bumGenius Organic One-Size Cloth Diapers

My dear friend Leslie of Leslie’s Boutique sent me an “innocent” message the other day.  She said I just had to try the bumGenius Organic diaper out.  After Leslie had run out of diapers she resorted to grabbing one from her inventory.  Instantly she fell in love.  So of course I caved and bought one.

I have been eyeing the bumGenius Organic since it was released but never gave in to the $24.95 price tag.  Oh was I missing out!!  If the other bumGenius diapers are anything like this one (and I know they are) I can see why SO MANY moms use the bumGenius brand.  These things are awesome!

What makes bumGenius Organic cloth diaper an amazing diaper??

* Organic cotton inner

* not stay dry so baby feels when they are wet – great for future potty training!

* UBER TRIM – yes uber.  My daughter literally dropped 2 pant sizes lol

* convenient and quick – although aplix has its headaches after using snaps for months I long for the simplicity.

* great size variation.  my short rise daughter (21months) is on the newborn setting!

* absorbent – even though the child feels when they’re wet doesn’t mean they mind it, unfortunately.  my daughter went more than a couple hours in it without any wicking/leaking.

* no stuffing needed!  I love that it is an all-in-one.

Even if you only have the budget to buy a couple of these diapers you won’t be disappointed.  It is the first diaper I reach for out of the dryer!  Now if only bumGenius would offer the new colors for the Organic line.

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14 Responses to “bumGenius Organic One-Size Cloth Diapers”

  1. Lisa Says:

    These are my favorite cloth diapers by far!!


  2. Megan Says:

    There are some really awesome things about the BG Organic AIO’s and some rather sad things about them. Firstly, when you get them they are very absorbent. And soft. And I never had any leaks with them. However, in my experience, they do not wear very well. We had all of them start getting holes in the material around the legs where the elastic is within 6-8 months. The customer service was great and they did replace them. I had really hoped that it was a fluke, but the exact same thing happened with the replacements. We have had the ones that they sent as replacements for close to a year now and the cloth is noticeably thinner than it used to be, and therefore less absorbent. Because of that, we are starting to have leaks because my daughter pees a LOT. As in the entire diaper is soaked. She is just shy of 2 years. We have 18 of these diapers and an assortment of prefolds. Now, the good thing is that these diapers paid for themselves in usage compared to what we would have paid for disposables, but they will not last for another baby if you plan on using them as your main diapering system. That being said, we really enjoyed using them, I just wish they had held up for longer.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I’ve found that even with holes they are fully functional. I encourage changing every 2-3 hours, if I go longer than that I’ll start to see leaking.


  3. Kara Says:

    I love, love, love these diapers. SO trim, absorbent, cute and easy. Unfortunately my guy has a really long rise – he’s already on the largest setting at 4 months! After having a very petite daughter the first time around there’s no way I could have seen that coming. The combo of his rise and his chunky thighs have led me to sell mine off and I’m still bummed about that. So far nothing I’ve tried has been as trim or absorbent.


  4. Byron Says:

    This is great for my babys bottom! :) Thanks for the info.


  5. DentalPlans Says:

    I used cloth diapers from canada. They were velcrove and had a built in liner to prevents leaks and a extra flap. I would use diposable liners that goes in the diapers so all you has to do is grad the liner and dispose of the “poo”. I had no mess, the liners were biodegradable I could even flush them. I support cloth diapers over plastics diapers that hurt our earth.


  6. Karen Says:

    I’m considering buying cd for my 3rd baby. I don’t have time for the assembly, so I’m favoring an AIO style. Are the one-size organic bg bulkier than the AIO bg diapers that come in XS, S, M, L? Do the AIO styles require additional inserts for nighttime?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Karen, as far as the bG organics they are not bulky at all. They would not be suitable for nighttime use though. Pocket AIOs of any brand would require an additional insert for nighttime. Overall one-size diapers are going to be bulkier on a newborn but since they aren’t moving much I never saw it as an issue. One-size are a great investment.


  7. Sara Says:

    Ok, I’m a BG girl. I love their OS, AIO, and inserts. However I don’t like the new OS AIO. They are bulky on my son, and he’s a chunk. I have to so a size up in clothing to get anything to fit. then it only fits aroundthe dipe and is baggy every where else.
    The fit is good, they hold a LOT of wet, they feel very soft and are really good for night time use; but I don’t like them. They always take the longest to dry, whether I hang my dipes or throw them in the dryer. But, like all dipes, what works for some people doesn’t work out for others. I will not be buying anymore of these


  8. Autumn Beck Says:

    Michele, Thirsties will always remain in my top 3 favorite diapers! When we used those as our stash I would turn them inside-out to dry.


  9. Michele Says:

    I recently converted to cloth diapers on my 22-month old son. He is a very chunky baby – about 30lbs., so I was really careful before plunging into purchasing diapers. We decided all-in-one’s were best for our situation. So, we bought an assortment of Thirstie’s, BG AIO, and Fuzzibunz. We wished someone had told us about how easy cloth diapering could be when he was born! I love them all, but the BG AIO are the most difficult to put on a chunky and wiggly baby. The Thirstie’s are the best on a big baby, but take the longest to dry. The Fuzzibunz are the best at night, when extra inserts are added. I purchase Autumn’s book, which was extremely helpful in making our purchasing decisions! Thanks!


  10. Autumn Beck Says:

    My normal drying routine is set dryer to 80 minutes. Almost always everything is dry in this time (as long as filter is cleaned). The bG organic dried in one cycle.


  11. Shae Says:

    I have been using BG OS pockets since my son was born. I just discovered the fabulous BG AIO and I love it! I ended up only buying 6 for now but I want more! I have tried no less than 10 brands of diaper and this my fave by far!


  12. Andrea Says:

    how long do you find dry time to be?


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