had never tried a Bum Genius pocket diaper?? That’s crazy!

I developed this anti Bum Genius pockets or aios sentiment when my 3rd child was allergic to suede cloth.  When Sterling came I already used and loved Bum Genius Elementals so that’s what I stuck with (mostly).

So, receiving this amazing package from Cottonbabies as part of their blogger review team was an extra fluffy treat for me.

Most of you are probably familiar with the Bum Genius pocket system.  In case you’re not let me give you some features that make this a great diaper:

  1. Easy to stuff pocket with a flap covering the opening. I have small hands but I appreciate a wide pocket for quickness and it allows children to stuff diapers easy as well.
  2. Inserts included: a one size and an infant/doubler.  They are microfiber. Combining the two makes it an excellent nighttime system.
  3. One sized. Snap down rise on the front of the diaper. Two rows of snaps: one for waist, one for thighs.
  4. Stretchy tabs. This is a Bum Genius trademark and pretty much ensures their products on my favorite list, that’s how much I love the stretchy tabs.  You get a nice snug fit every time.
  5. Suede cloth inner. Poop comes off easier.

Now on to the artwork created by Chelsea Perry. The artist series consists of 5 prints.

I wanted to give you big pictures so that you could really see what I wasn’t expecting. Do you see the great pearlized snaps and tabs?

That’s like one of my favorite effects! They must have designed these diapers for me.

In case you can’t quite tell what color everything is (because every monitor is different) let me briefly explain:

  • Concrete Jungle: true red and white with pearly white snaps and tabs. If you haven’t seen the new Bum Genius 4.0 colors then seeing “Sweet” on their site won’t mean much…didn’t to me. I’m staring at it hard and the only word I can describe it as is Pearl :)
  • Retail Therapy: They call it teal, I’d go with light teal. Not as bold a color as teal is to me. Again, they describe the snaps and tabs using the new color names which doesn’t help. Their lavender is actually pearl with the ever, ever so slight touch of purple. I’m thinking if you had a 5 gallon bucket of pearl paint and added a drop of purple you’d get this “lavender”.  It’s a gorgeous color, just very subtle. If you lay a lavender tab across a sweet tab then you can really see the purple.  Otherwise it’s hard to tell.
  • Eiffel Tower: black and white with pearly white tabs.
  • Free Spirit: slightly more orange than Clementine when I compare it to the Bum Genius Elemental.  The tabs are “noodle”. Noodle is a pale, pale, pale yellow. The name is actually pretty descriptive, it does look like a noodle…with a pearly look.
  • Jet Setter: This is my favorite. It is definitely the Twilight color but I don’t see purple when I look at Jet Setter.  Because it’s mixed with the Twilight it appears more dark blue.  Funny how colors change depending on what they’re next to.

When I first watched the intro video by Cottonbabies I wasn’t sure how gender specific they’d be in real life.  I feel that all of them are very gender neutral.

The new Artist Series are available on the BumGenius 4.0 (pockets) and Elementals.  Pre-ordering is going on now and I *think* they will ship in November…I could be wrong, I’m going off a memory from 3 weeks ago.  Here is a comment from one of my readers “I preordered with a ship date of Nov.19 but I got a shipment notice yesterday and a tracking number….they’re already on the way, almost a month early! Yay!!”

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15 Responses to “Bum Genius Artist Series: I love them”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wow, these new patterns are so cool. I like the new colours they came out with but I haven’t seen all these neat patterns.


  2. Grateful for Grace Says:

    They really are stinkin’ cute! Sterling looks adorable in them. You should do a giveaway and have which ever person has the words Grace and Grateful in their blog or username be the winner. Brilliant! ;-)


  3. Clarissa Says:

    Hi, I used cloth diapers with my first two children, and they have both been out of diapers for 4 years. I am completely lost. None of the descriptions that I have read about these diapers is making any sense to me. I can be a bit thick, I’ll admit. So I’m confused, what is stuffing the pocket? I have read about diapers that need stuffing, but I’m still not sure what that is. Please help.

    ps. the next baby is due in April, so I’ve got a little time to figure this out.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      A pocket diaper is 2 layers (one waterproof, one the layer that would lie next to baby’s skin) of fabric sewn together on 3 sides leaving an opening at the top. This is where you would “stuff” inserts. With a pocket diaper you can adjust the absorbency depending on the needs. Nighttime would need more “stuffing” than daytime.


  4. sheila Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the pattern, but I’m pretty sure those are all the same print in different colors…. I don’t understand why they’re advertising them as different prints.


  5. Renee S Says:

    LOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!! Almost makes me wish my little one wasn’t potty training and getting out of diapers soon…Almost!


  6. Jennifer P Says:

    I bought my 3.0s right before the 4.0s came out. Then these GORGEOUS diapers came out. Sadly I have nearly 24 diapers, and being bumGenius they are likely going to last a long time. How I wish I had an excuse to buy these! I am so jealous of the bloggers that are getting to review these!


  7. JCF Says:

    I know the reviews have been mixed on these new prints, but I have to say that I LOVE them. I love BumGenius pockets, and I sold all of my 3.0s in late Spring, when I decided to go with 100% cotton diapers because of stink issues. I still think it was a fabulous decision on my part (no more stink!), but I do have to say that I miss my pockets, especially for babysitters and day trips. The introduction of 4.0s and these new prints makes me pine for my pocket diaper days more than just a little. I know if I were still using pockets, I would HAVE to buy all five of these new prints.


  8. Nicole Says:

    I won one in a giveaway and got the jetsetter in snaps. It is way cute and I agree, the purple seems more blue next to the lighter blue.


  9. Kristen Y. Says:

    I’ve been holding off buying any cloth diapers yet, hoping I might get some for my baby shower. Seeing these this morning sent me into a HAVE-TO-HAVE frenzy. It was too much to resist… I had to place an order. He’s going to be very stylish when we go on our island vacation next summer.


  10. Julia Says:

    I preordered with a ship date of Nov.19 but I got a shipment notice yesterday and a tracking number….they’re already on the way, almost a month early! Yay!!


  11. Ami @ beyondpeasandcarrots Says:

    I loooooooooove my BG elementals!! I am looking forward to getting a couple of the prints!


  12. BumGenius at Little for Now Says:

    Some of the BumGenius prints with snaps will be arriving to cloth diaper stores next week. I am expecting a shipment of the Artist Series with snaps on the 29th. They are available for preorder in my store now and will ship out the same day I receive them or the following day.

    I saw these in person last week at the big retailer show. They are cute. Very different from any other diaper prints out there.


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