Bum-Ware Extreme AIO: A Review

Bum-Ware cloth diapers have always come up in conversations as a superb diaper.  I would often admire the website pictures but pass on buying because of the suede-cloth inner.

A couple of weeks ago I went back to the Bum-Ware website and noticed that there was indeed an AI2 with a flannel inner.  I was excited, especially since it was on the clearance page, and snatched it up right away.

Izabela the WAHM behind Bum-Ware diapers included one of her highly popular Bum-Ware Extreme AIOs (BWX) for me to test and review.  Although I was afraid to purchase a suede-cloth inner diaper, I was more than eager to try it out if given the chance.

Both diapers have a recommended 3 washes to achieve full absorbency.  However, after 1 wash the absorption was more than adequate for daytime use.

The BWX is the simplest, trimmest, hardest to get off (unless you employ the help of your 4 year old brother), fastest drying AIO I’ve used.

For a mother or father just venturing into cloth diapers the BWX is the perfect transition.  There is no stuffing required and no extra cover needed.  It goes on just like a disposable and has everything sewn inside.

Different than many other AIOs is the drying time.  The BWX dried faster than my inserts and fitteds.  With AIOs it is important to make sure the diaper is thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and dried to prevent buildup and stink issues.

I really like the clean look of the tabs on Bum-Ware diapers.  It creates an even, trim fit at the waist allowing a great fit of all Paisley’s bluejeans.

The aplix used on Bum-Ware diapers is sure to give even the strongest babies a struggle.  Trust me on this one!  Paisley loves to take off her diaper and when she couldn’t do it herself turned to her 4 year old brother to help her.  His response, “I’ll help you take off your diaper.”  *sigh* It’s hopeless.

If you have not ever used a diaper with suede-cloth inner let me tell you a couple of advantages.  Suede-cloth provides a very stay dry feeling for the baby.  It wicks the moisture away so well that it feels dry even when the soaker beneath is wet.  Suede-cloth also allows for easy dumping of poop.  The solid doesn’t stick to the material like with microfleece.

I ordered Paisley a size Large based on the weight range listed.  A large fits 23-40 lbs.  On Paisley I was able to tighten the tabs all the way and acheived a great fit.  At 26 lbs she’ll be able to wear this diaper for a long time.

The BWX is also available in snaps and they are currently on sale at www.bum-ware.com.


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11 Responses to “Bum-Ware Extreme AIO: A Review”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    I love these diapers- the bumware extreme. I actually won a whole set on your site about a year ago. I will say that they absorb better when I tumble dry them as suggested. I was hesitant to put them in the dryer, but they definitely need it- they may feel dry after line drying for an entire day, but they’re not! Really nice wear ad beautiful Velcro. Yes- would definitely recommend these to Someone who wants something easy and nice!


  2. Olivia Says:

    I am interested in switching my diaper stash over to a trimmer diaper (I currently use FB), but I am debating over the softbums or the BWX’s? Do you know how they compare as far as trimness and absorbency?

    Thanks in advance!



  3. Stacy (again) Says:

    I now own 7 of these BWX diapers, and I LOVE them! Whenever we need to go out of the house and I want my little guy to look “trim” I put one of these on him. He can wear JEANS with these on! They’re currently my favorite diapers. :)

    To Nicole above- My son is 5 months and 20 pounds, and has huge thighs. I LOVE the fit on him!!! Am I allowed to post a picture, Autumn?

    Here’s a link (I hope) to a pic of my son in his- it’s a medium:


  4. Tina Says:

    I got one of these to try and I love, love, love how they fit!!!! I was wishing for some trimmer cloth diapers…..It did leak (pee) out the top?!? the first time my daughter (10 mos.) wore it, but she was in it for 4 hours (oops). Second time was fine (2 1/2 hours).


  5. Nicole Says:

    I keep coming back to this post because I would love to add one of these to our collection…Autumn, I have one question. We have a super chunky 5 month old (already 21 pounds) with big thighs and we have been successful with prefolds, Thirsties and BumGenius (although he is almost too big for the largest size). Do you think this type of diaper would work for us? Thanks for your help!


  6. Stacy Says:

    I had to leave another comment about these… Tonight I used the BMX with a Happy Endings doubler (a very trim, very absorbent combo!) and it held in a big pee with an EBF poo! So I wanted to make sure I updated that, since I had said it leaked! :D


  7. Stacy Says:

    I recently bought a BMX and liked it for the trimness, but then it started leaking, and I canceled the pending order I had placed with Bum-Ware. Izabela wrote me two personal emails, trying to help me solve the diaper problem, and canceled my order no questions asked! GREAT customer service! I just wish I could have gotten the diaper to work- I LOVE it! It’s on my son currently, and I just expect that it will leak again. But still- the trim look of it is AWESOME! :)


  8. Kylie Says:

    Why do you stay clear of suede cloth?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      When Paisley was tiny she had a huge allergic reaction to suede-cloth diapers. I never reintroduced it to her for fear she would break out. It appears she is no longer as sensitive as she used to be :)


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