BumGenius All In One Organics Cloth Diapers w/ Snaps

If you read any of my posts that contain a list of my favorite cloth diapers, you know that BumGenius AIO Organics makes the list.

This cloth diaper has never let me down with trimness and performance but the aplix was becoming a pain.  The outside strip was actually starting to come off and I was annoyed with the way the strong tabs tore my really dry fingers up.

Months ago I had heard about the release of the Organic diaper in snaps.  But no where could I find a picture of what this much dreamed about diaper looked like.

When my friend, Leslie of clothdiapersuperstore.com, announced on her Yahoo! group that she has just received her shipment I could not resist.  I immediately ordered 3 and the bonus is that they are available in the bumGenius bright colors!

This past Saturday Ribbit, Moonbeam and Zinnia arrived…alas my precious Paisley was visiting Granny until Wednesday!  I was left admiring the super colors and fantastic snaps all by my lonesome.

This morning I quickly put Zinnia on Paisley and off she went to play.  The fit is still super trim but a common issue with snaps is that you can’t quite get that “just right” fit that you can with aplix.  It is still worth it to get the snaps and not have the pilly aplix issues anymore.

After only one wash the bumGenius Organics is ready to go.  They do become more absorbent the more you wash them but even after one wash Paisley easily went 2 hours (and it wasn’t super soaked).

BumGenius All-In-One Organics with snaps is a great cloth diaper for families wanting trim, absorbent and organic materials next to baby’s skin.

Oh and I failed to mention that it is a one-sized diaper so the 3 amigos I just purchased will be shared with the new baby soon to arrive.

Here is a picture of Moonbeam and Ribbit- Zinnia is in the bath ;)

It’s not the best picture but after praying over the camera battery for just a little juice, that’s the only shot I got!

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15 Responses to “BumGenius All In One Organics Cloth Diapers w/ Snaps”

  1. Becka Says:

    I just bought my daughter BumGenius snaps, and I love them. I do have one issue and that is that I’m not sure how to fit them to her waist. I have been trying to find the oh so right fit, but its either too big,or leaving red marks on her back. Do you have any suggestions as to how we could remedy this problem?


  2. Ashley Says:

    Hi — doing some research before baby arrives and think I want to use this diaper for sure. But my question is, can you use it at night? Could you simply add some bamboo inserts for extra absorbency? I saw your recommendation for the Magic Diaper for night time, but can't really afford to stock up on those, especially since they're not one-size. I'm hoping there's a way to make the Organic Snap BumGenius work for at night!

    (I am having a boy, if that helps you answer my question!)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Ashley, I have used them at night with Sterling by adding a Grobaby doubler or Sbish doubler on top. But I don't think that Sterling qualifies as a “super heavy wetter” so be aware that you may have one ;)


  3. ncmeg1118 Says:

    Have you heard that bumGenius AIO Velcro closure have been discontinued!?! They are all on sale!


  4. Megan Boltes Says:

    Can I use these as a nighttime diaper for a 9 month old? Would I have to add a insert?


  5. Christina Says:

    I can’t tell from the pictures on the websites that carry the new BG AIO Organics with Snaps, but it appears that there is not actually a pocket, but a liner that sits on top. Does anyone know if this snaps in, or is there really a pocket, or is it sewn in?? I will be a first time mother/cloth diaper user and am a bit confused. I really like these diapers from what I have read. Any information would be appreciated! :)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      It is neither a pocket nor a snap in :) The soaker is sewn at the front and back and loose in the middle (2 layers) for quick drying and thorough washing. The organic cotton inner is really soft and absorbent.


  6. Heather Says:

    I have quite a few bum genius 3.0’s… I have had them for almost four months now. I am glad to see that they are starting to make them with the snaps. At first I was ok with the aplix… until my baby started moving much more and the aplix started chafing at her belly as she moves. Now I am not so happy with the bum genius 3.0 diapers that I have because when she wears them she gets red marks from the aplix chafing and it iritates her to the point of crying :( .
    As well as the fact that as she grew and I went from one newborn stuffer to one full size stuffer with a newborn as a doubler the one size snaps do not agree and always pop open to the full setting and she is not a big baby at all. I am disappointed in that I do not forsee her being able to use the bum genius 3.0’s for much longer as I was expecting to use them until she was out of diapers.


  7. Jess Says:

    Would you definitely recommend the snaps over the aplix? I came across a forum where there were a couple complaints about the “wings” formed by the snap version. I’m really eager to purchase one of the BG Organics, but I can’t decide between the two closures! I have the BG 3.0 with the aplix that I’ve been happy enough with, although I can sense that it won’t be long before my little guy is undoing his own diaper! Anyway, if you have any thoughts I’d love some more advice!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I have 1 aplix and it drives me crazy. Paisley hates it when I lay her down on it and she feels the prickly tab behind her. The wing issue isn’t an issue for me if I lay the wing flat around her waist then snap. I’ll try it out in a week or so on the new baby but nothing is going to make me prefer the aplix over snaps lol. Me and bG aplix don’t like each other: it hurts my fingers, it gets fuzzy and the outer strip sheds strings.


  8. jenny Says:

    I guess I’m going to have to give up on my BG 3.0 that I bought just a few short months ago at my local Target. The aplix is still holding tight, but isn’t grabbing the wash tab in the wash anymore. I’m afraid the end is near. I hate to let them go after spending $18 a pop on them!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Have you made sure that the aplix is cleaned out? I wouldn’t get rid of a diaper if the only problem was a diaper chain in the drier. Annoying yes, but if the diaper is still functional I’d continue using it. You can also replace the velcro very easy. Just cut out new velcro, remove the old and sew on the new.



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